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The Timeless C.G. Jung! & SuckWOMENto

As I write this, SUCKramento is losing to the Minisuckota– 28 to 36. I hope this is a blow out.

Anyway, after robotically finishing work today, I got into my car that was parked in the same place as it is everyday & drove home taking the same freeway, passing the same hot chick in the yellow jetta (I’ve never seen a yellow jetta until I came to the South, btw) who always leaves work exactly when I seem to be passing her workplace, & I get home only randomly pick up one of my Jung books to read a a couple bookmarked pages. [ya, my life has turned into one long, neverending day—it’s just a continuous cycle and the more I think about it, the more it upsets me.]

Anyway, one paragraph in particular caught my eye:

[by the way, the score now is 31-39…suckwomento losing]

It is the psyche of man that makes wars. Not his consciousness. His consciousness is afraid, but his unconscious which contains the inherited savagery as well as the spiritual strivings of the race, says to him, "Now it is the time to make war. Now is the time to kill and destroy." And he does it.

The most tremendous danger that man has to face is the power of his ideas. No cosmic power on earth ever destroyed ten million men in four years. But man’s psyche did it. And it can do it again.

I am afraid of one thing only–the thoughts of people. I have means of defence against things.

[Currently it’s half time, Suckwomento down by 10! 24 minutes until Lakers take the championship!]*

Site Issues…

Ok, I know the design needs a lot of work. I have a basic skeleton, at least. I just need to work on filling the holes @ the moment. Also the background w/ the fro-guy is not helping the reading situation. I think it needs to be much-much lighter or even scrapped altogether.

Ok, some hints on typing: there’a an advanced writing screen option where you’ll get a screen that looks like the typical MS Word window, so that should make it easier in typing. Thumbnails will soon be possible too b/c just words w/ no pics looks very bland.

As for uploading photos, at the moment the is the best option right now, but that could change at any time.

SF Real Estate Prices

From the May, 2004 Gold Mining Report:

Anyone with exposure to commodities, from milk and eggs to steel and gasoline, knows that there is more price inflation on the horizon. Real estate is a category unto itself, and speaking as someone who lives in the San Francisco area, I would have my home on the market tomorrow if I viewed it as an investment, rather than where I’ve lived for the past 26 years. A small home around the corner from ours just sold for a ridiculous amount of money, the winner the highest of 17 bidders, all of whom came in at premiums to the offering price. The word that comes to mind is unsustainable.

17 bidders! Jeez, man. I think the balloon is going to pop as well. I just got our a year-end report for a condo my parents own in San Diego area and in it, they say that in the last 3 years, SD property prices have appreciated 125% on average and the condo which we own has appreciated 165%! I was shocked. I told my parents to sell that crap because they bought it super cheap in 1989 when they first moved to America (yes, I’m a fob, god damn it). Unfortunately, they were too lazy to sell b/c the lady living there has no limit when paying rent. She started off at like $1200 5 years ago and now she’s sitting on $1650. I was telling them to sell and buy something close to the beach in La Jolla! I was close :-).

NYC 911 Political Blame Gamers

First here’s an excerpt from a WSJ article released today about the 911 Commission’s findings:

During the hearing, a panel of witnesses that included the former city police commissioner Bernard B. Kerik and former fire commissioner Thomas Von Essen, who held those offices on 9/11, responded angrily to the commissioners, accusing them of seeking falsely to assign blame and contending that long-standing rivalry between their departments had had no impact on the rescue effort. -Scott Paltrow, Wall Street Journal, 5/19/2004

See what happens when you start to blame? You make no progress. I think this commission was a waste of time. If you have no life and caught some of the testimonies on national TV, you would be surprised at how our political system works. Actually not only our political system—political systems in general. The commission was useless because it was simply body of politically motivated individuals who were to told to put blame on people—not find solutions. If we spent all the money that went into the commission’s expensive dinners, lunches, and hotel room rentals to figure out what we should do to save lives next time, or possibly provide MORE financial assistance to the families of the people who gave their lives on that day. I do not care who was responsible b/c we already know who was responsible. We also know our current system failed. What we need to do is to suck in our pride and strive for change. *

whew… that was a close one

So I have had this fluttering feeling in the back of my head that some horrible doom is coming my way of an accident. I’ve never been in one before so I feel my time is coming.

Why? you ask am I feeling this way. Well its due to the many almost accidents I’ve had in the last month or so. This morning absolutely confirms my premonition.

I was lesuirely driving down 280 towards Palo Alto and all of a sudden the cars were coming to a complete stop in front of me. The two cars in front of me and I were all going about 75-80mph. I saw one car slam on its breaks, the car in front of me swerve to the left so I slammed on my breaks and swerved to the right. I had the squealing of the tires as well as the smell of burnt rubber. Please pray for me, God, Allah … thanks.

I'm only gonna say this once

For the last year I have been slave driving myself to get something from the goddamn man!!! Sitting in front of a computer, analyzing this fobs data as he rips hearts out of rabbits (we develop drugs for heart disease), getting paid poorly by the hour (people with just high school diplomas get paid more than me), temping and getting no health insurance. Finally the jokes may stop!!! I am no longer a rabbit killer as some might say … NOPE not me … I’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

What is this bigget and better thing you ask … well I still work at the same company but have got moved to a different group. Instead of being a rabbit killer (and sometimes guniea pigs, and yes they are scarry) I am now an OFFICIAL Research Associate I in the Pharmacology group. This means many things, and if I sat here to write them all down, it would take longer than I would like. But, I have a wonderful salary, with stock options, health benefits, and am learning so much more than I thought I could. Of course this doesn’t mean that I’m still not playing with animals. Just not the ones you want for pets. I work with rats now. Its actually very interesting. My group is trying to find a way to abolish type II Diabetes! Cool huh!

Yes it has only taken two goddamn years since I graduated the heaven we called Davis, to get finally settled. I just moved out of my brothers house, and am actually living on my own. It is a truely great feeling.

So that is it. I am sure there are people who will read this and say … shoooooooot, I’ve been on my own since I graduated college. Well let me just say, that everyone is not as lucky as you … and that not studying and drinking every goddamn day of your senior year really does pay off!!!

Feed the Employees Week [aka Employee Appreciation Week]

[it should be called ‘Feed the Employees’ week b/c that’s all they’re doing–today we have breakfast, tomorrow ice-cream, the day after some snacks–people in my office of course don’t mind because they’re all southerners and have an unlimited appetite. I want free tickets to disney world, hotel stays, money, etc., god damn it]

Anyway, every day of this week, my work gives each of us a lotto scratcher. At first I was thinking, wow 5 lotto tickets!— I have to win something. That’s only a logical thought process, right? But then I was thinking about it on my drive home and it hit me that getting lotto tickets is a very sad-sad thing. It truly is.

It simply hints that our pay is so horrible that when management was deciding what to give us during employee appreciation week, the consensus was one of those $1.00 scratchers– They were cheap on that, as well. Yesterday I won $2.00, and today I scratched…2 fucking $6000s, 2 pieces of shit $50s, but ultimately won nothing. What’s even sadder than receiving scratchers?!? I can’t wait till tomorrow’s scratcher! haha

1 2,867 2,868 2,869 2,870 2,871 2,872