7 Celebs Who Look Better After Having Babies

Photo Credit: Viacom/Getty

“Motherhood has never looked better in Hollywood, especially when it comes to these celebrity moms.” [Momtastic]

Who says an entertainer’s career ends after she has a baby? Not these seven gorgeous women, who clearly smashed expectations by starting off pretty, getting pregnant, and then looking better than ever after the stork delivered.

From Christina Aguilera to Megan Fox (yes, Megan Fox!) and Snooki (yes, even her), these recent mommies are proof that some celebrities actually get better with age and motherhood.

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  • lenilovesfeet

    Doutzen’s body looked much better after first kid.

  • McP

    Megan Fox looked worse after, though it’s probably all the plastic surgery.

  • 87Carrington

    Likely, as I agree doutzen look really great after her first baby child born instead.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I think Xtina paid money for those tits she now sports. And I am not sure I would say she looks better.