Scarlett Johansson Turns Up The Heat At ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Premiere In NYC

52360871 Celebrities at the ‘Ghost In The Shell’ premiere in New York City, NY on March 29, 2017. Celebrities at the ‘Ghost In The Shell’ premiere in New York City, NY on March 29, 2017.
Pictured: Scarlett Johansson FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (310) 505-9876

  • IamLegend

    Hate the hair movies has possibilities. I’ll watch it when it’s out on DVD.

  • Drew Mcfriend

    Juliette has 20 years on Scarlett and she looks better than her here.

    Come on, Scarlett, you’re wasting valuable years.

  • Jahrgos

    Scarlet looks bad. Trying for the Ruby Rose look. Don’t.

    • santashelper

      I think Ruby Rose looks better than Scarlett Johansson

  • Amari

    Juliette is one of the best-looking women over 50. Would pick her over ScarJo in a heartbeat.

  • Lenilovesfeet

    Scarlett lost her boobs. And hair. And any appeal she used to have.

    • Bowser

      Her sexy voice?

      • Lenilovesfeet

        Her voice is awesome.

        • santashelper

          Who was that YouTube brunette beauty you posted before Leni? I have been trying to find that heavenly blessed specimen because the comment has since been deleted with the switch.

  • Curvefan+

    Scarlett should have aged better.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    With that dyke haircut, Scarlett looks much older than 32. I read that she is the most bankable actress in Hollywood. She has been in dozens of films. She has really made it.

  • Buck_Off

    I’ve seen the anime movie this is based on.

    If they stay true to that, no one will be able to make any sense of the movie.

  • santashelper

    ScarJo’s face has NEVER been attractive–just look at her! I am not going into detail. I even find Emma Watson’s face more attractive.