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Where were you?

So I went to the this party this weekend that was pretty cool. It was up in the city at this place called club Q. I was funny cause I got invited by my friend Alex who happens to be friends with this guy I knew at Davis. Anyway, of course, it turned out to be a goddamn reunion. I saw all these people I know from there and I kept looking around hoping to see one of you guys walk through the door. Sigh. I was waiting all night dammit. I guess thats what happens when you are drunk (wasted) and feeling nostalgic.

By the way, DJ RJD2 is pretty sick. If you ever get a chance to listen you should. Its like this funky hip hop or some shit. I remember dancing all night.

Hookah Bar

Ahhh…I have finally found a hookah bar in Irvine. Me and a couple of my work buddies went out this hookah bar called Nara Nara and had a good time. I personally pulled a 3 hour double apple hookah session, while the other three dudes wussed out after an hour (they can’t handle like a Davis soldier can). That was the first time I’ve smoked a hookah since Saratoga West #5, and man, do I miss it!! I’m telling you Moe, if you know of any cheap hookahs online or near here, fill me in. This place Nara Nara is a very nice upper class place where the entire client base is all rich ass kids of fathers who own 200 gas stations and oil fields in Iraq/Syria/Kuwait. They were all rowdy and thought they owned the place, but they ended up bringing the hottest lightest colored Indian girls to the club.

Man…good times

Uploading Thumbnails & Breaking Up Large Posts

With J-DoggYou can do this by simply clicking up the "Upload" link to upload a photo. Choose 200x for thumbnail size (you have to bubble it in) and then when it goes to teh next screen just copy and paste the thumbnail link into this box. Very simple. Breaking up large posts – This is also very simple. When you’re typing a book and think you’re at a spot where you can break it and place that "(more)" link for people to click on so they can read your entire post, just click on the "more" button (this is located in the row of button directly on top of the box in which you write to post entries. It’s more towards the right end of the row, if that helps any. Please drop an email if you have Qs.

Wal-Mart Size Thrift Store

Just found a super large thrift store here. I think it just opened up within the last month or something. It was filled w/ poor white people, poorer Mexican people, but sadly no black people. I’m trying to find a thrift store that African American community frequently hits up because they will surely have some killer goods to bag. Before I leave the south, I *will* find one!

I’m in an endless search 50s-70s style shirts (shirts that I’ll probably only wear once and take to India to donate to homies in the old village), and extremely unique t-shirts (I’m talking 1 in million unique for me to shell out my 50cents). I do not go for pants or shorts for very obvious reasons.

Twin Programmers in My Office

Ok, I’ve waited 2 weeks to confirm all my observations and now I think I can write w/ some accuracy & confidence. Recently 2 twins from ***** University started working at my workplace (they are interns —or in Indian terms, “people willing to work for free”). They are either 20 or 21 in age. They’re doing some computer programming for the website that’s coming up very soon.

Anyway, these guys are weird in that, they are extremely quiet (understandable since they are new) and secondly, they dress EXACTLY the same—we’re talking same brand name, same logo on t-shirts, shirts, pants, same shoes, & possibly more clothing that I don’t particularly care about. It is freaky when I look at them, I tell you. If you know me, you know that I am one to make jokes when I see something strange, but since I just met them, I hold back, but I don’t think I can hold back much longer. Something, beyond my control, is bound to come out one of these days & I’m ready to suffer the consequences.

Car wash day…

Did not scratch in any money today. Here’s another “I was close” story. I was close to winning $150, $50 and $5, but nothing turned up! Those communist bastards!

Anyway, my angry boss was washing cars today. This guy is funny because he’s this nerdy/rich Indian guy who’s decked out in a silk shirt, Rolex watch, Italian shoes w/ a sponge in his hand. haha. It was hilarious to say the least.

Update On Our Shiny Friend!

It might not be a lady’s bestfriend, but gangstas, pimps, The Rolex Company, and Nokia’s Vertu love gold, along w/ a lot of people hedging against US inflation that’s surging at around 8-10% (or even higher). What does the government see? Something like 2% in their last reading…!?! Ya, you can see the government is not reliable in their ability to count dead bodies in foreign countries (that includes their own) or calculate the nation’s inflation rate.

Mr. Gross of PIMCO speaks to the kids…

I read a lot of articles through the day—This is probably because I get bored of staring at work-related papers . I’ve warned you now, so don’t be appauled if there are tons of references to random articles.

Ok, back to why I’m posting…Founder of one of the largest bond-investment companies in the world, PIMCO LLC., Bill Gross recently stepped up to the podium at Duke University to talk to the 2004 MBA graduates. You can read his entire speech here, if you so desire.

First, as usual, my favorite excerpt from the speech:

But beyond these qualities I would mention two others as perhaps most critical in your future pursuits. First of all to use a playground expression, you must have the “Love.” Not a love of hoops or the gridiron, but a fixation, an obsession, an exultation in what you do each and every day. You must find not only your niche, but also the niche through which you can symbiotically nurture your business enterprise and yourself at the same instant. This is not an easy task and I am not naïve enough to believe that all of you or even most of you can do it. There was, after all, only one Apprentice. The true winners from this group here today, however, will be those that can marry their education and people skills with their passion. It is a dynamite combination. If you haven’t already, find something eventually that makes you want to get up every morning and go in – not for the check and what it can buy, but for the LOVE. You should be working in a TGIM environment – Thank God It’s Monday. That alone will make you a life’s success in the businessworld.

I know you’ve heard all this crap before, but he put it nicely w/ that equation. Education+People Skills x Passion = Something totally indescribale. I’m usually a pessimist, but I am a believer in this philosphy. It’s totally possible.

Since we’re all in the first couple innings of the game of life, I figured this will provide some added motivation for change!

The Timeless C.G. Jung! & SuckWOMENto

As I write this, SUCKramento is losing to the Minisuckota– 28 to 36. I hope this is a blow out.

Anyway, after robotically finishing work today, I got into my car that was parked in the same place as it is everyday & drove home taking the same freeway, passing the same hot chick in the yellow jetta (I’ve never seen a yellow jetta until I came to the South, btw) who always leaves work exactly when I seem to be passing her workplace, & I get home only randomly pick up one of my Jung books to read a a couple bookmarked pages. [ya, my life has turned into one long, neverending day—it’s just a continuous cycle and the more I think about it, the more it upsets me.]

Anyway, one paragraph in particular caught my eye:

[by the way, the score now is 31-39…suckwomento losing]

It is the psyche of man that makes wars. Not his consciousness. His consciousness is afraid, but his unconscious which contains the inherited savagery as well as the spiritual strivings of the race, says to him, "Now it is the time to make war. Now is the time to kill and destroy." And he does it.

The most tremendous danger that man has to face is the power of his ideas. No cosmic power on earth ever destroyed ten million men in four years. But man’s psyche did it. And it can do it again.

I am afraid of one thing only–the thoughts of people. I have means of defence against things.

[Currently it’s half time, Suckwomento down by 10! 24 minutes until Lakers take the championship!]*

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