Why’s Emma Watson Looking At Places In The Boring Upper East Side?

Emma Watson seems to be moving on from her recent breakup with ex-boyfriend Will Adamowicz. Here the Harry Potter star is seen hunting for a new luxury apartment in New York City today. Dressed casually in a wool scarf, coat , jeans and white sneakers and carrying a property portfolio, 23-year-old Watson viewed properties in a brand new condominium building at 150 East 72nd Street where prices range from $4 million to $15 million dollars. She was accompanied by her real estate broker. Later Emma came back to her current apartment to find ex boyfriend Will Adamowicz outside of her apartment building. Watson, who has been photographed recently with new boyfriend Matthew Janney, found Will - looking upset and wearing a green parka - which he has been photographed in previously - with the hood up. Watson did not exit her car, but later, Adamowicz was seen getting into a cab with Emma's broker and it's understood he went to meet the actress at an undisclosed location.

Shouldn’t a young actress like Emma Watson be searching for a place in more fashionable neighborhoods like SoHo, Lower East Side or even the West Village?! Upper East Side, really?! She’s either a cheap-ass and wants a really big place as opposed to spending a ton & getting peanuts in return or she wants to distance herself from the crazy lifestyle that comes with Lower Manhattan.

More specifically, Emma was holding a brochure for the building located at 150 East 72nd Street, which currently has properties listed for $4 million to $15 million dollars. Then again, this chick is only 23-years-old and the fact that she can afford anything in NYC is pretty awesome. Emma’s net worth is estimated at around $50 Million, which is considerably less than I thought it would be (let’s not forget that the 8 ‘Harry Potter’ flicks grossed roughly $7.7 billion at the box-office).