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Eva Longoria Givin' Yoga Lessons For Life Mag

Life magazine’s (I seriously thought they went out of business like 10 years ago) latest issue includes snaps of Eva doing some yoga. Hmm. Seems like a desperate attempt to sell some magazines. Although I have to admit, it’s an ingenious plan by their marketing department. I might just have to hit up Barnes & Noble to check this one out over a nice, hot cappuccino.

Also, along w/ the Life magazine photos, there are a few paparazzi photos of the same shoot. There are some nice ones, so don’t miss em! Eva is lookin’ pretty good for being almost 30!

A note to all girls out there: Screw Atkins & get your booties signed up for Yoga classes! Please send us before/after photos. Like always, we’ll do expert analysis on your bod!

Sweetest Ass "Conference"

Ms Desert Sun

Straight from their schedule of events:

Arrival – You will be met at Phoenix Sky Harbor International�s baggage claim area by pre-arranged transportation and driven in a comfortable vehicle to the James Hotel�s impressive entry court. The models will greet you with a lei and a tropical beverage as the bellmen and front desk breeze you through check in. You may then join other attendees at the �J� bar or poolside for complimentary cocktails or retire to your room to rest up for the evening reception and cocktail party.

6:00 pm – Follow 75 models to the poolside cocktail reception. Relax and chat with the girls. Our Hosts will say a few words while you eat and work up a complimentary buzz.

8:00 pm – The evening�s final destination will be announced and the group will venture to valet and board transportation to the special event.

After Hours What happens in Scottsdale, stays in Scottsdale.

Conference my ass! Talk about fucking scandalous!!

So what exactly is this Ms. Desert Sun thing? Well, on the site, it’s tagged as the “Ultimate weekend forum for internet traffic & marketing professionals.” So that basically covers your run-of-the-mill spammers & 90% of all nerdy webmasters out there. Lucky bastards!

For all of you who just clicked over to the site, you probably just found out this babefest (more like milfish strippers) of a conference is not free (yes, damn capitalism!). Then again, they give a $200 discount to those who register early, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be so bad considering the entire thing revolves around a bikini contest & puckering up with hot chicks all weekend, right?

Very Shady Operation!

Yes, shady in that I feel this conference is merely a front for either a huge, undercover whorehouse or one big bachelor party. I just can’t see it being a place where I’d exchange biz cards with another geek who you know has dirty thoughts floating around in his head. It’s more of a place where you’re trying to figure out who you want to sleep with now that the wifie is not around. We live in a super scandalous society, so everything’s game, baby!

Now, let’s check out some photos from previous events. I swear, these chicks are all strippers! It’s so damn obvious.

For Jackson: 1st-Runner-up, Ms. Hong Kong, 2004

Say Ni-hau-ma to Queenie Chu Wai Man

While I was a college student in the United States, I worked different part-time jobs. Not only did this help pay for my college tuition, it allowed me to get to know the language and culture there better. Those jobs provided me with unique experiences, but the most interesting job I’ve had was an internship I did last summer at a local Hong Kong television station as a news reporter. I studied Political Communication in college, so this was a fascinating experience that gave me the opportunity to see first hand how the media worked. It also provided me with a chance to meet many government officials in Hong Kong, which made it very special. [Ms World 2004]

What were those part-time jobs, Queenie?! Typical pageant answer.

Well, she sounds very motivated & is smart enough to know where the real power resides in society. Hmm. I wonder why all the officials took time out of their day to meet with Queenie…

We wish her the best of luck!

Future Female Politicians, Docs, & Teachers Going Pee – Pee

What do college girls do when they get drunk? Apart from sleeping around, making sex-videos, puking, girls also get their photo taken on the pooper by trusty friends who later use the photos as blackmail material! The result? A truly Bastardly collection of Girls Going Pee photos!

[There is no nudity in these photos, so all you 10-year old Vietnamese boys can browse freely! Just try to do it when your parents are not in the room because you’ll probably get a Asian-style beat down.]

Big Screen Eva!

Wow, too hot of a scene.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. With Eva sleeping around with directors, sweet talkin’ the right people @ the right award shows & literally wringing the fame she has goin’ with ‘Wives, she’s creating opportunities for herself. Keep it up, Eva! Capture the big dogs under your Latino Web of Love.

The latest opportunity comes with Harsh Times, a low-budget flick directed by Training Day & S.W.A.T director, David Ayer.

The story, set in South Central Los Angeles, revolves around two men (Christian Bale, Freddy Rodriguez) in their 20s. Longoria will play Rodriguez’s girlfriend. Shooting is scheduled to begin Dec. 20.
Bale, in theaters with “The Machinist”, next stars in “Batman Begins”. Rodriguez has been nominated for an Emmy for his work on HBO’s “Six Feet Under”. [Empire Movies]

This movie is flush with opportunities. First off, Christian Bale is huge! A few nights with him & only God knows who’ll be callin’ Eva next! Plus, since this is a low-budget flick, it naturally represents tremendous opportunity for success @ the box-office. I guess only time will tell�

Eva Longoria & Usher To Do Music Video

Eva @ Award Show
Straight from VH1’s Big in 04 Awards to be aired Sunday evening

In a recent story run on People Magazine’s website, Eva reveals that Usher actually has a brain & has no immediate plans to cast his over-exposed, voilent-hag of a girlfriend in any of his videos. He’s stickin’ with what’s hot & Eva’s hot, baby!

I’m involved in Usher’s newest video, which premieres New Year’s Eve as well, on ABC. I’m excited about that. It’s going to be like a 22-minute video. Remember how long the ‘Thriller’ video was, like a whole story? That’s what Usher’s doing, and I’m the girl in the story. [People]

Unless Eva plans to strip down to her panties, I just can’t see modern kids sitting still for 22 minutes! Only Michael Jackson can pull that off, baby.

Since you must purchase subscription to read the entire story, I’ll paste it in the next page for you cheapos.

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