Bikini-Clad Candice Swanepoel Continues To Spice Things Up In Brazil

Candice Swanepoel - Bikini Photoshoot in Brazil ADDS-1KASHKLJASH

I know we’ve seen Candice Swanepoel bust out these same bikini-clad poses on other beaches around the globe, but there’s something about her that makes me not give a shit. While she enjoys her stay in Brazil, the Victoria’s Secret Angel was spotted working her sexy mojo on the beach during a photo shoot. There’s only so long you can keep a woman like Candice away from cameras, especially when she’s spending a prolonged period of time on the beach!

For the past week or so, Candice has been vacationing on the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha. Not that it matters one way or another, but we’re not 100% sure whether this shoot was done on a mainland beach or a beach on the island. Regardless of what’s up, Candice looks absolutely stunning, as always.

Candice Swanepoel - Bikini Photoshoot in Brazil ADDS-7FSA

  • lenilovesfeet

    Hot. With boobs this small she should just be topless.

  • johnconnor777

    just simply the best…

  • errsome

    Sometimes, Candice’s ass looks nice. Sometimes, flat.

  • curvefan

    Elite and the closest to a 10 there is today.

    • curvefan

      Drew_Monet 33-23-34.5 is hardly the measurements of a woman with a flat ass.  A waist to hips rise of +11.5 is fine in my opinion.  
      Most men would say Kim K has large hips and a large butt.  Most on this site think she’s way too large.  Her waist to hips rise is +13″  
      Kim Kardashian Figure Size/Body Measurement: 34-26-39 inches
      So what woman has the ultimate body in your opinion?

      • sue

        curvefan Drew_Monet
        You can’t just look at waist to hip differential.  I know a woman who has huuuuge wide hips but it comes with a flat, amorphic ass.  Her differential is probably 14 inches or something but her body looks flat on profile.  Same thing foes for back measurement and small boobs.   Candice is only curvy from the front view, turn sideways and she’s a stick.

      • sue

        curvefan Drew_Monet

        Just because you have a wide pelvis, does not mean you have a round, shapely ass.  Just ask Cheryl Burke.  Candice also has huge shoulders and no boobs so it looks all wrong, like a dude.

  • Backwoodsman

    I like the idea of the open shirt shots, but damn if it doesn’t look like she’s just going through the motions…

  • ErikColquitt

    So perfect and Elite she’s almost Bland.
    Like a birthday cake at the bakery that’s so perfect you don’t even want to eat it

  • curvefan

    ErikColquitt Oh I would with a spoon so as to not miss a drop.