Film Review: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures
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I will try (repeat: try) to be as objective as possible about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As a critic in an industry where superhero films are produced at higher speeds than the earth produces nitrogen, it has become a pitiless chore to sit through yet another superhero franchise movie. As such, it can be admittedly difficult to go in with an open mind. So, sorry, fan boys (and girls).

That being said, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is pleasantly refreshing. An obvious attempt to out-iron man Iron Man, the film has tons of lighthearted moments that keep the action fresh and from feeling labored (watch out for that disc). Some who saw the film with me found its mix of dark scenes with humor more than a bit jarring (it does get cartoony at times . . . but it’s based on a comic book, for Christ’s sake!)

The most surprising thing about the film is that it’s directed by a brother duo best known for their work on Arrested Development, about as far a reach from the cold heroism that permeates this movie. But the duo does justice to its story (kinda rickety at first, but then things begin to chug along smoothly, especially when Scarlett Johansson shows up). For those who have tired of a genre whose only purpose seems to be to spawn further and further franchise movie heroes, Captain America: Winter Soldier is, while predictable and formulaic, enjoyable for those willing to forgive its adherence to the mandates of modern movie superherodom.