Does Brie Larson Need A Pedicure or A Foot Transplant?

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Now don’t get me wrong, Brie Larson is a beautiful (in a girl-next-door type of way) woman, but seriously, what’s up with those toes? Sure the dress she’s wearing forces the eyes to stay up north, but for those of us who like to venture off the beaten path certainly got a painful surprise. Come on, Brie! You can do much better than this!

  • Jahrgos

    I’m not a foot guy, to me most feet are just that…feet. But even to me those feet look nasty. Looks like 3 busted fingers and a thumb, where’s the fifth little one?

  • Drew Mcfriend

    Yes, her feet are HORRIBLE and she should never wear open toed shoes.

    Great boobs, though!

    • Spanglylovesheels

      well aint you the eternal positive guy!

  • super secret

    Lost cause chop em off.

  • Lenilovesfeet

    My eyes, my eyes πŸ™

  • McP

    I don’t care about feet either, but she should always cover them up.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Burn them with Fire. OMG!

  • Curvefan+
  • GovernmentCheese4u

    Just when you thought Shaquille feet were bad…..

  • mistaeric .

    Paris Hilton got called out for her gross feet years ago,and she stopped wearing open toed shoes afterwards.