Mischa Barton Spotted Out Shopping With A Friend!

Exclusive... Mischa Barton Out Shopping In HollywoodPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Remember Mischa Barton? Well, it seems like she’s still on the comeback trail, so it’ll be interesting to see if she can pull it off. Hollywood is a tough place as it is and it only gets tougher as girls approach 30 (Mischa’s 29). The pipeline of kids looking to hit it big is so packed that some directors & producers simply don’t even bother looking at girls older than 25.

Mischa’s latest effort was a low-budget horror-comedy titled “L.A. Slasher,” which went into limited release earlier this summer. The film stars Mischa as ‘The Actress’ and Andy Dick as ‘The Slasher.’ Anyone watch it, by chance? For those of you who are curious, here’s the plot (also, there’s Rotten Tomatoes):

Incensed by the tabloid culture which celebrates it, the L.A. Slasher publicly abducts a series of reality TV stars, while the media and general public in turn begin to question if society is better off without them. A biting, social satire about reality TV and the glorification of people who are famous for simply being famous, “L.A. Slasher” explores why it has become acceptable and even admirable for people to become influential and wealthy based on no merit or talent – purely through notoriety achieved through shameful behavior. Source

Now, let’s remember Mischa from her sexier days—we’re going back to August 21, 2004. Here’s Mischa, who at the time was starring on “O.C.,” running around the beach with her then-boyfriend Brandon Davis in Malibu.

2004-Mischa Barton hits the beach with boyfriend Brandon Davis 1-1Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News