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A Laker Girls Sex Video? All Bastardly Fingers & Toes Are Crossed!!

Get ready to waste 2-3 minutes of your life reading complete bullshit.

First off, everyone should know that I’m a true optimist when it comes to hot girls wanting a piece of me & of course, the existence of sex videos (especially those starring super hot women).

So, W/ that in hand, for someone to do such a detailed search tells me that it had to be a causal impulse.

Sex Video Search Causality Explained
Here’s how it works: A friend made a sex video w/ a bunch of Laker Girls (fingers & toes crossed) then he told a close friend who told his friend who told another friend who told two other friends who told some horndogg geek who turned around & Googled the delicious search terms, “Lakers Girls Sex Video.” That, my friends, is the Bastardly theory behind this search.

Bastardly Conclusion: Laker Girl(s) Sex Video Exists (don’t ask us how we came to this conclusion—just close your eyes & think of the possibilities…)

Now that we know such a video exists, a few questions naturally come to mind.

1. How many Laker girls are involved?
2. How long is it?
3. Apart from Kobe Bryant, who else is involved?
4. Is it set in the locker room or is it straight up porno-style & on the practice courts @ the Staples Center?
5. Since Kobe Bryant is involved, does that mean there are also some ghetto cleaning ladies & laundry women involved?

Just incase such a tape turns up, say hello-hello to the 2005-2006 Laker Girls…

Bastardly Body Double: Naomi & Adriana Lima

You thought I was done…okay, seriously, this is the last of the backlog of last week. Obviously I’m still trying to catch up from the weekend out of town.

So I thought I’d make a little more equal playing field on this one and find a pic where Adriana is not completely all dolled-up already and the photos haven’t been put through photoshop magic.

Naomi writes, “I’m not going to say I’m prettier than her but I have a slight resemblence.”

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