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Adrianne Palicki vs Odette Yustman – A Bastardly South Beach Matchup!

Ok, both of these women are obviously super hot, so there’s no question about that…

If sleeping w/ both women @ the same time was not an option, you’d have to choose one, so the question I propose to the Lesbo & Horndogg communities is simple: Who would you take for a ride if given the opportunity?

The Bastardly Take
Ok, since I gotta call it like it is, here’s my theory. At first look, I instantly fell for Odette, but upon further inspection of the pics in which the two beauties are dancing, I saw that Odette looked painfully frail & definitely not the type to really get down. Just by lookin @ still photos of Adrianne, you can tell this girl can shake the bod on the dance floor & we all know that freakiness-in-bed-potential greatly multiplies w/ increased dancing abilities. So, my choice is totally based on the fact that Adrianne has a little more meat on her bones & that she has a high freakiness potential rating. In answering the question above, I would break rule #1 & do everything humanly possible to simultaneously bag both chicks. I’ll be right back…I think I hear the screeching sound of my bastard alarm clock.

Side note: You can bet your ass that I’ll be setting my Tivo for South Beach!!!

Pharrell Williams Crosses Tracks In Karolina Kurkova Territory

This comes from the April, 2006 Vogue Mag

Pharrell Williams loves the white meat. He models w/ super hot women, his new video features the ultra white G. Stefani, so what’s next?

At least he’s following in the footsteps of other successful black men & using his fame & fortune as currency for sex w/ some of the hottest pieces of asses on the planet. Rock on, man.

Check out Pharrell’s new video, Can I Have It Like That, below.

Coco vs Coralie Eichholtz/Robinson – Bastardly Matchup!


Ok, the idea here is to choose the most skyza lady.

1. Coco – Grade school name = Nicole Austin. She’s currently Ice T’s woman who he prances around in ultra-tight & super scandalous attire at award shows and in front of his neighborhood mini-mart when he’s in need of some quick cash.
2. Coralie Eichholtz/RobinsonHer website explicitly says she goes by both last names, so don’t think I’m weird or anything. She apparently gives great hugs b/c she got some editor @ Loaded magazine to declare her the 3rd sexiest woman in the world. She’s a British flavored hottie who appears in scandalous sections of the country’s various man-tabloids.

Ok, with those tasty backgrounds, please review the photos below & declare the winner! Mariah Carey is a dirty, conniving whore, so she was disqualified. Sorry, Mariah fans.

CONFIRMED: Gisele Bundchen Worth More Than $15 Mil/year

Today’s a real good day for models. We learned…

1. Adriana Lima is a virgin
2. Alessandra Ambrosio & Adriana partake in supermodel lesbian sex
3. Yes, can you believe it?!? Adriana Lima is a hot Brazilian in the modeling industry & apparently, up until this morning, no rich designer, real estate mogul or run-of-the-mill tycoon has tapped her ass!! Amazing! Who will be the lucky man?!!?!?!??!!!!?!

Aside from that news, get ready for a few snaps of Gisele lookin’ absolutely Waaaahbaaam! These appear to be a little old, but age of photos has never stopped us from posting them. Respect.

Before I close, I have to quote certain commenters on this post who took shots @ our Gisele. Kindly comment w/ your apologies below. Only then will you be forgiven.

i have always found her to be a bit “masculineâ€? for my taste…now i know that seems crazy to say, but she doesn’t exude femininity and mystery to me…she always looks like she’s pissed off too, that’s just not helping. And she has no curves (fake boobies aside..but proving my point that she needed the help)..she has no real hips and in all her VS ads her hips are like a boys’. She’s ok, but nothing terribly special. She lucked out with the whole “Brazilianâ€? trend. I think Petra or Adrianna are much more beautiful and ooze that “feminine mystiqueâ€?

The body is hot the face is not.

The body is HOT!

I don’t fully understand her appeal either. She’s got nice boobs (I know they’re not real, but they’re good anyway) but I’ve always thought her body was a bit too straight up-and-down. I also don’t think her face is anything special; it looks like the face of a hard Hungarian peasant (I know she’s from Brazil) in candid pics.

That’s why I don’t understand why she is VS’s favorite model when they have the uber gorgeous Adriana Lima and that one chick that’s in the new push-up bra commercials. Anyway, check out them toes on page 3, they’re like, 7 inches long. Yowza.

She does look pretty elegant in a lot of her pics and she does have a nice presence, so I guess that’s what’s most important. I’m not calling her ugly, just saying that I’ve seen much better. To each his own, I suppose.

Amazing eye! Those nips are barely noticeable.

she’s a tall beanpole with fake boobs with an unusualâ€? exoticâ€? features . why is she considered attractive.

Shiri Appleby – Katherine Heigl wasn’t the only hottie on Roswell

You know we love post to Katherine Heigl looking all fine on the red carpet nowadays since she’s on Grey’s Anatomy and that show has so much success. However, must we forget about Shiri Appleby being on Roswell too? I actually was more into Shiri than Katherine the few times I caught that show….I’m pulling for a big return from Shiri…what does she need to do? Get naked on camera???

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