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Mariah Carey Uses Donatella Versace As An Ugly Prop

A few days back, these two beauties were in Monte Carlo, Monaco attending Swarovski Fashion Rocks for The Prince’s Trust. Odds are pretty good that Mariah Carey didn’t donate any money after all the practice she gets neglecting her prostitute, elder sister.

Here are a few more puke-inducing pictures. With the theory of relativity in mind, Mariah is one sexy bitch!!

Katty Xiomara's Guaranteed Wardrobe Malfunction Line

You gotta love Katty Xiomara‘s latest show in Lisbon this year around. It was like being at a strip club or something b/c in almost each of her pieces, you could catch sight of an exposed boob. There’s nothing like hitting up fashion shows & getting a little something more than you bargained for (assuming you’re a guy who doesn’t mind looking @ exposed breasts on women who weigh no more than 50lbs, that is).

So yeah, for all horndogs out there who’re planning to hit a fashion show at least once in your lifetime, make sure you consider Katty Xiomara!

Here are a few more pieces that caught my eye.

Ana Salazar: Latest In Nude Clothing

Ana Salazar knows how to get a straight man’s attention: Make beautiful, rich women wear see-thru clothing. What else could you ask for, right?

Well, earlier this year @ the annual fashion week in Lisbon, Portugal, she showcased many scrumptious styles that will surely fan the heated flames of adultery all around the globe.

Thank you, Ana (she has a very low IT budget).

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* Being a high-flying designer is not all glitz & glamour. Derek Lam is the subject of the article.

MILFilicious Maria Bartiromo & Sexy Petra Nemcova

It’s a pity Kristina Applegate had to get her ass in there to spoil things.

My heart skipped a few beats after spotting these two beauties together @ some Reader’s Digest “Please-Show-Your-Face-And-We’ll-Pay-You” luncheon. As you people already know, Petra Nemcova is a personal favorite. I think it’s because her love is genuine, she doesn’t do crack like all the other bitches & lastly b/c she’s a true survivor!

As unbelievable as this will sound, just 10 months back, this woman was recovering from one of the craziest catastrophes on record & these days, she’s making sure to enjoy life to its absolute fullest. Who wouldn’t, right? It’s unfortunate that homo- & heterosexual men, all over the globe, are literally missing out in one of God’s finest creations (in her prime). Petra, give us a call & we’ll make sure to savor your silky, Czech bod, the way it should be savored. Amen.

Ok enough bullshitting. Here’s some more eye candy from yesterday’s event.

Bastardly Top Model: Cycle 5 Winning Picks!

I was supposed to do this last week, but work got the best of me! My apologies.

So without further ado-do, here are my top 3 picks to win it all (in order, of course). In order to do this, I don’t need to watch any show or read any articles. I base it purely on my overly superficial ability to judge people.

In the number one position…

Nik! Yes, I think a sistah’s gonna catwalk away with it all once again. Even though Tyra has a big head, I think she still looks out for the sistahs like any other successful black woman would. Aside from that, Nik is drop dead gorgeous! The lips, face, the skull-structure—you name it!

The Tyra Show: Desperate Breast Exam

When will Tyra realize that she’s a hasbeen model & she can never be as rich as Oprah? She’s now resorting to having her boobies felt up by good-looking docs. What next?

In terms of ratings, the season isn’t starting out too hot for Ms. Bigheadanks.

Three days into the new season in syndication, and based on the metered markets, the news remains cautiously optimistic for NBC Universal’s Martha and Twentieth Television’s Judge Alex, but notably disappointing for Warner Bros.’ The Tyra Banks Show. [Media Week]

And Media Post, another industry publication, gives a much harsher analysis.

Syndication’s other high-profile rookie daytime show–Warner’s Bros. Domestic Television Distribution’s “The Tyra Banks Show”–came in as a more typical syndication show–under delivering in double-digit percentage for advertisers, according to media executives. For stations, the show–for the first three days–averaged a 1.3 rating–23 percent below last year’s 1.6 ratings for the same time periods. [Media Post]

No worries for Tyra fans, Top Model is extremely successful from all measures, so we’ll be seeing Tyra’s galaxy-size ego on display for a bit longer.

* Watch the video

Kate Moss Cocaine Public Service Ads By Dior

Is this Dior’s version of damage control or a genuine attempt to attack an ailing problem @ its rapidly beating, coked-out heart? I’ve always believed that cocaine use has been a little over-the-top in the fashion industry.

Just look at bloody Donatella Versace, for God’s sake. She looks like she just exited a fucking 12-round boxing match with Mike Tyson—and lost (miserably). Then again, she also looks kinda clay-figurish too, but either way, my point is that she looks really fucked up. She has done coke ever since she was like 10, so go figure.

Ok, my apologies for that minor digression into Donatella’s coke-filled world. Let’s return to these Dior public service ads for a sec. Although I think it’s a good idea to inform the millions of middle-class chicks, who religiously pick up fashion mags to admire endless photos of ultra skinny chicks, I don’t think Dior is attacking the problem @ its root. The root, mind you, is the fashion industry itself. The coke-induced fashonistas—everyone from the gay stylists to the fucking Chihuahuas carried around by 5’11”, 23lb chicks are @ the root of the problem. On that note, let’s end w/ a little Kate Moss.

I want to apologize to all of the people I have let down because of my behavior which has reflected badly on my family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others. [Yahoo News]

Oh, and here’s one more ad.

Cosabella Mare @ The 2005 Miami Swim Show

Talk about sexy! So what if the summer is gone in the States. It’s the perfect excuse for all you hot mommas to deck your sexy bods in the latest in bikini fashion & travel to beautiful spots in the Caribbean to show it off to all the horny guys.

If that’s too much, you can just take photos of yourself in your favorite bikini & direct them over here.

Anyway, take a good look at some of these styles & go on a shopping spree over here!

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