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  • Spanglylovesheels

    – Alan Thicke’s Widow And Two Of His Sons Are Fighting Over His Estate [Dlisted]

    She sounds like a gold digger.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Karrueche Tran Says Being On TNT’s ‘Claws’ Helped Her ‘Explore’ Herself As An Actor [Complex]

    I think she means she was up her own ass. What bullshit. She is not an actress. I love her smile but she is only famous because she got beat up by that nutjob. She is another one parlaying infamy into fame.

  • Curvefan+

    slow day

  • Drew Mcfriend

    THR: Alec Baldwin says his Donald Trump is always going to be ‘miserable’

    I think Alec goes too far by making fun of Donald Trump. He is the president and the office of the president of the United States does deserve respect.

    I’m sure Alec wouldn’t have made fun of President Obama, because he would have been branded a racist. But since Trump is a white man, it makes it ok.

    Maybe Alec should just stick to being a second rate game show host.

    • Amari

      If Trump doesn’t treat the office of the president of the United States with respect why should Baldwin?

      • Drew Mcfriend

        How has Trump not respected the office?

        • Amari

          Erm, how about using it to promote his and his daughter’s products? Or firing someone and threatening them on Twitter? Or acting like a little baby by refusing to shake Merkel’s hand?

          • Drew Mcfriend

            How has he used the office to promote Trump products?

            I agree about Twitter. The president should not have a twitter account.

            I’ve watched several videos of a “handshake snub” and I don’t see it.

            I didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton.

          • Curvefan+

            1. This crap about promoting his daughter’s products is fake news as is the supposed not shaking hands with Merkel.
            2. I agree he needs to tone down the twitter BUT the national media is at war with Trump. The vast majority of the reports are slanted and many are blatant lies. If I were Trump, I would limit press briefings to once a week at most. Pull the press passes and bar any media agency accused of fake news pending an investigation. There has to be a penalty for lying about the President. Twitter is an effective means of getting his message out IF used with a filter.

          • Amari

            Kellyanne Conway told people to buy Ivanka’s stuff.

            You’re also 150% delusional about the national media being at war with him. He’s spilling a loyal ally’s secrets to their enemy. You should lay off the Kool-Aid.

            LMAO @ “penalty for lying about the President”. Never saw you bring that up during Obama. And what should be the penalty for the President lying?

            I hoped Trump would win and i’m loving every minute of it. He’s turned the US into an even bigger joke than Bush ever did.

          • Curvefan+

            This isn’t the place for a political debate. I could correct all of your points but thankfully you don’t live in our country. Based on your not living in the US and this being the wrong forum for political debate, why bother?

          • James

            If you want to talk about a penalty for lying about the President, then start with a penalty against Trump.

            How many years did Trump claim that Obama was born in Kenya and was not an American citizen? Trump claimed to have paid investigators to research the bogus claim but could never produce proof. Yet, Trump continued to lie about Kenya.

            If you want to talk about fake news, start with Trump.

            Trump repeatedly claimed to have the biggest electoral win since Reagan. Trump got 306 electoral votes but Bush got 426 in 1988, Clinton got 370 in 1992 and 379 in 1996, and Obama got 365 in 2008 and 332 in 2012.

            Trump repeatedly claimed to have bigger inauguration crowds than Obama which was proven wrong.

            Trump claimed during the primaries that Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of JFK.

            I could go on and on but Trump constantly lies and makes fake news. Every time Trump says in an interview phrases like “everybody knows that” or “people know that” or “you know that”, you know he is lying.

            Trump does not get to decide what is fake news. Just like Obama and Hillary did not get to decide what was fake news when Fox News spent the past 8 years making up crap.

            The only thing worse than a Trump supporter is a Bernie supporter.

            Hillary 2020!!

          • Lenilovesfeet

            She’s gonna be 74 (if she makes it).

          • James

            First, Hillary will turn 73 just before the 2020 election.

            Second, age should not be a factor considering the alternatives and other contenders.

            Trump will be 74 in 2020.

            Biden will turn 78 right after the 2020 election

            Bernie will turn 79 right before the 2020 election.

            Warren will be 71 in 2020.

