NBA Wednesday: Kevin Durant’s incredible hot-streak; other lingering notes.


First of all, i’d like to apologize to the NBA. It’s mostly been football for me the past few weeks, the main attraction this time of year, but i’ve been watching the Association on a more casual level. There are various reasons for that (I won’t bore you) and while it’s mostly been Mavericks basketball, i’m still keeping tabs on what’s going on around the NBA circles. Until the Super Bowl is over, i’ll keep it casual with the NBA but since it’s the only pro-football game left for this season, my basketball coverage will continue to improve in the next couple of weeks. After all, what can happen during the NBA regular season that can eclipse the all-mighty NFL? Enter Kevin Durant. Durant’s current scoring streak includes 30 points or more in 8 straight games, with totals that include 46 (last night), 48 and 54 points. At first sight, I thought to myself “well, this is the most impressive scoring streak since Kobe’s stretch in the 06-07 season” and then I came across this stat sheet. My predictions were correct! Kobe was more of a volume shooter (scoring 398 in 10 games) and while Durant has “only” managed to score 383 points in 10 games, he’s doing it more efficiently than Kobe did. Think about this: in the month of January so far, #35 of the Thunder is averaging 37 points/game while shooting just over 52% from the field. If that’s not must-watch basketball, I don’t know what is. For those that are interested, Durant does play tonight as the Thunder are in San Antonio to take on the Spurs. The top two teams in the western conference going head-to-head that also includes the most impressive shooting stretch in the past 7 years? Yes, all basketball fans should be watching ESPN at 8pm ET tonight.

As impressive as Durant’s streak has been, it’s not everything that has been going on with the NBA right now. Can I just get one thing on record? Let’s all pump the brakes on statements that say Durant is now the favorite for MVP and that Indiana is now the favorite to win the title. I get where the debate is coming from. It’s a fun one to have right now because Durant has looked so impressive and because Indiana appears to be taking complete control of the top spot in the eastern conference. But as we’ve seen in the past, the MVP isn’t won over a month long stretch in January and NBA title isn’t won because you’re the top seed in the conference. I give plenty of props to Durant for making it an actual conversation now but my money is still on LeBron, he does more for the Heat than any player does for their team. I’m also impressed with Indiana’s 4 game lead over Miami for the top spot in the conference, making it very clear that they want home court advantage in the postseason. Right now, I think Indiana would be favored, mostly because Miami seems to be in a bit of a rut but once the weather gets warm again, Miami will be the favorite. By the way, check out the Pacers in Phoenix tonight; contrasting styles that should provide a great NBA product. I know this topic is a bit old now, but I’ll just ask the NBA a quick question: can we send Miami and Indiana to the western conference, Utah and Sacramento to the eastern conference and make the east the new D-League?

Here’s a highlight video of Durant’s 46 against the Blazers last night. It starts to get ridiculous around the 1:30 mark of the video. A sequel is possible tonight!