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Bai Nipple Ling Partying Like It's Chinese New Year!

What’s worse? More Porn Star photos from this month’s AVN Expo in Vegas or crazy pics of Bai Ling?

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If I had a choice of who to party it up w/, I’d grab my brown bag & rush over to Bai Ling’s corner. There’s no question about it.

Here’s my lame justification: The probability of Bai Ling having AIDS, Clap, Herpes, etc, etc is far less than those shady porn stars. I know Bai Ling must get around, but her main black book of sexual clients includes rich directors & producers—not people who make a living by having sex w/ random people each day of the week.

Ok, enough useless talk! Here are the picccaaas!

Beautiful Petra Nemcova Visits Her Indian Friends!

I don’t know about you guys, but the mere sight of Petra Nemcova’s cheery face brings a smile to my face. These photos have been collecting dust inside my comp for a while now, but if I remember correctly, they come from an opening of an Indian-themed spa (don’t know what this entails). I’m sure she wringed plenty of dough for her Happy Hearts Fund from the super loaded, so whatever the event, @ the end of the day, it was for a good cause.

Donate some dough & enjoy the pics!

Adrianne Curry's Porn Connection: Ron Jeremy! Bring It!

So yes, my friends, @ the Radio Music Awards last month, Adrianne Curry & her Brady Love took part in some healthy pornetworking w/ Porn King himself, Ron Jeremy! From the looks of these pics, it appears they might have struck a juicy deal starring the former Top Model winner.

W/ that in hand, what could be possible names for a porno starring Adrianne Curry & Christopher Knight? I know there are some dirty, creative people out there, so sound off!!

To help you think, here are a few more scandalous picas from this eventful night!

Jennifer Love Hewitt & The Playboy Trump Card

Everyone in the industry knows that if everything’s failing from a career standpoint (JLH- Check) & there are millions of horny guys who are dying to see your naked bod ((JLH- Double Check), then using the Playboy Trump Card (given once per lifetime to hot women w/ limited Hollywood potential) is an obvious option!!

W/ that in hand, there’s plenty of scandalous speculation involving Jennifer Love Hewitt & her naked bod being plastered all over an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine. Since all this is coming straight from the bullshitting masters @ Star Magazine, don’t jump to conclusions & start thinking about scheduling a JLH-Wankathon Day all too soon. [Bastardly Prayer: Please God, turn this speculation into reality. Amen]

Before I close, let’s make a small prayer that J. Alba’s career falls apart (soon, while she’s in her God damn prime!!) & she will need to use the Playboy Trump Card, as well. Amen.

Jenifer – Hot French Singer @ NRJ Music Awards In Cannes

France has done it again, my friends! Merci, Merci!!

First we had the mouthwatering anchorwoman, Melissa Theuriau & now the super hot musician, Jenifer (no last name & only one ‘n’)! This bombshell showed up @ the NRJ Music Awards in France over the weekend looking very delicious. Even after a 30 second Google’ing session, there’s not much I know about Jenifer except…

1. She has amazing-amazing breasteseses
2. She’s hot
3. She’s French (& therefore, possibly hairy in the all wrong places—I don’t mind)
4. She likes to drink (going by probability)
5. She Sings (and hopefully dances in extremely skimpy clothing)

Maybe some of you Jenifer fans can sound off w/ links to scandalous photos, a brief bio, sound clips, etc.

In the meantime, here are a few more pics from over the weekend!

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