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Jay Leno Is A Horny Bastard: Eva Longoria Edition

Eva longoria was on Leno a couple months back to do some sexual PR. She sexed up Leno & made other members of the opposite sex w/ money & an adequate network well-aware of her sexual intentions. Basically, if they scratch her back (by way of giving her quality roles), she’ll allow them to ride her backside in return. In Eva Longwhoria’s world, the currency of sex has tremendous buying power, so look out!

Anyway, in this edition of Jay Leno Is A Horny Bastard, Jay manages to swindle his penis inside STD infested Eva


Orgasmic Jenna Jameson & Jenny McCarthy Are Kinky Bitches!

First, some juicy background from the Howard Stern show last week:

Then they [Jenny & Jenna] met again at an event at the Hard Rock where both of them were hired to host a Halloween party. Jenna said that they were dressed as the devil and an angel. Howard said he had to beat off after hearing that. Jim said he had clear stuff coming out of his dick.

Howard asked Jenna how she and Jenny finally hooked up. She told Howard that they went into some secluded booths that they had there at the Hard Rock. They were in the booth and Jenny looked over at her with her legs apart. She went over to her and messed around with her hands. They did that for hours and both of them came. Jenna said it was their last time seeing each other. She said that Jenny is a really sexy girl. Howard didn’t know that she went both ways like that. [Adult Film Star Jenna Jameson Visits. 02/01/06. 7:50am, Marksfriggin]

W/ that in hand, here are the scandalous pics from last year’s orgasmic Halloween party @ the Hard Rock.

2006 Lingerie Bowl III: Hot Women & Tackle Football. Yum.

This year’s halftime show? Rolling Stones. Didn’t they do it last year, too?! Oh wait, that was Paul McCartney, right?

Whoever does the show, don’t expect to see any boobies popping out & even if a boob or two manages to sneak through, you’ll probably never see it on TV b/c ABC plans on a 5-second delay. 5 seconds, man! Can you believe these paranoid people?!? That’s an eternity in the nipple exposure world, I tell you.

So, basically what I’m trying to get @ here is to let all you horndoggs know that you should really consider screwing the Stones & switching over to Pay-Per-View for the Lingerie Bowl III. This year’s event is being hosted by Jenny McCarthy & Cindy Margolis. It features Real World prostitute, Trishelle Cannatella as QB for the NY Euphoria, Katherine Thom, Katie Lohmann, Ryan Star & other hot women tackling each other while they wear next to nothing.

Here’s a Bastardly sampler platter from this year’s Lingerie Bowl media day held last week featuring some of the babes mentioned above.

Jordana Brewster: Mixing Sluttiness & Respectability!

W/ this type of outfit, Jordana Brewster‘s really sending mixed signals in the business where well-timed sex & a little money can make you or break you. Since we’re already in middle of award-show season, we’re really hopeful that Jordana can decide whether she wants to ho it up (recommended) or walk the conservative path. BUT, attempting to simultaneously do both can seriously confuse horny directors & producers w/ those precious, deep pockets. Since there are a lot of chicks desperate for fame & fortune (@ the (small) price of sexing up old money), sending mixed signals is just as good as not sending any signals at all.

So, w/ those wise words in hand, here are a few more pics of Ms. Brewster unsuccessfully attempting to mix oil & water in the world of scandalous Hollywood fashion.

Oksana Mazurovsky – A Bastardly Interview

Photos courtesy of Oksana Mazurovsky

Oksana Mazurovsky’s bio starts “I was born in the Ukraine”…yeah, that was enough for us to know that we had to interview this Eastern European hottie. Don’t be fooled by her beauty…Oksana knows how to handle an M-16 and could probably beat you up if you tried to get a little too fresh with her…but also will do wonders shaping your eyebrows. Military training aside, Oksana’s sexiness catches your eye and you can see more at!!!

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