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Ricky Sarkany & The Art Of Sexiness

Ricky Sarkany

The average guy should be very thankful for fashion designers like Ricky Sarkany. This Argentinean designer understands the female body a little too well. You can check out his designs & hopefully purchase a few items at his website.

Please remember that we love receiving photos of girls modeling any designer items we feature on (yes, even miSs!).

Browse through the next few pages to see some hot designs Ricky featured at this year’s show in Sao Paulo.

Ana Salazar Makes White Cloth Look Sexy

Ana Salazar

Lisbon Fashion Week Spring 2005

This one caught my eye. It is so simple yet so indescribably sexy. This is perfect attire for those especially beautiful girls who have a tendency to fall into large bodies of water on sunny days.

If you try the falling part at home, please remember to snap a few photos and send them by our offices.

The beautiful & talented Ana Salazar was born & currently resides in Lisbon, Portugal. You can check out her work & order some goods through her own website.

I know you guys want a closer look at this model’s tat, so click over to the next page.

Petra Nemcova Survives Tsunami!

Lucky Me!

The luckiest Ruskie in the world!

People were screaming and kids were screaming all over the place, screaming ‘help, help’. And after a few minutes you didn’t hear the kids any more.

I just tried to survive and tried to keep positive. There were so many people with horrible injuries, with blood everywhere. It was like a war movie. [Yahoo]

Supermodel Petra Nemcova & her Brit photographer boyfriend, Simon Atlee, were inside a hut on the beach in Phuket, Thailand (same place where The Beach was filmed) when a huge ass wave washed away their hut. Unlike her boyfriend, who’s still missing, Petra caught on to a palm tree (yes, the top of a fucking palm tree!) and waited for around 8 hours until she was rescued. Talk about an experience that will change her life.

Photos of Petra follow.

Jazmin Chebar's Homely, Yet Sexy Look

Jazmin Chebar Model
Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Summer 2005

Wow. This is one of those chicks you dream of seeing on the I-15 with a flat tire on your way to Vegas! Sexy, simple & oh so scrumptious!

Her modest top accentuates the boobs wonderfully & shows off the arms. It will surely bring the tiger out of any guy! The bottom is something we don’t see girls wearing these days. Why is that? Well, these days it’s all about showing off every inch of the body. I have a feeling that respectable sexiness (yes, there is such a thing) will soon re-enter our society. Well, if it doesn’t re-enter, chicks will be walking around naked by next summer—not that we mind or anything.

Thailand's Eye Catching Pichitra Model

Milan Fashion Week, 2005

Just imagine having a typical conversation with this chick over coffee. I would just stare into her eyes trying to see what kind of goodies she’s hiding inside those tiny slits…

Pichitra full Thai name is Pichitra Boonyarataphan Ruksajit. A Classic Thai name, for sure.

Want to look deeper into her eyes? Here’s one more…

Confirmed: Naomi's Newest Bitch Is Usher

Usher looks so happy!

Ush has apparently been ridin’ the boney rollercoaster for 3 months, already! That’s longer than some of her abused assistant slaves have lasted, so props to Ush for taking the weekly beatings from the over-exposed super model & ex-crack addict.

Naomi is a beautiful woman and I like her a lot. It’s too early to talk about love because for that you need time but we have a real special relationship. [This is London]

It sounds like Usher wants to just sleep with her, but in this next quote, Usher gets all poetic & cheesy…

It was like I was hit by a lightning bolt – the next night I asked her out. It was great to have her striding towards me with that walk of hers and ending up in my arms.

He can’t be serious.

May God have mercy on Usher.

Miquelina's Retro Look


By Miquelina. Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week Summer 2005

So yes, this is in the running for the Bastardly Summer, 2005 Swim Suit of the Year! I really dig the skinny top with the colorful square designs. I’m telling you, the color orange is hot these days. The belt idea on the super tiny bottom is ingenious, as well! The 60s are back, baby! Once again, South America rocks the house!

Skimpy, yet elegant!

Angelina's Bodily Fluids Fragrance

Angelina Jolie
I can smell her already!

I got where I am in life by trusting my instincts.[[Jam’n]

That was Angelina’s uncompromising answer to a bigshot fragrance company when they asked her to rethink the name of her new fragrance, Bodily Fluid. It is rumored to hit shelves sometime in March. With Angelina pushing the fragrance, the name naturally has a sexy ring to it. You can’t deny it too long, ok. Angelina is always money, baby!

In support of Angelina’s beauty & personality (and because I’m pretty sad), I will buy a bottle of her sacred fluids and have it as some sort of prize on the site (of course as I am a fairly cheap bastard, this is purely contingent on it’s price).

Oh yeah, set your Tivos b/c our fav bombshell will be on Leno on the 16th! Let’s hope Jay’s a little less lame than usual.

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