Stella Maxwell Needs To Cover Up Those Concentration Camp Legs!!

Stella Maxwell spotted on a night out at London's Libertine night clubPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

We don’t normally dish out the “Concentration Camp” reference so easily and I think most of you will agree after seeing the bone-thin legs in these photos. The photos were snapped over the weekend as model Stella Maxwell was seen hitting up London’s Libertine night club. Somebody please give this poor girl a few Shake Shack burgers—STAT!!!

  • James

    I find Moe’s comment to be completely offensive.  No comment that refers in any way to the Holocaust is appropriate or acceptable.

    I call on Moe to remove the comment and post an apology.

  • johnconnor777

    @James don’t make this site fall into the PC of every other site please… and remember that concentration camps were not exclusive of the WW2 Holocaust, just Stalin put many more people on concentration camps than the Germans

  • Jahrgos

    @James  Give me a break.
    I find her legs incredibly offensive, so she needs to apologize to me.

  • curvefan

    @James We have far worse going on daily in the Middle East and Africa.  Millions of Christians are being raped and murdered so you don’t have an exclusive on horrific violence.

  • curvefan


  • lenilovesfeet

    Gross. I think her face is pretty, but her body is malnourished. I don’t believe you can be naturally this thin and healthy. This is not slim, this is gross.