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Charlize Theron Needs The Assistance Of Your Tongue

It’s the weekend, so who’s hungry for some baked Charlize Theron?

The Weekend Bastard: Are You In The Bastardly Society?

* First, join the crew.
* Gush made an excellent video for all those who like: Stacy Keibler, Stacy Keibler’s legs, Stacy Keibler shaking her ass, & random celebrity boob shots. Check it!
* Video of Aida Yespica doin’ her thaaaaang on Italian TV. Have mercy.
* Who Hates Kristin Cavallari?
* Bastardly Question: Which Superpower do you want? Invisibility or flight?

Aida Yespica In February 2006 Italian Maxim; Plus Links

Wow. Maxim Italy has it good.

* The dude who writes cityrag needs to throw a party & share his stash!
* Want to see a Britney Spears statue? The world is ending…
* Which hottie is in your girl-on-girl fantasy?
* Pink will open a Constuction Working Women strip club. And then make herself lead-stripper. Commence yacking.
* Only way J. Alba’s gonna get a serious role is if she sleeps w/ all the investors, the director, his dad, and then proceeds to sleep w/ the producers & all the producers’ Horndogg family members
* Another picture of Britney’s statue. Why God, why?!
* Natalie Portman is on crack. I’ve never heard a Jewish person say, “I don’t want to ever be working for money…” What the fuck, man?
* Naomi Watts wants some King Kong schfonsenshtook. Surprise, surprise.
* Is Colin Farrell getting a piece of Kate Moss’ secret coke stash hidden between her legs? ow!

Where Does Sarah Silverman Shop For Clothes?

Maybe she just walked off the set of some top-secret remake of Little House in the Prairie & didn’t have time to go home & change? Or, maybe her Jewish side is peeking through & Sarah’s secretly planning to takeover a media company or possibly a multinational bank & needs to save money? Whatever the issue, I always thought Sarah Silverman was cute in her own nerdy way, but this is pretty bad

For hotter photos of Sarah, please go here.

The Jamie-Lynn Sigler Lingerie Show On The Sopranos

I know most of you have probably seen this—either on the net or on TV—but I couldn’t let this slip through our kinky, slimy hands. I’ve had these sitting on Photobucket (by the way, pleasae sign up for an account) for a few days now, so enjoy the caps below. Also, you can watch the video here if your work allows you to watch tasteful videos of hotties dancing in their undies. Ow!

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