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New Showgirls V.I.P. Edition DVD

Yes, boys & girls, it’s all true! If you missed out on the first Showgirls DVD release, you can grab the V.I.P. Edition!
Your Sinful Contents include:
-DVD Loaded with special features
-Set of Showgirls shot glasses – Good for those lonely nights.
-“Pin the pasties on the showgirl” game, with poster, pasties and blindfold
-Deck of Showgirls playing cards
-6 Photo cards with party games
-“The greatest movie ever made” a commentary by David Schmader, with video commentary on the strip-club dance scene
-LapDance Tutorial – Good for all you newbies
-“A Showgirl diary”
-Trivia Track
-Original theratrical trailer


So I enjoyed a mellow friday night watching the amazingly funny movie called Napoleon Dynamite. I am a big fan of nerds, the minorities of the world, and AWESOME dance routines. This movie was just so funny. There was no plot, but it didn’t matter. You just sit there and laugh because you don’t know how else to react. This movie rocks.

Let nerd persecution END all over the world!!!!!


Savoring The 'July Rhapsody'

Karena Lim & Jackie Cheung

Just by sheer chance, I watched this movie on some obscure Dish Network channel over the weekend. I usually don’t dig the movies w/ subtitles mainly because I think I suffer from A.D.D., I read too slowly & I hate concentrating on the words rather than the people on the screen. Ok, now that everyone thinks I’m a complete dumbass, I’ll continue w/ my review.

It’s funny how implied sex, promiscuous characters, & adultery pulls me into watching random movies. ‘July Rhapsody’ has all those elements in perfect proportions. It stars the beautiful Karena Lin (some of you fobby people might know her as: Karena Lam Ka-Yan) & Jacky Cheung (not Jackie Chang, all you westerners). It’s a very intriguing love story from 3 angles:

Angle 1. Karena is a smart, punkish girl at school who is extremely flirtatious with one of her teachers. Jacky (her teacher)does his best to resist, but eventually folds under the mounting pressures at home with his wife. Yes Jackson, they have Crazy Chinese Sex.

Angle 2. Jackie has a troubled marriage w/ his wife (Anita Mui Yim-Fong) of 20 years. They have 2 kids who are well into their teenage years and live in a cramped apartment in some major Chinese city. It seems the love that once existed between the two has now crippled up and died. Through out the movie, both work hard to rekindle the love.

Angle 3. Anita’s ex-lover (before she married Jacky) is dying from some disease. She feels that it’s her duty is to be by his side, but Jacky doesn’t agree. You see, Anita’s ex-lover also used to be Jacky’s best from grade school (I think). I didn’t watch the first 40 minutes of the movie b/c I was snoozing away (it was Sunday, God damn it), so I think I might have missed some important parts.

One word … IDIOT!

This will be my review of Fahrenheit 9/11.

Now, if you know me, I’m not much of a political person. I have dabbled here and there in volunteering for Clinton’s first term but yes … as a yound adult I have yet to vote. Now many of you can yell and scream at me for doing my country a disjustice by not voting … but I have always felt very uninformed about things so I figured I would be doing more wrong than good.

Now in the light of our last election in the year 2000. My mind has definitely changed. Many times I’ve thought to myself, when the “Idiot” was elected, seriously, our country is going to change. And, by golly gee, it sure did. I remember thinking to myself, “maybe i should move to Thailand and live a Bush free life” but of course, here I am four years later, living in this country who has become the international bully, pushing all the other “less” important countries around for milk money.

Soul Plane: Can You Handle It?

I would do this entire review in ebonics, but I don’t want to leave some of my other readers hanging–yes all 1 of you!

When I entered the theater, I was surprised to see only 5 of my broddahs sitting in the back-middle & one old white man close to the front. The old man realized quality in the film industry very late into his years, but at least it hit him before his time’s up. God have mercy on his soul.

Well, I attributed this small audience to the release of yet ANOTHER Harry Potter — you’d think they’d realize the first two were bad enough, but I guess when you have $200 million to blow, why not blow it on little kids who can do some magic tricks. It’s sad, I tell you.

Well, our sub $10 million dollar flick was full of quality dialogue, a simple story (highly essential in laying down great jokes), and cameos by some very famous people (mainly Snoop Dogg). I don’t know about their choice in Tom Arnold, though. There are so many other white males who can play the “typical white father” role, but I guess since Tom Arnold isn’t really landing any roles as of late, he must have came real cheap. In creating ‘Soul Plane’ the producers didn’t really have a bottomless pit of money, so naturally they were forced to make some sacrifices in their selection of cast members. The criteria for the role were probably very simple: literate, white male with a “has-been” reputation. Tom’s obviously white, can read and his relationship w/ Roseanne Barr makes him a recognizable ‘has-been.’

Harry Potter ROCKED!!!!

Hello there muggles!!!

I just want to let all of you know that, despite my remsemblance to Mr. Harry Potter himself (hair and glasses) this movie was great!!! The prisoner of Azaban was my favorite HP book and the movie is just sick!!! Its dark and hey it was directed by the one and only guys that directed that mexican porno flick “y tu mama tambien”.

If you have nothing to do go out and watch it!

Beauty @ the 'Soul Plane' Premiere

Today, I will catch the matinee show, but for now I will leave you guys with some HOT photos taken at the Premiere. These are just some of my favs:
First, we have our main man, Snoop, sporting his Gangsta Pilot Suit. No, he didn’t wear this to the premiere. This was just a cool photo I decided to pop in. I know, I know. I’m losing a lot of of my credibility in choosing movies by pushing this film so much, but screw it. People will soon see. True threatre comes alive when people act with the intent to entertain their audience—not shock them with the blatant glamorization of murderous, mythical heroes (i.e. Troy) or of course, rely on computer generated flicks b/c modern actors simply don’t cut it (i.e. Shrek 2—I know I’d like this movie if I saw it, but I’m trying to prove a point make).*


For all that I live for, after I watched this movie … I will NEVER, or more importantly try really hard not to … eat fast food again. I would have to say that only on the ocassional munchie run or “I need to eat or I’ll yak” kinda situations will be the only reason I eat fast food.

Working a biopharmaceutical company that develops drugs for heart disease, I can see why the sudden interest in developing drugs for type II diabetes or finding the infinite fat blocker so to speak. America is straight OBESE!!! At least I know I have job security. If you haven’t heard, obesity has pretty much passed smoking as the major killer of people these days.

If you haven’t heard of it, its a movie about this guy who eats McDonalds 3 meals a day, everyday for a month. Yeah thats right a month. He starts out as a completely healthy guy. I really recommend this movie. I had a headache through the whole thing, and I think it gave me gas!!! Man … I don’t even feel like eating for the rest of the month. Anyway, its a great movie. If your diet is based on fast food, I recommend you either 1) watch the movie so you know what you are doing to your body or 2) don’t watch the movie and die of a fatty liver.

I really interesting point one of the guys made in the film was … people get heckled for smoking all the time, like “why do you smoke, do you know what you are doing to your body?” but its not ok to heckle an obese person cause its not PC, when in actuality, that obese person is doing the same amount of harm to their body as the smoking person. Hmmmmm. (and yes by the way, I have stopped smoking since january)


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