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Sexy Tera Patrick Spreads Porn Juice @ The 2006 Grammys

Ok, is it just me or has porn become somewhat mainstream? I mean, the Grammys is watched by everybody & their grandma & for porn stars to show up in such events, it really proves that the adult industry is seriously a huge part of our current generation.

Then again, w/in the last 3-4 years, we’ve all been exposed to countless suicide bombings (on TV) and awful videos of real, fucking people being beheaded by way of another man chopping away w/ his trusty machete. In the face of that shit, porn is child’s play.

On that note, let’s look at some super hot pics of Mistress Patrick. I wonder who got a piece of her on Thursday night…?! My money’s on Jamie Foxx.

Salma Hayek Does a Body Good

I find it very boring to have to be skinny all the time. It bores me and makes me bitchy. And yet in Hollywood it’s okay if you’re a bitch – as long as you’re skinny! “A lot of these girls who spend so much time trying to be skinny – everyone is complaining about them. They don’t make people feel good about themselves.”

Hmmm…I wonder who she could be talking about?

How hot is that? Not only is she gorgeous but she’s also not concerned about her weight.
Every girl I know including myself, are all completely enamored of her and think she’s hot shit. Enjoy the wanking material!

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Playboy’s Super Bowl / Hookup Party! Hiromi In Da House!!!

There’s just no way you can attend one of these and not get laid. Ok, ok, homosexuality would be the only roadblock keep you from scandalously venturing between smooth Playmate thighs. Let’s pause for a second & catch our breath…

One one thing before I close: If anyone has invites to a Playboy Mansion party, please do email us. Free advertising, tees and drugs will be at your feet!!

The Scarlett Johansson’s 2006 Media Blitz

Scarlett on the cover of UK’s Elle Mag

The media’s power is amazing, man. They’re currently in the “we love Scarlett so much right now that we’d eat nachos off her dirty patnties” phase. In six to nine months? “Scarlett sleeps w/ Tommy Lee & has a secret coke & alcohol addiction!!”

Fame…you gotta love it, baby!!

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