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Matchup: Gigi Hadid vs Barbara Palvin, Messika Launch Party in Paris

Photo Credit: Instagram

These were taken as part of the Paris Fashion Week, which kicked off earlier in the week and runs through next Tuesday (October 3). Gigi and Barbara were spotted together at a couple events together over the past day, so if you Gigi haters can manage to overcome your bias against her, this poll might just turn out to be more interesting.

#barbarapalvin out in Paris in a very Pink dress 👍🏻or👎🏻?

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This Is Just The Beginning of the Kim-Kylie Pregnancy Matchups

I guess we should follow through the poster’s question by posting a poll for those of you who actually care…

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Selena Works Her Style In NYC; Films Woody Allen Film

Photo Credit: Instagram

The 25-year-old actress is currently working her mojo on the streets of NYC as she films an untitled Woody Allen project. Selena Gomez, who recently made a huge comeback after recovering from a kidney transplant (thanks to her friend Francia Raisa). The film reportedly stars Kelly Rohrbach, Elle Fanning, and Liev Schreiber. You’ll probably find more papz footage of Selena on set sprinkled around other sites. We’re still sticking to our social media sources (mainly due to lack of funding), so slim pickings over here, unfortunately…

From the Woody Allen film set:

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Emily Ratajkowski Needs A Role On HBO’s “Westworld” Series

Photo Credit: Instagram

Even though I need to re-watch the series a few more times to fully understand what exactly happened in the first season, I’ve understood enough to say with confidence that fans of the series wouldn’t mind at all if Emily Ratajkowski brought her acting skills to the show! She already somewhat resembles one of those sex-toy manequeins you might find showcased in some shady third-floor showroom in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, so HBO makeup artist would save a lot of time getting Emily ready for showtime.

The 26-year-old model showed off her style earlier today at the Dior fashion show in Paris. We’re including a few pics we found on Twitter and Instagram.

Dior ✨

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@Dior ✨

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Em ✔️

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Barbara Palvin Sizzles On The Cover of Le Lis Blanc Magazine

Photo Credit: Le Lis Blanc, October 2017

Remember when we incorrectly predicted (I admit it, we’re horrible at making accurate predictions) that Hungarian Barbara Palvin would take over the fashion industry. We made that prediction when Barbara was around the age of 18 and she had just joined Victoria’s Secret as one of their brightest prospects.

Sadly, her star didn’t shine all that bright a couple years following our prediction, but then again, she’s still only 23 and presumably has a few more years until she gets knocked up. Judging by how the Brazilian VS models making astonishing post-pregnancy comebacks, I wouldn’t be surprised if Barbara was around for many years to come, especially if she kills it at photoshoots like she did for Brazilian clothing brand and lifestyle magazine Le Lis Blanc. This is the best I’ve seen Barbara look in recent memory, so check out the pics and make sure you pick up a few things during Le Lis’s end of the season sale!

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Priyanka Chopra Smoking Major Fashion Crack

Photo Credit: Instagram

After becoming such a big star in Hollywood, you’d think Priyanka Chopra would learn to play it somewhat safe and sexy from a style standpoint, but it appears she still hasn’t coughed it up for a US-based stylist yet. With the $/rupee conversion standing at $1:65 Rupees, I’m not surprised she’s getting a little greedy. With that said, we’re going to assume she didn’t pay too much for this outfit wore to the Global Citizen Festival in NY. Priyanka is one of the organization’s ambassadors.

More videos of performers and presents are on Global Citizen’s Youtube channel.

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Kim Kardashian Uses Bikini Booty To Redirection Attention Back On Herself

Photo Credit: PageSix, See more photos

The 36-year-old reality TV powerhouse gave photogs an eyeful when she recently hit a Malibu beach in a skimpy string bikini.

Kardashian and her assistant Stephanie Shepherd (who confessed she’s packing pepper spray after the reality star was robbed in Paris last year) seemed to have the entire beach to themselves as the pals strolled through the waves and lay out on a blanket. Source

Looks like Kim was feeling a little neglected after news dropped on Friday that Kylie is pregnant with rapper Travis Scott’s baby. If that wasn’t enough, Tyga fanned the flames of doubt by claiming the unborn golden child is actually his, so who knows what’s going on at this point. With the raging winds of Kardashian-family-fueled drama swirling around the Internet, Kim Kardashian felt it was once again her turn for the spotlight so she put on the hoochiest-bikini she could find her closet and hit the beach with a friend. We’ll let the photos do the talking…

#KimKardashian, impactantes curvas en las playas de #Malibú.

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Ariel Winter’s Rant: ‘I’m trying to live my life’, So Leave Her Alone!

Photo Credit: Instagram

I guess this calls for a small “best-of” collection of pics that show Ariel Winter at her best…

Margot Robbie Might Be Forgetting Why She’s Famous

Photo Credit: Twitter

Sure Margot Robbie killed it as Leo’s wife in the 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street,” but her various roles since that film have left much to be desired. With that said, Margot needs to turn up the heat in her various public outings—regardless of whether she’s at a premiere or grabbing a coffee in NYC, L.A. or even back home in Melbourne, Australia!

The 27-year-old Aussie actress is currently making the rounds promoting two films, “I, Tonya” in which she portrays the infamous figure skater Tonya Harding and “Goodbye Christopher Robin,” which will hit theaters in UK later this month.

Here’s the trailer for “I, Tonya”:

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