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Juicy Isabeli Fontana Is Damn Sexy

These snaps come from a Revlon Flair fragrance launch held yesterday.

I can’t say Isabeli is 100% Whaaabaam-Grade b/c there’s something annoying about her face that’s not hitting the right switches, but that’s just me being a bastardly whorebag.

Also, for the record, I would nibble on Isabeli’s toejam w/out a second thought (and chase it w/ some Vodka, of course). Yummmm-me!!!

Victoria's Secrets' Prostitutes Hit TRL Ahead of Mother's Day

With no link to music whatsoever (apart from the obvious sexual linkage @ the hip to various rock stars, rap stars, and DJs across the globe), the three hot mommas came on TRL & basically toyed around w/ host, Damien Fahey. Lucky bastard.

For the record, all the photos below basically serve as All Ass Passes for Damien Fahey. The dude can either create a collection of seriously hot wanking material by coughing up some major dough for poster-sized reproductions or simply print wallet-sized snaps to show hot girls @ bars & clubs that they should sleep w/ him b/c he has been w/ Gisele, Karolina & Adriana…at the same time. Fucker.

Ok, w/ that bs in hand, have fun w/ the photos from yesterday’s show.

Bar Refaeli is Leonardo di Caprio's New Woman

The wonderful Wiki came to my rescue again. For those within the Horndogg Community looking to study up on this up & coming model, please go here.

Bar Refaeli is an Israeli international supermodel. She was born on June 4, 1985. She has blue eyes and light brown hair. [Wikipedia]

She’s young, not too famous & hot—three key elements before Leo Di Craps will allow any woman to pleasure him. Damn bastard!!

Alessandra Ambrosio & Izabela Goulart Are Two Sexy Bitches

This is for the opening of the Frederic Fekkai Salon in NYC. I’m guessing the dude in the picture is Mr. Frederic Fekkai?! If it is him (like we care…), I’m pretty sure Mr. Fekkai Fekkai’d the brains out of these two hotties following the opeining of his salon. Damn him to hell.

If you’re getting tired of all this Alessandra crap, please remain patient. We’ll be over Alessandra Ambrosio in a week or two & then move on to someone else…

Victoria’s Secrets Needs To Get Into Lesbian Porn

I know you guys need your daily does of Brazilian supermodels, so I figure I’d start early.

A few of snaps from this event were already posted, but there are plenty more below. This is from V.C.’s new “What is sexy?” campaign where they get some of the hottest pieces of asses from around the globe (ok, ok, mainly S. America) & make them get all touchy-feely while the cameras are flashing.

These photo might result in eye-candy overload, so stare w/ extreme caution!!

Midnight Hottie Snack by Victoria’s Secrets. Yummy!

Victoria’s Secrets needs to go into the adult industry & whore out their women. I just know that sales will go through the roof b/c let’s admit it, Vic’s seasonal catalog is just as useful to guys as it is to girls.

The company needs to figure out a way to monetize the male population. Two distro channels come to mind: The lucrative adult industry AND/OR straight up whoring of their women. Of course, we here @ the Bastardly are fine w/ either. Regardless, the Horndogg Community anxiously awaits the day some horny bastard infiltrates Victoria’s Secrets executive team. As a result, I can see two things happening: All hell will break lose in terms of content for guys & Adriana Lima will finally lose her virginity b/c the horny bastard of an exec will take advantage of the bombshell behind closed doors while renegotiating her contract. Ow!

Anyway, remember to vote for your Bastardly Sexiest Women 2006!!

Alessandra Ambrosio Smoking Hot! Again.

As we’ve said before, Alessandra Ambrosio wants little girls all around the world to know that smoking will make you HOT!!


– Helps you lose weight
– Helps you keep the weight off
– Allows you to enjoy a doughnut every now & then w/out feeling guilty
– Looks cool!

Here are a few more snaps of Ms. Ambrosio lookin’ smokin’ hot!! Ow!!

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