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Big Screen Eva!

Wow, too hot of a scene.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. With Eva sleeping around with directors, sweet talkin’ the right people @ the right award shows & literally wringing the fame she has goin’ with ‘Wives, she’s creating opportunities for herself. Keep it up, Eva! Capture the big dogs under your Latino Web of Love.

The latest opportunity comes with Harsh Times, a low-budget flick directed by Training Day & S.W.A.T director, David Ayer.

The story, set in South Central Los Angeles, revolves around two men (Christian Bale, Freddy Rodriguez) in their 20s. Longoria will play Rodriguez’s girlfriend. Shooting is scheduled to begin Dec. 20.
Bale, in theaters with “The Machinist”, next stars in “Batman Begins”. Rodriguez has been nominated for an Emmy for his work on HBO’s “Six Feet Under”. [Empire Movies]

This movie is flush with opportunities. First off, Christian Bale is huge! A few nights with him & only God knows who’ll be callin’ Eva next! Plus, since this is a low-budget flick, it naturally represents tremendous opportunity for success @ the box-office. I guess only time will tell�

Eva Longoria & Usher To Do Music Video

Eva @ Award Show
Straight from VH1’s Big in 04 Awards to be aired Sunday evening

In a recent story run on People Magazine’s website, Eva reveals that Usher actually has a brain & has no immediate plans to cast his over-exposed, voilent-hag of a girlfriend in any of his videos. He’s stickin’ with what’s hot & Eva’s hot, baby!

I’m involved in Usher’s newest video, which premieres New Year’s Eve as well, on ABC. I’m excited about that. It’s going to be like a 22-minute video. Remember how long the ‘Thriller’ video was, like a whole story? That’s what Usher’s doing, and I’m the girl in the story. [People]

Unless Eva plans to strip down to her panties, I just can’t see modern kids sitting still for 22 minutes! Only Michael Jackson can pull that off, baby.

Since you must purchase subscription to read the entire story, I’ll paste it in the next page for you cheapos.

Bastardly Suggestion: Eva Longoria NEEDS New Boobies!

Her career & body are both thirsty for a cup or two on the plus side.

Of course we all like natural ones, but sometimes God is simply not so giving when it comes to the boob gene. Oh, the elusive boob gene! Few women are gifted, I tell you. But those who aren’t naturally gifted, modern science has an answer.

I feel Eva Longoria’s career, which is already on the fast track with Desperate Housewives, will be propelled to the next level with a simple boob upgrade by a reputable surgeon who’s not in any way linked to Tara Reid. Now, of course I’m not talking about pornstarish triple Ds! That’s kinda gross, unless you’re into that kind of crap, but I’m talking adding a simple cup—possibly going to the upper Bs so that she can fill a sexy bikini. Just think about it, ok. Eva Longoria is already one of the sexiest Latinas on TV, so why not put some icing on the cake, baby?

Eva, this is a call from your fans. Go in for a simple 30-minute consultation, check out some photos & just go for it, sistah! Plus, I’m sure you can land better dudes than that loser director you’re sleeping with at the moment.

In the next page, there are more photos that help to prove my point.

Current Issue of Playboy

okay, so there was might hype about the new playboy b/c Charisma Carpenter was going to be in it. I’ll just have to say that I was disappointed with her pictoral. There was no full frontal nudity….which I think she should’ve done, not only because I wanted to see but b/c it’s not like she got much going on right now that Angel is cancelled. I mean, she does have a nice rack but she also has the dark silver dollar size arreolas…not completely kickin but still a mouthful.

anyways though….the other pictoral spreads are pretty damn awesome. the playmate of the month is this japanese chick…hiromi oshima….she’s hot and has an amazing rack…she’s the asian girl that was in the beginning part of the Shake Yo Tailfeather video. also, they got a pictoral of the playmate of the year….damn, she’s frickin hot…

alright, so that’s this month’s issue of playboy…. i was looking forward to charisma carpenter but found that the other 2 spreads were much more arousing…

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