Here’s Leo’s New Girlfriend: 23-Year-Old German Model—Shocker

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the fact that this Lorena Rae is brunette is freaking some people out. Super manwhore Leo and his people are doing their best to keep it all on the down-low so that he can hit it a few more times before moving on to the next one. I feel like he’s forced to date these girls a few weeks longer than he’d ideally like only after the media blows up the relationship. It also wouldn’t surprise me if these models leak the relationship news to the media in hopes to pump up their own careers. You can view more photos of Lorena on her Instagram.

  • Drew Mcfriend

    Girlfriend? Haha, yeah right!

  • John Connor

    Leo is my hero: uber MGTOW, fuck all the super models on their prime, they gain publicity, expensive gifts, rides on his yachts/super cars and mansions while he gets to tap an amazing looking girl and after 3-6 months, rinse and repeat, trading her for a new model… not a single one of them has been able to take him to the cleaners. Everyone wins, 0 drama for him and the moment she disappoint him or bore him, go to the next one. Hail Leo, the top shelf pussy destroyer

  • Curvefan+
    • Spanglylovesheels


  • Spanglylovesheels

    She is beautiful. Leo really does know how to play the field. He is the king of the bachelor lifestyle aka the playboy lifestyle. Because of his big bank account and boyish charm, when he finally gets to the point where he feels old and desires a woman that will be loyal to him and care for him, he will have no problem finding some young thing that wants to be set up for life.