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Jay Leno Is A Horny Bastard

I don’t blame him. I think I would jump all of Jessica Alba, so Jay’s showing a lot of composure.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not a dirty, scandalous man. The guy stares down guest boobies every night of the week & it’s shocking to me that no one has ever gotten pissed on air. It’s safe to say that Jay Leno uses his power to take a few of his hotter guests for a ride on his own little Harley. Damn him.

Delicious Hiromi Oshima @ The PMOY Party

Here’s some weekend eye-lollipop for our horny demographic. Who else could possibly taste sweeter than Hiromi Oshima?! I’m sure Varian can comment on the different types of edible items he sucked off of Hiromi’s silky bod! Double damn you.

Well, after being down for a bit, I figured I’d go to our roots and leave you people with some Hiromi. It beats staring at Anna Nicole’s excess back skin, right?

I have a couple more from the event, so lookout!

The Undies Only Race @ UCLA!

Yes, direcetly in line w/ our extremely popular Grils Going Pee-Pee post comes a race in which hot college tamales prance around in their undies. How sweet is that?!

I did so many road trips to LA & not once did I hear about this race! What the fuck? Maybe my friends were just lame, but I’m extremely disappointed right now.

I can bitch all day, but I won’t. Before you guys move on to the photos, a note to all female readers: Girls, if you have the urge to participate in this event, but can’t get to UCLA, please put on your favorite undies & simply email a few scandalous photos over here. We’ll just add your photo to next year’s batch as I’m sure no one will mind.

Ok, enough yapping.

Mandy Moore Secretly Does Porn

Ok this post has been sitting around, so why not, right? Just a few more bastardly hours left, so enjoy!!

These days everything is sexual—from the most basic ads selling softdrinks to straight-up softcore Carl’s Jr. porn (yes, the one in which Paris has an orgasm as she dives into a juicy Carl’s Jr. burger).

In line w/ Paris’ video, Many Moore attacks the print media. Mands & her perverted photographers tried to slip this shoot by us, but since we have such keen sense for all that is perverted, we bring you these secretly hardcore photos. For the innocent few (mainly the 10-year old Aaron Homo Carter fans), please (try to) read various notes on each photo as a helpful guide.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Hanes Underwear & A Camel

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt’s career over or what? When you look up her name on IMDb, you see:

1. The Magic 7 (2005) (TV) (in production) …. Erica
2. Why Can’t I Be Audrey Hepburn (2005) (announced) …. Perry Forman
3. “Ghost Whisperer” (2005) TV Series (pre-production) …. Melinda Gordon
4. Delgo (2005) (post-production) (voice) …. Princess Kyla
5. “In the Game” (2005) TV Series (completed) …. Riley Reed
6. Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber (2005) (TV) …. Katya Livingston

Why is she doing so much shit for TV?

Anyway, as for all you sick bastards, here’s JLH w/ a camel.

Bastardly Interview: Reena Vasquez

Photos courtesy of Reena Vasquez

How’d you like having this sweet and petite beauty taking care of you when sick?!?! As we found out, not only is Reena Vasquez the hottie you see at the import car shows with the rest of the Prestigious Models….but she’s studying to be a doctor too!!! So hmm….she’s hot, sexy, smart, and will make a lot of money while helping people…is there anything more we could ask for?!?! The future Dr. Vasquez took time to have some fun with our Bastardly Interview as she prepares for the launch of her official website!

Minka Kelly = Hot. Donald Faison = Lucky Bastard

Seriously! Donald Faison is enjoying life right now as he sexes up Ms. Minka Kelly each night of the week (at least we hope that’s the case)!

Minka is obviously slammin’, but does anyone see what I see? I see tremendous body double chemistry between Pete Sampras’ Bridgette Wilson & Minka for some odd reason.

Anyway, let’s just hope she can successfully use & abuse Donnie’s network & rub-up against some big name producers & directors. Only then can Minka proceed to have scandalously crazy sex with these old men (behind Donald’s back, of course) & as a result, put herself in a position to star in a blockbuster or two. We’re pullin’ for you, Minks!!

While we await her launch into stardom, check out some other photos from the Vegas Baby screening @ The Palms Casino. Enjoy the ride while it lasts, Donny!!

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