Elisabetta Canalis Proving Once Again That American TV Has Nothing Italian TV

Elisabetta Canalis Hosts Italian Show "Zelig"

These were snapped yesterday in Milan, Italy as model Elisabetta Canalis hosted the Italian TV show ‘Zelig’. George Clooney’s former play-thing was seen having fun on set as she showed off her amazing legs while dancing with & kissing lucky dudes on stage.

  • curvefan

    Elizabeth is looking very hot for being 35.  I guess bearding for Clooney doesn’t age a woman.

    • MoeJackson

      curvefanI’m pretty sure he still hits it when he’s passing through Italy…

      • curvefan

        Maybe he’s playing for both teams but I bet he spends more time with Cindy Crawford’s husband.
        It would be a crime for Canalis to not be in circulation.   I think she has very under rated ass and legs.

        • McP

          curvefan Top 3 ass

        • McP

          curvefan Jessica Biel is #1, Elisabetta # 2, and you can argue about the third. Jessica Alba maybe.

        • curvefan

          Biel is #1 no question.   Swanepoel and Canalis are very close for 2nd and 3rd.   Alba doesn’t make my top 10.  In no order these are all better IMO.
          Maria Menunounos
          Rachel Bilson
          Minka Kelly
          Sophia Vergara
          Doutzen Kroes
          Bar Refaeli
          Rachel McAdams

        • SimonBxx


        • SimonBxx

          curvefanToo easy being perfect on Instagram or self press release, she’s average.

        • mike

          curvefan rachel Bilson and minka don’t make my top 100

        • McP

          curvefan  I’m with you on Minka Kelly, Sophia Vergara, Doutzen Kroes, and Rachel McAdams.  I suggested a March Madness best ass contest, hopefully Moe will pull through on that.

  • lenilovesfeet

    has great boobs, sexy ass and a nice, small waist. I don’t like her
    legs, calves are almost as thick as her thighs and she’s slightly bow
    legged, nothing major but it’s a flaw.

  • SimonBxx
  • SimonBxx

    lenilovesfeetMaybe on her own Twitter but in reality she’s full of flow. Plus this tv program bombed on italian tv, she’s just a talentless trashy woman involved in coke and escort scandals. Good for Clooney’s standards.

  • Me

    Sandra Bullock is much much much hotter than this chick. WHy is George not with Sandraaaaa.