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Devon Aoki Wants Lenght & Girth

Devon Aoki, although she’s a super model & all, freaks the hell out of me out. What the hell does she look like? I can’t put it into words…

While you think, here’s the latest in Gossip Links!! Enjoy!

* Vida Guerra has a huge ass
* Britney & her lucky boytoy celebrate in ATL
* MC Hammer has a blog. Check it.
* In real life JT is Cameron Diaz’s hostage. In his new movie, JT rescues a hostage. Is he trying to hint something?
* Mischa Barton’s best & only asset.
* Sienna Miller needs to OD on coke already.
* Will JT succeed as an actor?
* So, do you still want to see Britney naked? Someone thinks so…

Alessandra Ambrosio: Smoking, Showing Undies & Lookin’ HOT!

Usually making out w/ chicks who smoke is like rinsing your mouth in the toilet (unless of course you’re in a drunk state of mind), but for some odd reason I have a feeling that no one will mind a long make out session w/ Alessandra Ambrosio. Her sex appeal just spews out of her—it’s not even funny how much I mean that.

While you’re already looking @ one beautiful model smokin’ a cig, why not check out Adriana Lima, as well? Check it!

Here are a couple more pics Ms. Ambrosio.

Elizabeth Hurley In April, 2006 Amica Magazine & Linkies!

Liz Hurley has moved into the dirty & kinky category ever since the Tom Sizemore news broke. I mean, I have nothing against Tom Sizemore or anything, but I just figured Liz would have more respect for herself, that’s all.

Enjoy the goss @ other joints around the net!

* The Chef died last night. Watch it here!
* Cher is a great friend!
* Kevin Federline is an altruist
* Oh boy…Lindsay Lohan is going to do more acting.
* Thalia is pretty damn hot!
* Gisele Bundchen for Vogue Eyewear

The Gisele Bundchen Show Brings Today’s Links!

This looks like one of those things you see inside the Red Light District in Amsterdam where you can see women doing weird things through a clear window. I know there are a lot of symbols and crap @ work here, so have fun finding them—or not.

Enjoy all the links below! Only the best, baby.

* The Jolie-Pitt Fetus Radar
* Can you believe Brad Pitt went from Juliete Lewis to J. Aniston to Angelina Jolie. Dude…
* Tom Sizemore has been around. Dude got a piece of Liz HURLEY when Hugh Grant was banging dirty prosties!
* American Next Top Model sucking you? By the way, is there anyone super hot this time around?
* Kristie Alley’s the new Anna Nicole! Let’s hope she keeps her entire body covered.
* Paris dumps Stavie w/ lifelong memory of their relationship (i.e. herpes)
* For the billionth time: Is Britney FAT or PREGNANT? You know you want to know…
* Kevin Federline is sporting a new do

Angell Conwell’s Tasty Apple Bottoms Bring Today’s Links!

Everyone knows that Nelly’s a manwhore & it is through his extensive manwhoring experience that he gains his tremendous understanding of the female bod. I mean, the Apple Bottoms brand is the best thing to hit American society since the BET Network! Rock on, dude!!!

Apart from Nelly’s genius, Angell Conwell is an amazing piece of work herself. From any angle you analyze Angell, you’ll soon realize that this chick literally oozes w/ milk chocolaty sexiness & that is why we here @ the bastardly are pullin’ for her every step of the way!

Fact: Without Gossip Whores, there would be no Gossip Whoring. Are you a Gossip Whore?

* Britney survives needle piercing
* Britney’s pregnancy mystery still on people’s mind…
* Jessica Simpson’s downfall is in its final stages. Thank the Lord.
* Tori Spelling’s fiancé needs his head examined.
* Latest in Jolie-Pitt Drama. Jennifer Aniston’s doing crack?!! What?
* Fact: Petra Nemcova’s damn hot!! My God.
* The needle that pierced Britney was clean!!
* Once again, Tori’s Hubs is on crack! Is the sex THAT good?!!?
* Is Ryan Seacrest banging Teri Hatcher?
* South Park & Tom Cruise are not friends
* What is the definition of Beautiful Ugly?

Pharrell Williams Crosses Tracks In Karolina Kurkova Territory

This comes from the April, 2006 Vogue Mag

Pharrell Williams loves the white meat. He models w/ super hot women, his new video features the ultra white G. Stefani, so what’s next?

At least he’s following in the footsteps of other successful black men & using his fame & fortune as currency for sex w/ some of the hottest pieces of asses on the planet. Rock on, man.

Check out Pharrell’s new video, Can I Have It Like That, below.

CONFIRMED: Gisele Bundchen Worth More Than $15 Mil/year

Today’s a real good day for models. We learned…

1. Adriana Lima is a virgin
2. Alessandra Ambrosio & Adriana partake in supermodel lesbian sex
3. Yes, can you believe it?!? Adriana Lima is a hot Brazilian in the modeling industry & apparently, up until this morning, no rich designer, real estate mogul or run-of-the-mill tycoon has tapped her ass!! Amazing! Who will be the lucky man?!!?!?!??!!!!?!

Aside from that news, get ready for a few snaps of Gisele lookin’ absolutely Waaaahbaaam! These appear to be a little old, but age of photos has never stopped us from posting them. Respect.

Before I close, I have to quote certain commenters on this post who took shots @ our Gisele. Kindly comment w/ your apologies below. Only then will you be forgiven.

i have always found her to be a bit “masculineâ€? for my taste…now i know that seems crazy to say, but she doesn’t exude femininity and mystery to me…she always looks like she’s pissed off too, that’s just not helping. And she has no curves (fake boobies aside..but proving my point that she needed the help)..she has no real hips and in all her VS ads her hips are like a boys’. She’s ok, but nothing terribly special. She lucked out with the whole “Brazilianâ€? trend. I think Petra or Adrianna are much more beautiful and ooze that “feminine mystiqueâ€?

The body is hot the face is not.

The body is HOT!

I don’t fully understand her appeal either. She’s got nice boobs (I know they’re not real, but they’re good anyway) but I’ve always thought her body was a bit too straight up-and-down. I also don’t think her face is anything special; it looks like the face of a hard Hungarian peasant (I know she’s from Brazil) in candid pics.

That’s why I don’t understand why she is VS’s favorite model when they have the uber gorgeous Adriana Lima and that one chick that’s in the new push-up bra commercials. Anyway, check out them toes on page 3, they’re like, 7 inches long. Yowza.

She does look pretty elegant in a lot of her pics and she does have a nice presence, so I guess that’s what’s most important. I’m not calling her ugly, just saying that I’ve seen much better. To each his own, I suppose.

Amazing eye! Those nips are barely noticeable.

she’s a tall beanpole with fake boobs with an unusualâ€? exoticâ€? features . why is she considered attractive.

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