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Ana Beatriz Barros Decked Out in a Sexy Rosa Cha Bikini!

These come from a set of backstage photos during a fashion show held sometime in 2005. As you know, we never let age of photos hold us back from posting pure, unadulterated hotness!

For obvious reasons, I absolutely love this bikini. Hot girls around the globe should send in bikini photos for the Bastardly Bikini of the Week contest.


1. Buy a sexy bikini like the one pictured above.
2. Wear the sexy bikini you’ve bought to the beach one weekend.
3. Have a friend take a few snaps of you in the sexy bikini @ the beach.
4. Email the photos to your bastardly friends for judging by our panel of bitter judges from all around the globe.

Prizes: Love & a free bastardly tank!

Please do not submit photos of friends, of people who you hate & of random people whom you do not know. Also, all submissions will be posted during the weekdays just like Bastardly Lady of the Day & they will not be taken down once they go live. Remember, if you’re hot, you’re hot!

Bar Refaeli: Leonardo di Caprio's Sex Toy Does March, 2006 Italian GQ

Is he still w/ this chick or has he moved on to another hottie? Bastard…

Christina Aguilera Looks Like A French Singer
Kevin Federline Meets the Naked Cowgirl
Rehab Buddies. Check it!!

Use My Computer is pimping Racia Oliveria today. Yummy, yummy!
Katharine McPhee is Recovering
Mariah Carey is getting crazy eye!
Paris Hilton Lands Chopper to Pee in Farmhouse

Reese Witherspoon Isn’t Pregnant, She’s Mad
Sienna Miller Glitters. How the hell is this woman still alive?!
Brangelina not free of typical American entitlement
David Spade wants to propose to Heather Locklear
Stop Borat Website—this is grat stuff…

Guess the Number of STDs Between These People…
ICYMI: Hasselhoff Explains His American Idol Tears to Star
Anne Hathaway See Through

Jessica Alba Needs a Hand…FUCKING CASH WARREN!!
Have you gotten your daily dose of Tuna?

Juicy Isabeli Fontana Is Damn Sexy

These snaps come from a Revlon Flair fragrance launch held yesterday.

I can’t say Isabeli is 100% Whaaabaam-Grade b/c there’s something annoying about her face that’s not hitting the right switches, but that’s just me being a bastardly whorebag.

Also, for the record, I would nibble on Isabeli’s toejam w/out a second thought (and chase it w/ some Vodka, of course). Yummmm-me!!!

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