Mischa Barton Will Compete On “Dancing With The Stars”! Anyone Care?

Mischa Barton Walks Her DogPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

I wanna say that things are looking on the up & up for Mischa, but according to an article by The Hollywood Reporter back in 2010 (referenced on Wetpaint.com), the pay scale on the show isn’t all too generous. We’re hoping they’ve juiced up the numbers a bit to help out some of the B/C/D-list celebs that appear on the show.

At that time, you could technically make up to $300K for about three months of dancing, but that’s only if you made it to the final weeks when celeb dancers bagged $50K/episode for the final two weeks. The pay for simply signing on, doing the rehearsals and the first two episodes was set at $125K, so this show won’t be a life-changing event for Mischa from a financial standpoint, but hey, it’s still a lot of money compared to all her other opportunities.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the former actress was seen taking her dog for a walk.

  • Dinodan

    Hopefully she makes enough so her hipster cars stop getting repossessed

  • DavidH

    She was cute when she was  Marissa Cooper on “The OC” nowadays no way. Rachel Bilson is four years older with a kid and looks millions times better, so it’s a big NO!!!!!

  • nrkey

    Face looks decent here. It’d be nice if she’d manage to get back into shape, she was top 30 material.

  • Dinodan

    nrkey top 30?!?!?  Really? from the waist up she was maybe top 100, and the waist down she was maybe top 1 million.

  • curvefan

    She dropped way quicker than expected.

  • 1st_Class_Army_Sgt

    I’m confused with the word, “star.” Who are the designated “stars?” The dancers are, right? Because it sure as fuck not the guests. I mean, imagine designating bristol palin as a star in a previous season. No, no. She’s a slut.

  • nrkey

    Dinodan nrkey For sure. Back when she looked like this:

  • Mack Power

    I wish but the dancer are NOT the star the “guess” as you put it are the star but it should be Dancing with “remember them” star!!!

  • curvefan

    1st_Class_Army_Sgt Bristol had been with less men than the vast majority of women celebrities.  And almost every woman celebrity started selling herself for work.

  • IamLegend_2000

    Dancing With the Stars Contestants Salaries 
    each one is given $125,000 just for showing up

    Weeks 3 & 4: $10,000 per week ($20,000 total)
    Weeks 5 & 6: $20,000 per week ($40,000 total)
    Weeks 7 & 8: $30,000 per week ($60,000 total)
    Weeks 9 & 10: $50,000 per week ($100,000 total)
    If a celebrity makes it to the final episode, his or her earnings can go up as high as $345,000.
    Introducing Tom makes $500,000 per month (6 million a year) I’m not sure if all of it comes from that show or not…

    I like “Dancin’ With the Has-Beens, I’ve had some great naps while it was on.

  • 1st_Class_Army_Sgt

    curvefan 1st_Class_Army_Sgt  Okay, curvefan.

  • lenilovesfeet

    6.5/10, would be a 7 if she had better legs.

  • Haywoood Jablomee

    As Trump would say, “she’s low energy.”  Don’t expect much.  OLD HAYWOOD IS BACK!!!

  • nowadays no way. Rachel Bilson is four years older with a kid and looks millions times better, so it’s a big NO!!!!!