• Lenilovesfeet

    Yes, she has big boobs. No, she is not pretty. Crazy eyes to boot.

  • Curvefan+

    Damn, we now know just how important a wardrobe person is to the successful appearance of celebrities. That entire outfit is horrible.

    • Lenilovesfeet

      She has great boobs, but only girls with modest chest size can pull off plunging neckline like that without looking sloppy.

      • Drew Mcfriend

        Yes, I don’t like the outfit on her either. It looks cheap and easy. The color doesn’t work for her either.

  • super secret

    Her face is hit or miss for me and besides her boobs her body isn’t all that.

  • Gabbo

    I admit to seeing Baywatch and have to say they actually could have made a good movie out of it, but all mailed it in. Daddario doesn’t have the stink of this movie bombing, unlike everyone else. Her eyes make her look like an anime character.

    • John Connor

      If you look at one baywatch episode today, I know you probably watched as a kid and loved it, you will see that the show was pretty bad, most of them can’t act to save their lives, great bodies, but most episodes and scripts were pretty dumb

      • Gabbo

        Yeah, I never watched the show, but saw the trailers every week. I’m sure I got all I needed to from that. I don’t think Baywatch could ever be made today as a tv show.

  • Jahrgos

    At first glance with the shadows that i see now are topmost buttons on her outfit, I initially mistook them for battery post sized nipples peeping through her outfit.

    I don’t mind the plunging neck line, it’s acceptable not great, but the lower half doesn’t seem to pair with the top half.

    I’m sure the movie sucks but I’ll watch it (on Netflix, no way paying theater price and that time for this).

    • Drew Mcfriend

      Haha! I had the same issue with the top buttons on her dress. I didn’t know if they were her nipples or if she was lactating.

  • What a cute girl. Too pretty…

  • IamLegend

    Doesn’t matter what she does (and yes I like her) this movie has already tanked……huge shock here….not!

  • lazydazed

    Once they made the first Baywatch porno all remakes became redundant.