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Vanessa Marcil, Molly Sims, Nikki Cox – Las Vegas Bastardly Matchup

So it really sucks that Las Vegas is being pre-empted by the Winter Olympics of which I’ve watched none of it at all…

This is one of those matchups where if it was like Let’s Make A Deal and I had to choose and take whatever was behind doors 1, 2, or 3; I wouldn’t at all be disappointed. However, in a perfect world any guy would be all like, “Uh….I’ll take’em all.” No shit, but that’s not an option here. Trust me, I’d love to daydream the “all 3” scenario…

Jodie Marsh Needs A Nose Job. Again.

Jodie Marsh did an event for PETA in London yesterday, but I remain confused. I don’t understand why PETA associates their organization with these huge-boobied women?! Are they trying to capture the elusive horndogg demographic or what?!

FYI to PETA: Guys who look at Pam Anderson & Jodie are only after one thing—skankilicious meat (and they want to beat their own meat, as well), so in a sense by parading these PETA whores, you’re essentially feeding these guys the type of meat they love & moreover, you allow them to use & abuse their own meat. It all sounds a little hypocritical, if you ask me…

And now, here are pics of Jodie directing traffic away from face.

Karima Adebibe Is The New Lara Croft! Holy God!!

After Googling her name, I realized that Kareeems seriously got a huge break w/ this Lara Croft gig. What exactly was her last flick, you ask? She had a minor role in Aliens vs Predetor back in ’04. So with that in hand, you can bet your ass that there’s some lucky executive(s) getting to see & taste a lot of Karima’s smokin’ body. Damn bastard.

Anyway, here are the first promo shots of her looking ruthlessly sexy as Lara Croft. Women, boobs & guns. Ow!!

Liza Weil & Her Boobilicious Assets In ‘Film Geek’

Not that anyone will notice, but Liza’s damn name is misspelled on the pic. Faaack!

After viewing the trailer, it appears that Film Geek is another one of those Napoleon Dynamite-esque flick where the main character is monotone & has no life (except for movies, but everything changes when he meets a girl and then blah blah (the usual coming of age bullshit). All in all, it looks pretty entertaining & best of all, it released on DVD just a week back!

As for Ms. Weil, I think her boobs are just a marketing ploy to get the horndoggs to rent the flick. The trick worked. Damn them.

Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson: Sexually Assaulted In Japan!

I seriously had no idea that the Japanese were into WWF!? I mean, wrestling seems like something so wild & over the edge, but then it hit me…The Japanese love the women of wrestling & could careless about the sport.

Stacy Keibler looks waaahbaaamistically hot in these pics, but Torrie Wilson looks more like your typical ho w/ huge boobs—basically very unattractive & bland. Come to think of it, Torrie was actually hurting Stacy’s hotness due to her close proximity. The WWF should take notice.

Anyway, I want to close w/ saying that the Japanese are horny people….

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