Greta Gerwig Cast as Lead In “How I Met Your Father”

Photo Credit: Renew Theaters

“Deadline reports that casting Gerwig has elicited a level of excitement among casting executives similar to when indie darling Zooey Deschanel agreed to do the ‘New Girl’ pilot.”[HuffPo]

No, that “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff is not just some feminist pipe dream: it’s really happening.

Proof: adorable actress Greta Gerwig just landed the lead part of Sally in the planned spinoff to CBS’s hit sitcom. Sally is described as “vibrant, messy and unpredictable”, making her identical to 98% of all sitcom female leads.

No word yet on whether the show is actually gonna be called How I Met Your Father.

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She's not attractive enough for the role. 


I love Greta Gerwig but they shouldn't hamstring her with such a crappy franchise. The current one should have been cancelled years ago. Good riddance.