            Third, Reagan turned 74 right after he was inaugurated for his second term.

            Fourth, had Hillary won, she was going to be 73 when she ran for reelection.

          • Drew Mcfriend

            I think Hillary’s political career ended once she was defeated by Trump. There’s no coming back from that.

          • James

            Why? Hillary won the popular vote by 2.8 million.

            She lost the electoral college by about 80,000 votes combined in MI, WI, and PA.

            In 2020, Hillary will have a few advantages she did not have in 2016.

            First, she can be the change candidate. Hillary won’t have to defend Obama’s 8 years since Trump will have to defend his last 4 years.

            Second, Trump will have to defend his record. In 2016, Trump had no record and could be against everything. Hillary had to defend Obama’s record and her record.

            Third, since the polls were wrong, people won’t stay home thinking Hillary was going to win regardless. Trump’s voters were motivated to prove the polls wrong while Hillary’s voters thought the polls were right and she was going to win.

            Fourth, since the polls were wrong, people won’t waste their votes on 3rd party candidates thinking Hillary was going to win regardless. Fewer people will vote for the Libertarian nominee and Green nominee.

            Fifth, Trump’s performance has to have cost him votes. I doubt anyone who did not vote for Trump is thinking he is doing a good job and regret not supporting him.

            I believe that more and more people who did vote for Trump (because he was change or they though Hillary was evil or whatever) are thinking he is doing a bad job and regret supporting him.

            Sixth, the voting electorate is getting younger and more diverse. Hillary won the youth vote and the non-white vote.

          • Curvefan+
          • James

            Don’t know what that picture is supposed to mean.

          • Curvefan+

            If Hillary doesn’t stay off the radar, she will end up in jail.

          • James

            Hillary is not going to jail.

            Trump will be dealing with Russia for the next few years and once Hillary announces her campaign in early 2019, it would make her sympathetic and rally support for her if Trump tried to go after her then.

          • Curvefan+

            If you had read what I posted you would know the answer to your question.

            Repeating, Pull the press passes and bar any media agency accused of fake news pending an investigation.

    • lazydazed

      People have parodied the president since at least SNL. It’s nothing new. And Trump is an easy target. Has nothing to do with respect for the office.

      • Drew Mcfriend

        Yes, people have parodied the president and late night talk show hosts always had jokes about the president. Sure, Trump may be a jerk, but its really vicious and too much.

      • Curvefan+

        It also diminishes our International respect. These little weasels that keep popping up need to be afraid of us so them don’t keep testing nuclear bombs and other crazy weapons. Like him or not but President Reagan had other countries scared of us and thus we didn’t have to fight all over the globe.
        I’m a big guy and athletic. I was nationally ranked in mixed martial arts fighting as a youth. I never had to fight in my personal life as even the scum I came across didn’t want to mess with me.

        • lazydazed

          lol like Trump’s own behavior doesn’t diminish our international respect? Don’t be silly. I don’t feel that strongly either way about him or politics in general, and I wasn’t even talking about the news media, but your solution (see below) seems to be to shit all over the first amendment. Ya know, cuz North Korea is doing great without a free press.

          Reagan was also parodied by the way, and progressives did not care for him, but he wasn’t so insecure and inept that he needed to silence people to get shit done. I get that Trump is a boob, so he needs all the help he can get. Reagan also had a sense of humor, which most conservatives nowadays seem to lack.

          As for your tough guy spiel, more silliness.

          • Curvefan+

            I’m not silly, I’m informed which makes me alone in this conversation. Here’s an idea, read this article and study from Harvard. You know, Harvard right, not a conservative choice by any measure?


            A couple of highlights,

            1. Negative coverage of Trump is 80%, Obama it was 41%
            2. President Trump dominated media coverage in the outlets and programs analyzed, with Trump being the topic of 41 percent of all news stories—three times the amount of coverage received by previous presidents.
            3. Fox was the only news outlet in the study that came close to giving Trump positive coverage overall at 52% nefative.
            4. .Trump has received unsparing coverage for most weeks of his presidency, without a single major topic where Trump’s coverage, on balance, was more positive than negative, setting a new standard for unfavorable press coverage of a president.