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Sexy Victoria Beckham Survives Skiing In Baqueira, Spain

This lady is seriously giving the the sport of skiing a bad wrap, but I gotta admit, Poshie’s lookin’ damn hot while doing it!!! True, the huge nose is a slight distraction, but come on now!!

Also, the entire leather get-up is an excellent combination of absurdity & sexiness—a very rare combo, mind you. You just know the cocky football-whore walked into some ski equipment store & said, “Show me your most expensive suit.”

Enjoy the pics.

Keira Knightley and Kisses For A Cause

I can’t go off and make fun of Keira Knightley since these pics are from Kisses For A Cause and she’s doing a good thing and you know us here at The Bastardly are all about caring too. So instead, I guess I’d pick fun at the other people in the pics from this set since they are obviously not as hot as Keira.

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