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Ana Beatriz Barros & Adriana Lima Do Photo Magazine

The only person this layout is missing is me in between their naked bods. It’s nice to fantasize every once in a while, right? Don’t answer that.

First of all, we should all be thankful to The Lord for creating the delicious eye candy that is Ana Beatriz Barros, but, just like w/ anything else that’s posted on here, I just have one simple gripe. I know Ana is a super model & all, but I’ve seen some of her shoots in which she looks sickly skinny. I mean, above the neck it’s still Whaaabhaam, but I find myself cringing as my eyes stroll south. I almost feel like redirecting some of our bastardly donations from Petra Nemcova’s Happy Heart’s Fund to Ms. Beatriz-Barros (just incase the modeling income isn’t helping w/ pesky grocery expenses).

Enjoy the layout!

Confirmed: Designer Kei Kagami Does Crack

Resolutely cutting edge, Kagami’s pioneering use of innovative materials set him apart. Under his skilful eye, YKK fastenings, metal gauze, ball and bicycle chains, winding mechanisms, hooks and other metallic components are incorporated into garments of incredible intricacy and are transformed into objects of beauty. Never afraid to experiment, Kagami has stunned audiences with a dress made entirely of wax, one consisting of living cress and another decorated with mildew cultures. Kagami urges us to question our sense of reality. Elements of history, politics and society pervade Kagami’s work and are reflected in the thematic concerns of shows such as The Good Old Days of Industrial Revolution (Spring Summer 2004) and Correction and its Paradox (Autumn/Winter 2005/06). [Kei Kagami]

Let’s just say that you won’t be seeing Mr. Kagami’s goodies @ your local mall any time soon.

All pics come from his show in Milan a couple days back, so enjoy!

Sexy Gisele Bundchen Shows Her Olympic Spirit

I saw a few paparazzi pics a few months back from this layout was being shot & I was curious as to how it would all turn out. Let’s just say that Kelly Slater, Leo Dee Craps & all the other 35-40 dudes that have enjoyed Gisele’s sexual services are damn lucky bastards.

Although, I ‘m pretty sure sex w/ Ms. Bundchen is probably no better than humping a really expensive & elegant leather couch, but hey, the fact that the couch is expensive & elegant means something too, right? Right.

CONFIRMED: Julien MacDonald Is A Gay Homosexual (Not that anything’s wrong w/ that)!

Mohammad al Fayed (owner of Harrods–small department store in London) threw a birthday bash for his precious (and hot) daughter, Camilla. Mr. al Fayed, as many of you probably already know, is the father of the late Princess Diana’s late boytoy, Dodi. You’d think he would’ve learned already to keep his daughter away from famous people. Paris probably won’t get his daughter killed in a car crash, but chances are pretty good that she’ll pass funky STDs into her innocent bod. Having herpes or AIDS makes life a little painful & in turn, might make jumping into a luxury car & driving off a random bridge a viable option.

Side note: I think Camilla Al Fayed is damn sexy!! She might be posing a little awkwardly, but she’s very cute—in that super spoiled, daddy-little-girl’s kinda way…

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