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Musical Confessions

The Ganja!
This photo’s purpose is to grab your attention (it succeeded). Marrymejuana is bad. If you see it lying around, burn it in a pipe while inhaling (once you’ve inhaled the smoke, hold your breath for your own safety). (I’m kidding! DRUGS ARE BAD & THEY KILL, but far less than alcohol & heart disease.)

Somehow the ‘Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ ended up in my car—there are some classics in there, I tell you. To tell you the truth, I’ve never really listened to the entire CD, mainly because I catch on to trends FAR after they’ve passed. It’s not that I try to miss them or anything. I think my tastes are just slow to mature. Anyway, there is one wicked song in there— I think it’s track #7 or 8, but the lyrics go: “you can get the powah, you can get the monay, but just remembah: the last owah.” (owah = hour.) I don’t know if it’s the lyrics or the music, but it’s a sweet song.

Also, a couple of my Nirvana CDs have dug themselves back up to the surface, as well. By far, my favorite song is ‘Dumb.’ It’s so short that I have to repeat it like 10 times to have enough.

My Musical Confession (you bastards should do one, as well)
I was in India most of the 80s & was still Indian in the mind until the early-mid-90s (meaning I listened to no music & spoke fobby English) UNTIL, that is, I signed up to Columbia House one day in the 7th grade w/ one of my friends. I don’t remember if my friend made me sign up or if we both signed together, but I know for sure that Columbia House was the service. That’s when I ordered my first batch of free music (for a penny). I ordered the music not to listen to, but to get the new CDs, rig them w/ the proper store tags & exchange them at a Wherehouse Music store close to my house (my chivalry was a result of having no money, damn it!). Why in the world would we order music & not listen to it? My friend & I exchanged credits we obtained (we got fully refunded, baby) and rented free video games (mainly Genesis & occasionally rented the Super Nintendo system ($20!) only to play Street Fighter II). I was a nerd, alright. A fucking nerd!

Paris Tosses Nick (Boy #53)

Random photo of Nick w/ another girl (I got tired of looking at the photo, so I’ve linked to it). Could she be the one?! If she is the one, Nick needs to be pulled aside & beaten silly.

Recently it was reported by a Hilton Hotels publicist that Paris broke up with Nicky Boy!—Or possibly it was the other way around? I think Nicky boy is now broke and needs to go back to touring and making albums to recoup the money he lost while dating Paris. Exact figures of his expenditures are not yet known, but being digged for…We’ve made logical estimates below.

Read the story here. What follows is a brief story book of their relationship & the financial downfall of Nick Carter:

Shopping with Paris
Shopping with Paris Hilton…$3,000,000 (Off topic: Look at the bloody Security guard! He’s got a clear shot of Paris’ Million dollar, boney ass!)

The Ashlee Monster Attacks!

AshlEY Monster
This is from Ashlee’s Letterman appearance last week. First, lets take 2 seconds to pay respects to the ears of the audience members who had to sit through many Ashlee-screams. [____1_________2____ ok, that’s enough.] In the photo above, at first glance, Ashlee looks as if she’s hunched over and screaming into the mic, but a closer look reveals that it’s only her guitarist to her side while Ashlee is standing upright & screaming. Ok, this is a waste of space, so I’m going to stop.

Ok-ok, one more try. Here’s a photo that will surely wake you up if you’re feelin’ the extra Monday night Martini bringing you down @ work this morning. Click the photo to increase its effectiveness (Make sure to squint before you click, though.)
Squint and Click here...

I love the 80's vs. I love the 90's

I love the 90’s, I feel that VH1 has released it too early, but its still funny. Its nice to go back down memory lane and see all the horrors of the century. Now, do you think I love the 80’s was more funny? I tend to think so just cause it was the first of its kind and again, the 90’s were only 4 years ago or so, way to early to go back into time. It feels as though some of those things just happened.

Regardless, Hal Sparks, Michael Ian Black and Mo Rocca are hilarious!

Ratings – Ashlee "Gypsy" Simpson

24: What does that number signify? Those are the number of search results when searching for ‘Ashlee Simpson’ images on Yahoo. Very sad, indeed. Her sister? 1,530. If I had my own TV show and my sister was a world famous popstar, I think I could at least land 100 results on Yahoo (eventhough they wouldn’t be that good lookin’ pics, but that’s besides the point). It’s just a matter of hitting up the right parties, talking to the right photographers & publicists and boom, you got 50-75 results right there. 24 is pretty sad, but I don’t blame the web designers for their tastes because they’ve done the right thing for once.

