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Star Jones & The Art Of Forceful Lovin'

We all know that Star Jones tied the knot w/ Al Reynolds this past weekend in NYC, but there’s a mysterious aura behind Al Reynolds’ intentions. Is he lookin’ to run out the 2-year pre-nup period & then escape w/ a divorce & tons of cash or does he want to wait around for another 10 years until gluttony makes Star immobile? Who really knows and who really gives a shit, right? Right. Well, we were analyzing some intimate photos (yes we have nothing better to do) of the two lovebirds (yaack!) and we noticed that Star’s love for Al is rooted by her dominant, forceful side. To put it in simple terms: Al Reynolds is Star Jones’ bitch.

Star Jones & Big Gay Al
In this photo, Star is actually sitting on Al and has a gorilla hold on his waist. Al can do nothing but smile.


Shrek Rockin’ the house!

Yes, it’ s a little too early for this stat, I love following the industry’s earnings…
1. DreamWorks’ Shrek 2 raked in $883.0.
2. WB’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ate up $789.4
3. Sony’s Spider-Man 2 captured $783.7
4. NM’s The Passion of the Christ nailed around $609.5
5. Fox’s The Day After Tomorrow somehow earned $542.4

So yes, the greatest earner was Mel Gibson’s flick which wasn’t even in English! It took that guy around $55mil to produce & market, so yes, that’s a gross profit margin of bloody 91%!! Crazy how such a religious movie can earn so much money. It’s believed that Monica Belucci pulled in about $100m by herself.

Please note: Figures obtained by one of the coolest sites on the net, Box Office Mojo. These are worldwide grosses, so just imagine what this number will look like after DVD, merchandise, etc etc. Let’s all quit our monotonous day jobs and start up a studio!

Miquelina's Retro Look


By Miquelina. Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week Summer 2005

So yes, this is in the running for the Bastardly Summer, 2005 Swim Suit of the Year! I really dig the skinny top with the colorful square designs. I’m telling you, the color orange is hot these days. The belt idea on the super tiny bottom is ingenious, as well! The 60s are back, baby! Once again, South America rocks the house!

Skimpy, yet elegant!

Fear Factor With A Porn Twist

Porn Factor
Silicon City, baby

Here’s the first round of Porn Factor on this morning’s show:

After that Howard broke the news to the girls about this Porn Factor Porn Olympics that he had for them to compete in. He said that he would give the winner a $5,000 prize. He had to eliminate one girl in the first round and told them that they have to take a sausage and take in as much of it as they can. A couple of the girls said that they’d be able to take it in so Howard had them start. Mercedes was able to take in 3 1/4 inches of the sausage. Briana was up next. She took in a full 6 inches! The guys were impressed. Next up was Tera who took in 4 1/4 inches. Savanna took in 5 inches so she managed to stay in the competition. Mercedes was the first one eliminated. She tried to take that sausage in again before she left but was still only able to take in just over inches. She said she’s going to practice at home to try and get better at it. [MarksFriggin’ – 11/15/04. 7:55am]

So yes, this was the first Porn Factor ever, so it was a very special day as you can imagine. Basically the game plays very similar to the Fear Factor (soft-core porn @ its heart), except all it’s events have a sexual twist. Makes for excellent entertainment!

I know you’re all curious how this ended…

U.K. To Ban Smoking In Public Places

The British government is set to announce new and far reaching restrictions on smoking in public places to protect the health of its citizens. Within a few years, smoking will be banned in most indoor public places including restaurants, cafes, offices and factories. The reason: to protect people from the harmful affects of second hand smoke. The law will take effect over the next four years in stages. [Elites TV]

What the hell is the world coming to?! Second hand smoke kills far less people than burgers and alcohol, you ignorant bastards.

What Happened To Jennifer Love Hewitt?!


Jackson, admit it. You’ve spent many hours alone with JLW & now remain shocked at what you see. It’s alright man. It’s not everyday really hot chicks start lookin’ like they’ve aged 25 years & might be suffering from an eating disorder. Yesterday, it was Liv Tyler. Today: Jennifer Love Hewitt.

May their careers rest in peace.

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