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Mya Harrison Gives Carson Daly A Lap Dance On MTV!!

Name: Bull Clinton

The title is misleading… I was hoping to see booty! 🙁

Posted Feb 13, 12:14 AM [Sheryl Crow’s Single Booty @ The Grammys]

Mr. Clinton, I think we have some booty for you…Remember to go over to before going into wankmode b/c the Bastardly practices the No Wanking On Site Policy.

I don’t exactly how this transpired, but @ the end of it all, Carson Daly ended up on some stage w/ Mya giving him some crazzzy lap dance. It’s great to see that if the singing thing ever falls through for Mya, she’ll have an amazing career as a stripper awaiting her on the sidelines (I’ll be waiting on the sidelines for you, too!!). Let’s keep our fingers crossed…

So yes, w/ that in hand, here’s the official tally of people whose careers we want to topple & the our scandalous reasons why…

1. Jessica Alba: Already sucks @ acting, but we’re praying that all her upcoming movies miserably flop so that one day, in the very near future while J’s still in her prime, she’s forced to do Playboy.

2. Jennifer Love Hewitt: Her career has already bit the dust, but she refuses to realize it. Get w/ the program & let’s see the goods, Jenny!!!

3. And now, Mya: She is just so damn hot!!! God! I think Mya’s packin’ double the hottness of Christina Milian & we already know that Christina’s wankably hot herself. I think a Bastardly Matchup is in order…. Anyway, I digress. We would like Mya’s career to come crashing to the ground b/c then she’d be forced to work at some random Vegas strip club (preferably Cheetahs!!)—of course, such a monumentous event would cause all hell to break loose at our nation’s airports as all heterosexual males w/ some dispossable income will be heading to Sin City for a ride on the Mya Mobile. Ow!!!!!

Now for tons of photos of Mya making Carson Daly go crazy

Hot Piece of the Week: Andy Roddick

I’m such a whore for hot and tanned athletes. Andy Roddick is one of my favorites because he’s what defines the young, hot, tanned, athletic type. I really don’t dig pretty boy types all that much. I like my mens to be a little rugged on the outside. The type where you think they might actually stink but they really don’t. Andy has just the right amount of tennis bad boy and cockiness in him that gets me all hot and moist. Currently, Maria Sharapova is the one getting this nice piece.
I bet he’s well hung too.

Damn you, Maria!!

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