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Freaky Hotness @ The Deuce Bigalow Party

Jodie Marsh knows how to spice things up. This Brit tabloid chick was flown in to whore up the excitement level (apart from servicing rich dudes in London, the tabs are pretty much all she’s known for, by the way). Ow!

Oh, by the way, her sweatshirt reads: Don’t you wish ur girlfriend was a freak like me?

Here are a few from last night’s partaay.

Bastardly Interview: Kaila Yu

Photos courtesy of Kaila Yu

So I didn’t tell Kaila that she was my first import model crush…yup, can’t deny it…I remember Import Tuner!!! It was this pic that made me a fan…and now I got to do a Bastardly Interview with her!!! Sorry folks, but the modeling has taken a backseat to the launch of her true passion of singing. Be sure to check out and take a listen at some of hot tracks….and you can’t forget about the original for even more heat!

Evangeline Lilly & Dominic Monaghan Party It Up!

Dominic Monaghan is pretty much in the same boat as Cash Warner. The former hobbit has also found a way to use his fame & money to sleep w/ extremely hot women. Good for you, man!

So many of you will ask, how’s it’s possible for Dominic Monaghan to be straight & Elle Wood* to be gay? Very simple, my friends. Evangeline Lilly*. I’m sure there are bisexual hotties who wouldn’t mind spending some quality sexualtime w/ Elle—even though it might involve a lot of anal sex.

1.Elijah Wood.
2.We await your rebuttal, Elle Wood Fans.

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren Sex It Up On The Beach (Again)

Even though I have no idea what the hell the guy does, I gotta give Cash Warren props for bagging a hottie like J. Alba. Seriously, man. The guy is in sexual heaven every freakin’ day of his bastardly life.

I think I need to change my name into something like “ExtraLongPenis” or something b/c the name is obviously a large part of the get-into-bed-or-into-the-ocean-naked-with-hot-chicks equation…

Once again, damn you, Cash!

Here are a few photos of the two on the beach.

Insect Richie & Mischa Barton

I gotta admit, I’m usually not into Mischa Boxface, but she’s lookin’ mighty skinny & hot in these pics! All girls should weight 23lbs & wear sexy bikinis!

What’s the scoop with these two chicks anyway? It’s possible Mischa’s tapping Nicole for some consulting services before purchasing a new pair of shades…? Or maybe this is just some sad excuse for a photo-op?

Regardless, here are a few more snaps.

Cosabella Mare @ The 2005 Miami Swim Show

Talk about sexy! So what if the summer is gone in the States. It’s the perfect excuse for all you hot mommas to deck your sexy bods in the latest in bikini fashion & travel to beautiful spots in the Caribbean to show it off to all the horny guys.

If that’s too much, you can just take photos of yourself in your favorite bikini & direct them over here.

Anyway, take a good look at some of these styles & go on a shopping spree over here!

Kelly Monaco Talks Shady Boyfriend On Howard Stern

Kelly Monaco is another example of a wasted ass. There’s always something fishy going on when you hear about super hot chicks hanging w/ guys who have very little to offer.

Kelly said that she met this guy she’s with when she was 15 and he was about 18 and she hasn’t been with anyone else. He has been with other women but she’s never been with another man. Howard said that the guy must be super hot but Kelly said that he’s really not. He doesn’t have drugs or anything like that and she doesn’t even drink these days. She said she did go through her drinking and drug phase when she was young, like 11 years old. [Marks Friggin’; Kelly Monaco Visits. 09/12/05. 7:40am]

She has to be hiding something—something big. For God’s sake, she needs to hit up Maury Povich (if he was still on) and let the audience convince her into dumping this dude who sleeps around on her ass, while managing her millions.

Here’s some more:

When she said that he was Puerto Rican, Howard and Robin asked her if she wanted to give them a secret message that she needs help getting out of the relationship. She said she’s in the relationship because she wants to be, not because he’s making her stay. She said that he’s almost like an assistant for her and helps her handle her career. He takes phone calls and helps out with the stuff she can’t handle herself. She said that they have talked about getting married over the years but they don’t want to do it if they can’t do it right so they just don’t do it.

How do you stay together for like 15-years and still talk about getting hitched? What the fuck is this world coming to? Apart from the shadiness of her man, I still remain confused. Is he the bitch of the relationship or not? It seems as if she’ll praise his ass one second & then turn around and say something like, “yeah, when I have a shit stain on my ass, I’ll ask him to lick it off & swallow.”

Kelly, dump the whorebag already & get yourself a real manager. Plus, you’re a fruit that more than one man should be able to bite into. Get w/ the program, sistah!!

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