7 Ways Robin Thicke Can Win Back Paula P


“Ever since Robin Thicke and Paula Patton announced they were separating earlier this week, ‘Mr. ‘Blurred Lines” has spent every waking minute trying to win his back his wife.”[MTV]

It’s probably more surprising to know that Robin Thicke is trying to reconcile with estranged wife Paula Patton than the fact that the two split up in the first place (I mean, come on!)

But there are some ways the singer can try and really win her back – and they don’t involve the blurring of lines, Miley Cyrus, or the donning of 80s-esque Beetlejuice pantsuits. Here’s a few suggestions:

Grow His Hair Really Long, Become A Bike Messenger: Yes, this is basically the plot of the “When I Get You Alone” video. So what?

Two Words: Sex Therapy: That album was underrated.

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try saying "I'm sorry and I'll never have anything to do with Miley the Prositot ever again."...