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Insect Richie & Mischa Barton

I gotta admit, I’m usually not into Mischa Boxface, but she’s lookin’ mighty skinny & hot in these pics! All girls should weight 23lbs & wear sexy bikinis!

What’s the scoop with these two chicks anyway? It’s possible Mischa’s tapping Nicole for some consulting services before purchasing a new pair of shades…? Or maybe this is just some sad excuse for a photo-op?

Regardless, here are a few more snaps.

The Poolside Ass Exercises Trend. Ow!

I’m really loving this budding trend. Let’s hope a lot of this type of stuff happens in Costa Rica while I’m cruising around from town to town.

As for the photos, I don’t know about Caprice Bourett, but I’m pretty sure Tony Parker is away @ some basketball camp or something b/c Eva really looks like she’s trying to attract a sexual partner or two to help suppress her voracious appetite for sweaty balls & abnormally large schlongs. Don’t tell me that Eva managed to con Tones into another one of those sex only, open relationships? What a genius of a hottie!! I want a piece too, God damn it!!

Ok, here are a few scandalous photos of both women. Which pool are these two at, damn it!?

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