Kate Beckinsale Hits Whole Foods With Hubby Len Wiseman

Exclusive... Kate Beckinsale & Len Wiseman Grocery Shopping At Whole Foods

Damn, if Kate Beckinsale looks this sexy while catwalking around a Whole Foods, just think what she wears while lounging around the house? We’ll let you guys play out that fantasy, but just keep in mind that Kate’s hubby Len Wiseman is around 90% of the time to enjoy all those private moments. That bastard.

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as the longtime lovebirds were spotted at a Whole Foods in Santa Monica.

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  • curvefan

    I would have to have a full time IV to replenish all the fluids I would lose in and on her body.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I want to shop at THAT Whole Foods!