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Sexy & Naked Leilani Dowding Showing Off Her Boobs @ The Beach. Oww!!

Jackson featured Ms. Dowding in one of his Bastardly Minutes posts, so make sure you check that out. Secondly, we’ve emailed her a couple times for one of our ultra-exclusive Bastardly Interviews, but she has refused to respond (for some odd reason). Leilani, honey, please don’t be shy b/c Jackson won’t bite you (…in the wrong places!)

OK, w/ that in hand, please enjoy the sight of her juicy naturals on some random beach. I think she’s doing a photo shoot, but I want to make the Bastardly assumption that Leilani loves the Bastardly Art of Topless Rollerblading. Yummmmm-meeee!!

Socialite Whore Victoria Silvstedt Selling ManWash Lube

Victoria, the Horndogg Community loves you!! Everyone please show your support by bagging some ManWash.

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Easter Trend: Grab an Ugly Bikini & Head to the Beach

So yeah, our good friend TheChef (I’ve heard his special pasta sauce can bring women to orgasm1…just a rumor, though) writes,

Now normally, I absolutely love Scarlett’s look. She’s hot, down to earth and smokes the shmokey shmoke. But this picture is terrible. She still looks pretty good, but…. That bikini she’s got on is horrible. I expect better next time ScarJo. Dammit! [The Thingamablog—remember to bookmark this shiznit!]

We gotta agree. But if I was ever trapped in a room w/ both Kelly Clarkson & Scarlett Johansson, I’d run to Scarlett’s corner w/out even a second thought.

Bastardly Suggestion: Kelly Clarkson needs implants, along w/ a personal trainer. FAST!

Here are pics of both women from over the weekend…

1. Girls: TheChef is married, but he can be reached from his blog for “personal consultations.”

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