Justin Bieber Invites Models Onto His Yacht; Shanina Shaik Was One Of Them

Justin Bieber on Holiday in Ibiza With Model Shanina Shaik

We’ve been longtime fans of Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik, so we were a little surprised to see her name appear in the same sentence as “Justin Bieber,” “his yacht” and “Ibiza,” but hey, we completely understand. Even though I hate to admit it, if Justin invited us onto his yacht in Ibiza, I’m pretty sure we’d accept and probably for the same reasons as Shanina: A) It’s a frickin’ yacht; B) It’s Justin Bieber and the experience will undoubtedly make for a crazy story later on C) It’s not going to cost us anything. With that said, let’s just hope Shanina didn’t have to give up anything else in order to cruise around the beautiful waters around Ibiza in the company of Justin Bieber and his army of bodyguards.

Of course, this comes just a day after Justin was involved in an apparent physical altercation (or at least his bodyguards were) with actor Orlando Bloom after saying things about Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Does Orlando Bloom really think that Miranda Kerr would do anything with Justin Bieber?!?! From all the Miranda interviews I’ve listened to, she comes off as a very decent & intelligent woman—at least one who wouldn’t fall for an obvious douche bag like Justin Bieber. Then again, it’s possible J-Beebs caught her during a vulnerable time while she was going through the separation, but still, even in that scenario, Miranda doesn’t seem like the Justin Bieber-type. It’s shameful & embarrassing to even think about it and I don’t blame Orlando for taking a shot.

Justin Bieber on Holiday in Ibiza With Model Shanina Shaik

  • Dinodan

    Who’s the other chick in the blue/grey bikini? She’s hot. 

    It must suck knowing that the only way to get people the hangout and like you is to be rich and have a huge yacht,

  • McP

    Dear All Models of the World:  Have some dignity, please.

  • IamLegend_2000

    free food, free drinks, when that’s gone their gone too……

  • johnconnor777