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Eva Mendes – Hates Spiders. Loves To Drive Men Craaaayzee.

I know a lot of you people were hating on Eva the last time we showed off her hottness, so we’ll try again.

Also, since we follow the career of another Eva (the Longoria version), check out this competition between on the two Evas conducted by The Fly Hive.

Those of you horny bastards lookin’ for Eva, make sure you watch her on the big screen. Hitch, also starring Will Smith, is about to break the $300mil mark, so you can bet your ass that we’ll be seeing more of this bombshell. I’m waiting for the DVD.

Now, let’s cut the bullshit & get to the photos!

Hot Tamale of the Day: Celines Toribio

I saw her on one episode of Despierta America and had to find out more about her. Well, there’s not much to say besides she’s hot. Apparently she is the host of Sabor a Baseball for Fox Sports en Espanol and Coco y Celines on Latino Mix FM 105.9. I think I somehow need to be subscribed to Fox Sports en Espanol.

M.I.L.F. of the Day: Lori Loughlin

Oh yes, don’t we all remember her as the sweet and understanding Rebecca Donaldson from Full House? Well, in Full House as a young adolescent boy I thought she was pretty….but goddam, now in Summerland I think she’s frickin hot!!!! With age she’s gotten hotter….I think it’s the (questionably real) tan, more revealing necklines, and (probable) personal trainer to get everything toned. At 40 years old w/ a couple of children and a smokin bod like that….Lori Loughlin is truly a mom I’d like to fuck!

Cherry Blossom of the Day: Grace Park

….and I ain’t talking about the LPGA golfer here.

She was one of the Asian chicks dancing in the opening scene of Romeo Must Die. Now she’s on some Sci-Fi channel Battlestar Galactica show that I’ve never watched but if she has any weird kinky sci-fi sex on the show then I might be inclined to watch.

Snowbunnie of the Day: Sara Foster

Since Moe is on vacation I guess I’ll have to do my part in posting up pics of hot women before the site is strictly miSs’ crushes…which by no means is bad, but we still need to cater to the horny boys that come to the site to find masturbation material.

So here we go….snowbunnie of the day: Sara Foster.

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