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Katie Cassidy & Emily Bett Rickards Bikini Bodies

Katie Cassidy, Emily Bett Rickardss

Not to be outdone by Gigi Hadid, Katie Cassidy is still in Miami and continues to show off her bikini body too. This time she brought along her “Arrow” co-star Emily Bett Rickards. Katie wore a baby blue and pink bikini while her 23 year old co-star wore a multicolored bandeau bikini, as they splashed together in the ocean. Currently in season three, “Arrow” has been renewed for a 23-episode fourth season by the CW.

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Gigi Hadid Seafolly Bikini Photo Shoot Recap

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid had a busy week in Miami. Not only did she celebrate her 20th birthday but was hard at work showing off her bikini body for Seafolly Australia. You could go to each of the individual posts in Gigi’s juicy category to view all the bikini posts but why not just put it all together in one post to milk more pageviews on a slow day. Admittedly, Gigi in a bikini is nice to look at but I’m in agreement that we need a healthy dose of Candice on location, stat!

Yep, There’s More Gigi Hadid Bikini Photos

Gigi Hadid

Well, look what we have here?! It’s more of Gigi Hadid doing a bikini photo shoot for Seafolly Australia. Surely there are a few that are getting irritated by each Gigi post, one after the other… say, like those 138 Water posts??! Anyways, once again you see Gigi showing off her newly turned 20 year old body. You can keep up with all of her bikini photos from Miami in Gigi’s juicy category or by all accounts today, just scroll to the next post.

Bikini-Clad Gigi Hadid Pimps Her 24K Gold Monster Headphones!

Gigi Hadid poses during a photoshoot at the beach in Miami

Apologies to all of you who aren’t big fans of Gigi Hadid. It was her birthday yesterday, so it’s safe to assume that she got those badboys as a very generous gift from a friend. Then again, they’re only $240 (on Amazon)—chump change for people within Gigi’s circle.

In case you haven’t visited the site for the past 24-hours, hit up Gigi’s category for all the recent pics from her photo shoot going down in Miami.

Katie Cassidy Enjoys Another Beach Day

Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy continues to frolic about on the beach with friends in Miami. Katie and her pals even took a break from catching rays to take a group selfie. Katie is still showing off her toned body as she cools off in the clear Miami waters. Currently in season three, “Arrow” has been renewed for a 23-episode fourth season by the CW.

The Stalking Papz: Gigi Hadid Bikini Pics From Miami

Model Gigi Hadid checks her phone during a photo shoot for Seafolly Australia swimwear on her 20th Birthday in Miami

I think it’s safe to assume that the papz was hiding in one of those poolside cabanas. Very creepy, but hey, it got the job done!

I gotta admit, the last couple sets of Gigi Hadid pics were giving off the stench of “Wait, she’s a Victoria’s Secret model? No way!” So naturally, it was nice to see these photos of Gigi working her mojo ont he set of a photo shoot for Seafolly Australia swimwear.

Coincidently, it’s Gigi’s 20th birthday today and I guess she’s going to be partying it up in Miami, albeit she’s still under the drinking age and can’t legally entire most of the hottest clubs in Miami. The young bikini-clad model was all smiles as she shared something funny on her phone with crew members.

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