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Bai Ling vs Ziyi Zhang: A Fobbed Out Bastardly Match Up!

So yes, this match up was inevitable, so if you had a choice to spend one day (and possibly a night), who would it be? Here are the scandalous facts:

1. One makes her country proud by doing Chinese oriented flicks, while the other was on the cover of Playboy & shot porno scenes in front of an audience for VH1’s But Can They Sing?
2. Ms Zhang dresses fairly conservatively and Bai Ling can’t seem to keep her long nipples in their cage @ various award shows.

The Classic Ice-Cream Comparison
If Ziyi Zhang & Bai Ling were ice-cream flavors, I’d have to say that Bai Ling would be double-chocolate-tripple-brownie-chunkie-rocky-road. As for Ziyi Zhang? Vanilla.

I’m sorry, people, but I’d have to choose Bai Ling between the two fobbers, only because she’d be a blast to be around. She’s kinky, free-spirited and can sing the great hits (in bed)!! Apart from a simple brownbag for her head if things happen to go down & we have to turn down the lights, what more could you possibly want from a woman?

Here are a few more pics of both women to help make your decision-making easier.

Sexy Kari Ann Peniche Gettin' Dirty With Real World Nehemiah

One of our investigative reporters (yes, they are all over the place, so be wary) caught a few lovely pics of the beautiful Kari Ann Peniche of Miss Rebellious Teen USA & Playboy fame. We’re in the process of getting a nice interview with this scrumptious beauty, so we’ll be sure to ask a few questions linked to this minor incident. In the day & age of going out one week & getting engaged the next, a little making out, groping & sleeping around is absolutely minors!!! No worries, Kari Ann!

Our anonymous emailer wrote in with these conniving words:

I caught Kari Ann Peniche Miss Teen USA Playboy model out at a club in Corvalis Oregon enter with MTV Austin Real World Neimiah… they were tearing it upon the dance floor and making out the entire time! It was almost disgusting to watch they were all over each other! But the thing is her boyfriend Portland Club PromoterJB (also photo’s attatched) had no idea because he was in Portland only 40 miles aways! I’m sure he’ll know now! [Scandalous Reporter]

There are a couple more pics below—one’s with her current boyfriend that was apparently taken @ another time, as mentioned above. Now, how did this emailer get a photo of Kari Ann w/ her man?! This entire email obvious sounds pretty damn shady, but we’re posting it anyway b/c Kari Ann is super cute & useless gossip that probably 90% of you don’t give a shit about is always fun to have, right?

Kinky Adrianne Curry Signs On With Playboy Magazine!

Damn Hef, as well!!

The bastard’s gonna get a taste of another amazing piece of ass! Actually, I saw a piece of last week’s Larry King interview with Hef & his blonde bitches & I gotta say, the guy tells it like it is. He appeared to be an extremely honest guy—I guess when you’re openly dating three women, there’s really no reason to lie about anything.

Anyway, some horny dude on the CNDB (Celeb Nudity Database) claims there’s info in the December Playboy that says Adrianne Curry will be in February’s issue. I’m very curious as she is super kinky & sexy (in a truly Bastardly way).

So that leaves Christopher Knight (alias: Peter Brady). Is this an attempt to cash in on his new wife or what?! He is truly a very lucky bastard as I’m sure Adrianne is a wild animal in bed. Damn you, Peter Brady, damn you!!

Sources for some of the photos:

* Yeeeah Blog
* A Socialite Life’s Life

Here’s a tribute to Adrianne Curry’s kinky hottness.

Bastardly Poll: The Latinos Win & The Annoying People Poll

The Latinos were clearly the winners, but obviously, the poll was immensely flawed & people have sounded off quite nicely on this other post. We’ve taken the comments into consideration & have decided to do individual polls from each region of the world in an attempt to A) figure out where the hottest people live around the globe & B) help make our traveling decisions much easier.

Once the Most Annoying People Poll ends in a few weeks, I’ll start off w/ countries in the Far East & then move westward. Please make any suggestions you may have in the comments area below.

Even though the results are a bit confusing to interpret, you gotta admit, North Americans (our main demographic) love Latinos, Indians, & most ironically, the mysterious Middle Easterners.

Eri Moriyama – A Bastardly Interview

Photos courtesy of Eri Moriyama

Eri Moriyama is one damn sexy woman. I know you all would expect me to say some witty one-liner but I’m speechless. She’s caught your attention touring the nation with Pepsi Street Motion at Hot Import Nights and comes to us from our favorite group of Prestigious Models. As we wait for the launch of her official website,, be sure to check out the latest on Eri at her Myspace and Yahoo Groups!

Delicious Ball Girls From Tennis Heaven

My God!

Looking at these pics got me thinking about watching tennis…I haven’t watched a quality tennis match ever since that one 5-setter in the quarter finals of the US Open in which a puking, staggering Pete Sampras went on to win against Alex Corretja (this guy was amazing!). See pics & read about the match here.

As for the ball girls (the real topic of this post): I don’t recall ever thinking there was any hotness in the ball girl industry. I just assumed they were super young or too petite for my own tastes, but these photos below happily contradicted that theory.

1 3,647 3,648 3,649 3,650 3,651 3,671