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New Showgirls V.I.P. Edition DVD

Yes, boys & girls, it’s all true! If you missed out on the first Showgirls DVD release, you can grab the V.I.P. Edition!
Your Sinful Contents include:
-DVD Loaded with special features
-Set of Showgirls shot glasses – Good for those lonely nights.
-“Pin the pasties on the showgirl” game, with poster, pasties and blindfold
-Deck of Showgirls playing cards
-6 Photo cards with party games
-“The greatest movie ever made” a commentary by David Schmader, with video commentary on the strip-club dance scene
-LapDance Tutorial – Good for all you newbies
-“A Showgirl diary”
-Trivia Track
-Original theratrical trailer

World Coming To An End!

Ashlee Cheapin’ Her way to the Top!
All hell is breaking loose. Ashlee’s album is number #1 on Billboard’s Top 200. I don’t agree w/ her cheap tactics in clawing her way to the top. Have pity on America’s entertainment future, Asslee. Be a one-hit-wonder!

Paris eying the Carter Family
Paris is trying to sleep w/ every Carter male (or female depending on mood & sobriety). Paris, Jackson & I are older than you & won’t give you acne! Email us.

Anonova writes, “Paris Hilton has left a permanent impression on her popstar ex-boyfriend Nick Carter…. a tattoo of her name on his wrist.
Paris and Backstreet Boy Nick got tattoos together three weeks before their July 22 break-up, People magazine reports.
Carter wouldn’t say what Hilton had tattooed, but the popstar says he’s harbouring no regrets about the untimely ink: “No (I don’t regret it) because I love her. She’ll have a place in my heart, always.””

I’m sure he regrets it.

Crush-Less Week?

Melissa, were you too busy to have a crush this week or are you having trouble deciding? Give us some choices & we may be able to help.

Well, the week isn’t over yet, so we remain anxious…

I’m sick & at home all day laying on my damn couch. Doctor said, “you need some rest, son. Have people cater to you for the next week.” What the hell?! It’s not like I exert a tremendous amount of energy sitting on my ass all day @ work.

Crush of the week #3

So who is my crush of the week? This week I decided to feature a man that truly epitomizes HOTNESS. He couldn’t possibly be a crush of the week for Crushes come and go. No my fellow readers this man is on my list of the 5 hottest guys in the whole world. He is a memeber of the elite class of men that tantalize me everyday of my exsistance. Perhaps one day you may find out all 5 … but for now I give you the object of my affection for the last 20 years of my life.

The first time I set my eyes on him was in 1987 on a very famous 80’s hit show.

Lame Ducks #3

I’m getting real tired of looking at Bush’s face on a woman’s body, so I’m forced to put out my list of links.

Real Networks hacks the iPod & iTunes (finally). Let the litigation begin! [WSJ]

Halle Berry’s ‘Catwoman’ has earned around $18.5mil as of July, 26th. Certain unlucky parties shelled out around $135 to produce and market the movie. Halle, if you need a shoulder to cry on, please email me. My shoulder & other body parts are at your service. ok-ok, I’m sorry. The joke was calling me out! [Box Office Mojo]

Why do the Chinese people die when they’re around 110? It’s that bastard oolong tea, damn it! [WebMD]

Are you one of those people who don’t want to die from a severe stroke? ‘Eat fish,’ says the exciting Stroke Journal! [Stroke]

This one is for all you people doing the carb diet. You could be counting your carbs incorrectly (like anyone cares…). [WSJ]

Vegas Baby Vegas

Ahh, I love vacation time in Vegas…the casinos, the bars, the lounges, and especially the strip clubs make Vegas an amazing place. But dude, since the last time i was there, the “slim shady”ness of the tipping scheme has increased 20 fold. Everywhere I went, I was asked to tip them for better service, seats, drinks, ladies, entrance, and so forth. At the clubs, the bouncers want to be tipped for front of the line access, and even at the strip clubs, the b0uncers want to be tipped so you can get a good close seat to the stage. I swear, I probably spent up to $150 in just tipping alone in Vegas. Sure, I got in earlier, and my seat at the titty bar was sort of close, but do you all think it’s actually worth it? I am a man of customer service, but dude, paying for a better seat at the titty bar, that is just going too far.

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