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The Sexy Luisana Lopilato Replies To Fans

Our first Luisana post brought countless fans to the site & a great number of those fans left notes for the Luisana, so I figured it would be fun to have a response from the hottie herself.

Dear Wonderful Fans,

I love you guys too! Yes, even you Vladimir! Я не могу без тебÑ?!!! Please do keep writing me personal notes below b/c I read each one & cherish you all and love you all, too. Sorry, my English not good, but I love you guys!!

There is not enough love in this world to explain my love.

Also, my boobs is real. I promise.

Lots of love & even more love,

Your Luisana

Wow, what a powerful letter. I could feel the love. I hope you guys are happy. For those of you looking for more, please look below for photos of Luisana workin’ her bod. Ow!

Jeaneth Goretsky Gets Scandalous In Miami

Straight out of the ghettos of Colombia comes a young designer named, Jeaneth Goretsky.

I don’t know whether it’s her designs or the women sporting the designs, but there’s something truly sexy about what I see.

To the displeasure of hotties in the States & Europe, only Colombian residents get to enjoy the fruits of Jeaneth’s fashionable labor.

Cheers to Ms. Goretsky’s future!

Devon Aoki Likes To Show Her Nipple

Off the runway, Devon’s nipples have been sucked on by one of the luckiest photographers around—yep, you guessed it—Rick “Man Whore” Solomon.

Does he have sex with everyone who works with him?! Any educated guesses out there on how many women Rick’s had in his time? I personally think he’s up there w/ the likes of Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Tommy Lee & others Man Whore Elites.

While you calculate Rick’s Man Whoring stats, check out some more runway nipplage courtesy of Ms. Aoki.

Lizzy Jagger Sweetens Up The MANGO Brand

The Good:

* The chocolaty tan (it might be makeup, but whatever)
* The scrumptious lips
* The mysterious eyes
* The “extremely hot latinaesque” hair (long, dark hair is where it’s at, girlies!)

The Ugly:

* Lizzy’s name reminds me the somewhat whoreish, Lizzie “I want to get on my knees and give trashy dudes blow-jobs” McGuire. Very annoying, indeed.
* Her father is the famous manwhore & rocker, Mick Jagger.

Bottomline: She’s hot & any of you bastards (that includes you lesbians) to deny a night w/ Lizzy in all her sweaty nakedness should seek refuge to some mountain top & question your sexuality.

Check out Lizzy modeling MANGO’s sizzling summer lineup. Ow!

American Apparel Sells Pornographic Socks

The above ad & other similarly whored-out ads can be see on Vice Mag’s site

American Apparel values a natural aesthetic when it comes to our clothes as well as our models. [AA Website]

The face of American marketing is getting sluttier & sluttier by each ad that’s thrown in our faces. Although we don’t mind going down this dirty path, we still remain anxious to see where this will all end.

How long will the government keep censoring the likes of Howard Stern & allow young models to whore themselves in skankilicious attire? For the sake of some good ‘ole eye-candy on long road trips & casual walks through large cities across the nation, let’s hope the government bureaus turn the blind eye on this type of stuff for a long, long time.

* Tien Mao lays down some more photos & smack on this topic

Anju Modi: Indian Is The New Sexy

From her May, 2005 show in Miami, FL

That is no joke, my friends. You have to be blind to not notice the flood of Indian goods used by the women of the west. From long, dangling earrings to handmade khusas—it’s all Made In India!

The wildly respected Anju Modi also comes from India. Since 1990 she has treated (mostly affluent) women & their hot daughters to cutting edge designs. Anju does one thing really well: She makes all women, regardless of nationality, look downright sexy. What more could we ask for?!

Girls, don’t resist the temptation to deck yourselves out in some of these bangin’ outfits. Just imagine the number of double-takes & stares throughout the day.

Ok, enough jabbin’. Let’s see the goods…

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