Ashlee obviously got slapped around when it was time to divvy out the genes in her mother’s womb. Naturally, she got a few of the Jessica Simpson ‘hand-me-down’ genes: Ashlee’s white (a little too white for my eyes in some of her photos), she has the same hair (at least I think so?), has that mini-ass on her chin, but the homogonous genes pretty much stop there, my friends. Everyone knows that the modern pop star juice is sweetest when made with 3 parts body and 1 part vocal chord—basically, the more body, the more money! With Brittany lip-syncing at concerts, you know I have a valid point!

With that said, I’m not saying Jessica Simpson is anywhere close to an 8 on my scale, but she’s definitely closer to an 8 than Junior Simpson. How could such a disparity exist? This little observation makes me wonder if both of these girls have the same parents…this is a very likely possibility if you consider the society in which we currently reside. A little adultery here and there is harmless, right? Right.

Mini-Me! Lil Ash Simpson... Gypsy Simpson?
Comments on the photos: Only one in particular about the 3rd photo. Why would you dress like that to an MTV award show?!? Did she forget the bloody show was that night or maybe she forgot to do laundry? Seriously. Get your act together, sistah!

Ok, now what is exactly wrong with Mini-Jessica? Apart from what Jackson has said about her sub-par living habits, her photo above should be worth a million words. Don’t worry, I won’t mention too many. Well, a lot of people dig the hair, but to me it looks like something straight out of the 80s–no matter what color. While we’re on the hair, she needs to choose one color & stick with it. One day she’s blonde, another day black/brunette, another day both. Fans get confused easily, Ashlee. I have short listed some issues:

Beastie Boys ROCK!!

Ok .. so I’ve finally got a chance to post something worth while. I watched the most AWESOMEST Beastie Boys concert of the year (well until they go on tour again this year). Granted seeing them last year front stage center was waaaay better than this year, sitting in the back of the Shoreline Amphitheater was still awesome. Dude … I have bruises all over my knees cause I was dancin so hard!!!

If you EVER get a chance to see them live, its well worth it. It sucked cause the Strokes were on after the BBoys and it was so anti-climatic. Seriously, everyone left after the BBoys played.

I know you may think they are super old … but man … they are one of the true pioneers of hip hop/rap today. Coming from the BIGGEST BEASTIES BOYS fan ever … by their new album. It fuckin Rocks!!! Mix Master Mike is tight too!!!

Sigh. I still feel like I’m in a dream.

Ch-Check it out!!!!!

Laugh or Be Afraid?

Roar! Be afraid!

For fear of retaliation, I will not say anything harsh, but it is tempting. I’m just posting this photo to plant the seed of fear in the hearts of my 3 readers. I grabbed this from the Latin Rapper website. There are some serious gangsta rapper FANS on that site!

Your comments are welcome.

Never Mess Wit Tha Bhetdamese!!!

So my Viet friend introduced me to this…here’s ChucKie AkeNz & V-V-V-V-V-UNIT!!!!! Man, after listening his song, “You Got Beef” (The Vietnamese Anthem) and watching the video, it made me officially scared of the Bhetdamese race…dude, they so HAADCORE!!!

Here’s links to the mp3 and the music video for “You Got Beef?” One look of this and you too will be scared of the wrath of the Bhetdamese gang!!! Right click the link and save to hard drive to always remind you never to mess with the Bhetdamese!!!


…i wanted to ease the tension of this Hate Lakers discussion by informing you all of some wonderful news!

yes, Shai is back….back with a new album, “Back From The Mystery System”. Yes, if you loved such hits as “Comforter”, “If I Ever Fall In Love”, and (my favorite) “Baby I’m Yours” then you’ll like this album. Now, don’t think that this is going to be whack like the “Destiny” album they released that was straight garbage and only had 3 of them….no, this is all 4 of them in full effect!

Here’s the link to the site that is selling their new CD. I’m waiting for my copy to come in the mail.

Top 5 Favorite Shai Songs:
1) Baby I’m Yours
2) Falling
3) Come With Me
4) If I Ever Fall In Love
5) I Don’t Wanna Be Alone

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