• Curvefan+

    Ms Lawrence has done much more unsavory people that Larry David so who cares? I still hypothesize that she was a casting couch favorite that decided she was a star and no longer had to perform with anyone in power. The situation escalated and in retaliation her nudes from some of those sessions were distributed all over the internet. I further hypothesize that the leaks were served a duel purpose as an attempt to teach other stars that they couldn’t say no or the leaks would happen to them.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    She is hot. In a white trashy sort of way. In stills she is pretty but in video and especially interviews she shines and gives off a vibe that is pure catnip. She probably would not be an easy person to be with since she has a lot of manic energy and probably bounces all over the place. But this interview was classic. And her taking off her sexy heels to show us her sexy toes and soft soles was icing on the cake. I bet Stephen enjoyed it too. If it had been Craig Ferguson he would have had on air wood!