BREAKING!! Olivia Munn Pumps Gas & Pays A Parking Meter During Single Outing!!

Olivia Munn Leaving A Gym In West HollywoodPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Olivia Munn literally went from a nobody-TV-host to starring in one of the many summer action-hero blockbuster, so many congrats to her for all the success. Despite all the years in the biz, Olivia recently broke the $5 million net worth mark, but that should change as soon as she can tie the knot with NFL QB Aaron Rodgers. The 32-year-old QB enojoys a net worth of $30 million.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the actress was seen leaving the gym in West Hollywood. Also, we should mention that Spike TV recently announced that it will air a live episode of ‘Lip Sync Battle’ with Olivia and John Legend competing. Here’s Olivia’s previous appearance on the show:

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Mandy Moore Films A Swimming Pool Scene On The ‘This Is Us’ Set

EXCLUSIVE: Mandy Moore gets into character as a mother at a swimming pool on the set of her new show 'This Is Us'Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Now, here’s somebody we don’t see often! Mandy Moore was seen on the set of the new NBC series “This Is Us,” which also stars Milo Ventimiglia, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown and others. Premiering on September 20, here’s more about the series:

A group of people born on the same day, including Rebecca (Moore) and Jack (Ventimiglia), a married couple expecting triplets in Pittsburgh, and Kevin (Hartley), a handsome television actor growing bored of his fly bachelor lifestyle. IMDb

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BREAKING! Ivana Baquero Photographed Going Down Curb in Beverly Hills!

Ivana Baquero Has Lunch In Beverly HIllsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Who exactly is Ivana Baquero? Let’s see…

Ivana Baquero (born June 11, 1994) is a Spanish actress. At the age of 11, she was chosen by director Guillermo del Toro to star as Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth, for which she won critical acclaim and the Goya Award for Best New Actress.

From about 1000 young actresses, Baquero was picked to play the role of Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth. The role of Ofelia was originally intended for a girl of the age of 8, but the script was altered to accommodate Baquero, who was 11 at the time. Afterward, she worked in various projects while still attending school.

In 2009, she played the title role in John Connolly’s horror film, The New Daughter, with Kevin Costner, marking her first American role.

In 2015, Baquero was cast in The Shannara Chronicles, an MTV television adaptation of the Shannara novel series by Terry Brooks, in which she plays the role of Eretria;[3] the show premiered in January 2016. Source

Here’s an interview w/ Ivana at the 2015 Comic Con:

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Tuna Likes Hunter King; IDLYITW: Johnny Depp’s $7 Mil Check; Charlotte McKinney on Ego; Bella’s Bi?!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.04.51 PMCLICK TO SEE MORE PICS!

– Hunter King And Her Amazing Cleavage [HollywoodTuna]
– Charlotte McKinney In A Chesty White Tank Top [Egotastic]
– Johnny Depp Cut That $7M Check Already [IDonLikeYouInThatWay]

– Shawn King May Have Done Her Sugar Lizard Wrong Again! [Dlisted]
– Jennifer Lopez dumped Casper because he wanted to see a UFC fight [Celebitchy]

– Steve Rogers Won’t Be Captain America in ‘Infinity War’ [Complex]
– Katy Perry Busts Out Like Bananas Wearing Absolutely Anything [Popoholic]

– In beautiful people news . . . [Celebslam]
– Taylor Swift’s Baby Bump of the Day [Drunken Stepfather, NSFW]

– Bella Thorne Comes Out As Bi, Could Be Dating Her Brother’s Ex-Girlfriend [The Blemish]
– Same, Kris Jenner, Same [Fishwrapper]

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.05.08 PMCLICK TO SEE MORE PICS!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.05.45 PMCLICK TO SEE MORE PICS!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.07.57 PMCLICK TO SEE MORE PICS!

Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould Film ‘Modern Family’ in NYC

Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter and Nolan GouldPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould

Looks like the ‘Modern Family’ cast is vacationing in NYC or maybe they are in the city because one of the kids is going to school there? I stopped watch a few seasons ago, so I’m not sure exactly what’s happening. Maybe one of you guys can fill in the blanks.

All we know is that Ariel Winter is probably pissed off that she has to wear such conservative clothes on camera because we all know she’d rather be showing off her rack & butt cheeks on the streets of NYC!

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Jessica Alba Kicks Off Her Promo Tour In NYC

Jessica Alba looks pretty in pink while out and about this afternoon in New YorkPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Actress, businesswoman and proud mother Jessica Alba looked pretty in pink while out and about in NYC earlier today. The 35-year-old beauty is making the promotional rounds in the city ahead of this weekend’s release of her latest film “Mechanic: Resurrection,” which also stars Jason Statham, Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Yeoh. Here’s an interview with Jessica about her experience filming the action flick:

More about the film:

After the demise of his partner-turned-enemy Steve McKenna (Ben Foster), Arthur Bishop (Statham), who narrowly escaped from Steve’s murder attempt on him, retires as a contract killer. But when his most formidable foe kidnaps the love of his life, he is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best: make them look like accidents. Source

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Alec Baldwin & Pregnant Wife Hilaria Baldwin House Hunting In Tribeca

Alec Baldwin & Pregnant Wife Hilaria Baldwin House Hunting In New YorkPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

If these two breakup over the next few months, we all know why. Buying a home in Tribeca can’t be easy, but since Alec Baldwin got wasted one day and decided to marry his 20-something yoga instructor, he’s pretty much re-living the life most of us live through in our late 20s & 30s.

The 58-year-old, who reportedly has a net worth of $65 million, got married, had a couple kids with another one on the way and now he’s upgrading his pimp-pad into one which is more family-friendly (i.e. more bedrooms). Assuming Alec Baldwin can live a long life (and we hope he does), he’ll be 80 by the time his unborn son graduates from college! Can you believe that!?! It just sounds funny, but I guess that’s the new normal for a lot of filthy rich people.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the couple were spotted apartment hunting around the pricey Tribeca neighborhood with their real estate agent.

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Kendall Jenner Stops For Juice With Friends In Beverly Hills; Also: Metallica’s ‘Ride The Lightning’

Kendall Jenner Stops For Juice With Friends In Beverly HillsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Here’s Kendall Jenner continuing to work those white boots with jeans again. We saw Kendall rocking a similar look earlier in the week and it was a major fail, so if it wasn’t for her $250 ripped-up Metallica T-shirt exposing her bikini top, this latest outing would be in the same category. Anyway, we’ve already spent way more time than necessary (~10 seconds) on this post, so let’s plug the Metallica’s ‘Ride the Lightning’ because, let’s face it, it’s not everyday we can post Metallica hits on the site:

Anyone have a favorite Metallica song? I remember mine were ‘Fade to Black‘ and ‘Enter Sandman’.

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BREAKING NEWS! Lucy Hale Carries iPhone, Starbucks Frap & Car Keys IN THE SAME HAND!

Lucy Hale Stops By StarbucksPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

If you’re curious about this post’s newsworthiness, we’ll simply reference yesterday’s post to make things a little easier on us.

These latest photos of the always-cute Lucy Hale were snapped yesterday afternoon as the 27-year-old ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actress was seen walking back to her car after making a pit stop at a Starbucks in L.A.

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