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Arranged Marriage, Anyone?

[First of all, this is a very fobby Post. Secondly, I know a lot of Indian kids are searching for information w/ regards to this topic, so I’m sure all our white-washed, western responses will help to further confuse them.]

Coming from India and having parents who are literally stuck inside a vacuum that dates back to the 1700s, life can be confusing, to say the least.

First Issue.

Love. Do we create love or is it created by a greater power? With the American divorce rate somewhere in the 30% range, I would like to think that a lot of Americans create their own love because if, say, some greater power created love for these people, mistakes in such frequency would be far & between. Can we agree on this, at least?

Vacation time!

I will be doing nothing the next few days. Seriously, I took these days off to simply spend with the family and sit around and do a whole bunch of nothing. Someone recently gifted me a Bill Clinton’s ‘My Life’ (I was literally in pain when I saw that 10lb of crap), so I might open a few pages to see what kind of crap is in there…It will make for a nice return item as it has a $40 price tag. I really want to check out that Tupac book Jackson referred to. I know that bastard is going to come back one of these days. haha.

One last, useless piece of information: If you guys are ever at a Persian Kabob joint (I went to one for dinner tonight), make sure you order the Lamb Kabob. My God. I always get it whenever I’m at one of these kabob joints and I’m happy to say that I’m never disappointed. Lamb is like goat meat—very unique in texture, smell & taste. Plus, since it’s meat, it’s on the Atkin’s Diet by default.

Bad friend

Why is it that when my old friends from college have a party, I never want to go. I got this bday party to go to on thursday and quite frankly I don’t want to go. Am I being lame for trying to make up an excuse not to go? Would I be a bad friend?

One word … IDIOT!

This will be my review of Fahrenheit 9/11.

Now, if you know me, I’m not much of a political person. I have dabbled here and there in volunteering for Clinton’s first term but yes … as a yound adult I have yet to vote. Now many of you can yell and scream at me for doing my country a disjustice by not voting … but I have always felt very uninformed about things so I figured I would be doing more wrong than good.

Now in the light of our last election in the year 2000. My mind has definitely changed. Many times I’ve thought to myself, when the “Idiot” was elected, seriously, our country is going to change. And, by golly gee, it sure did. I remember thinking to myself, “maybe i should move to Thailand and live a Bush free life” but of course, here I am four years later, living in this country who has become the international bully, pushing all the other “less” important countries around for milk money.


Since I’ve been living on my own, I feel as though I have become more domesticated. Or maybe its more the fact that it has always been there, but just never given a time to shine.

I live in a townhouse with two boys. People know me as “mama bear”. Is it just boys instinct to leave things everywhere without picking them up? I’m not complaining, because I have put myself in this situation. But I am starting to realize how moms feel. I’m fuckin 25!! I don’t think I’m supposed to know what a mom feels! Glasses everywhere, mail, papers … wrapers… dishes!!! I tested it out once. Didn’t do a goddamn thing for a week. Needless to say the house was a mess!!!

Why can’t they clean the bathroom, wash dishes, or take out the garbage without being asked? I am absolutely perplexed. Dishes are dirty, wash them. Garbage is full, take it out. Why do I consantly have to ask them to do things?

My theory is this. Perhaps they came from a family where, they didn’t have to do a goddamn thing. Mom was always there to pick up after them, wash their dishes, cook, whatever. Now if this is the case, does that mean I have to take that role? Or am I allowed to nag and nag without them resenting me.

So … at the age of 25, I am now raising a 26 year old and a 30 year old.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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