Alison Brie Looks Deliciously Stunning at ‘Mad Men’ Season 7 Premiere

Season 7 premiere of 'Mad Men'


Major props to Alison Brie for bringing her A-game to the premiere of the seventh and final season of the hit AMC series ‘Mad Men’. The star-studded premiere went down at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood last night.

Alison has a number of films hitting theaters this year, the first of which was the animated film ‘The Lego Movie‘. The feature that had voices by comedic big-doggs like Will Ferrell and Will Arnett cost around $60 million to produce and went on to make around $400 million. Now that’s what I call a return on investment! OW!

For those interested, here’s an interview w/ Alison on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ last month: