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Bai Ling Passes Carpet Whoring Baton To Danni Rai!!

For the past couple events, Bai Ling has failed to show a nipple, her stomach or anything for that matter, so we’re officially calling the downfall of Bai Ling posts on The Bastardly. Oh, wait, I think I feel a tear coming…

Ok, let’s bring our attention to the pictures @ hand. This is a very interesting set of photos showing the state of the Red Carpet Whoring industry (@ the Grammy’s case, it’s Green Carpet Whoring). Danni Rai literally comes out from nowhere and puts on a stripperesque ghetto-booty show for the press. Let’s hope the right people were watching b/c I’m sure once Danni gets her booty behind closed doors w/ the right person(s), she knows exactly how to get the job done.

Although her dress reminds me of some tip-top Atlantic City whore (actually, I don’t know if whores would wear something so revealing), I think she looks pretty damn hot. The dress doesn’t beat around the bush b/c its sole job was to show off Ms. Rai’s main asset: THE GHETTO BOOTY!! Let’s just say it was a juicy success. Ow!

Ok, here are a few pics of Danni Rai doin’ her thaaang. Let’s hope Colin Farrell takes this one for a quickie ride soon…

Jessica Alba In Playboy: Holy Son Of A Bitch! There Is A God!!

Some Swedish tabloid (ok, you can stop reading now…) claims that Jessica Alba will be featured in an upcoming issue of Playboy. If you can read the language, check this article. Please translate for us—just lie to us & tell us all of it is true.

I remain very skeptical about it all, but nevertheless, I will definitely remember to make a small prayer before dinner & bedtime in hopes that something may bear fruit from all these cruel-cruel rumors.

May God have mercy on horny people.


Kelly Clarkson’s Predicament: Look Sexy Or Be Happy?

Coming from the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party

What’s the price of happiness? Well, in Kelly Clarkson’s case, it means lookin’ pretty damn messed up. It almost looks like she’s chewing tobacco or something b/c she only shows her top teeth.

Full Disclosure: Ok, this is a pretty useless post & done only to pay homage to Kelly’s strained rack. Her boobs look like they could use some help…from my mouth! hah. Ok, bad joke.

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