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Gung Hee Fat Choy!!! Love, Hsu Chi

Yes all, Happy Chinese New Year!!! For those lucky ones who’ll be receiving your lucky red envelopes, hope you make bank on that.

Now here we have Hsu Chi (also credited as Shu Qi). Not as whorish as our favorite Bai Ling but another one of my country’s women…woo hoo!!!

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The Slutting & Whoring Of Chinese New Year In London

Last night’s Chinese New Year party @ Royal Courts Of Justice thrown by Andy & Patti Wong turned into a Jordan Whoring Session. She attended the bash w/ her musician hubs/pimp, Peter Andre. After seeing these pics, I’m forced to pity him.

I know this will upset horndog Jordan fans out there, but I gotta say it like it is. It’s pretty obvious that Jordan falls into that unique category of chicks that you do not touch when it comes to marriage. I mean, I’m sure she has a great heart & an amazing personality, but do you really want a woman w/ quadruple Ds raising your kids & mingling w/ relatives?! Call me conservative, but this exclusive Fuck & Chuck Category is reserved for women like Coco Lee, Jordan, Pam Anderson, & Mariah Carey, just to name a few.

Anyway, here’s a set of whored out Jordan pics, followed by a batch of some other hotties in attendance.

Melissa Smith – A Bastardly Interview

Photos courtesy of Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith is one damn talented girl that’s on the move. Now I know I proclaimed by bias towards the girls from season one on Making the Band 3 but I most definitely have to give much respect and admiration to the lovely Melissa. We obviously know that she can sing and dance but the skills don’t stop just there. In addition to being a talent actress, I really wanna get in on some of her good ol’ home cooked chicken parmesan. Watch out for more of Melissa and find out the latest at….and of course, she’s got a Myspace page too!!!

Jessica Alba's Sweet Ass From Ass Heaven

It appears that J. Alba has trapped Cash Warren in between the depths of her sweaty thighs. Ok, time to take a down a glass of ice-cold water

Ok. W/ that in hand, let’s review J. Alba’s & C. Warren’s daily schedule when Ms. Alba’s not busy making one of her blockbuster busts

1. Wake up late, tired after a long night of sex
2. Lay in bed while Cash plays around w/ Jessica Alba’s naked bod
3. Brunch
4. Beach [if it’s a secluded beach, have sex)
5. Head back to pad or hotel & have sex until dinner
6. Dinner
7. Long night of crazy sex
8. Sleep late after having sex

Once again, damn you, Cash!!!

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