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Hope Hicks Is Donald Trump’s 29-Year-Old Communications Director

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Most people think that Donald Trump could hire a bunch of mannequins to work for him and it wouldn’t make much difference in the way he thinks or acts. For the most part, let’s face it, that’s a fairly accurate assumption.

Enter Hope Hicks.

Wikipedia states that Hope is an “American communications and public relations consultant and former model who is the current White House Communications Director for President Donald Trump.” Her Wiki goes on to add the following:

From January to September 2017, she served as White House Director of Strategic Communications, a role created for her. She previously served as the press secretary and early communications director for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, as well as the national press secretary for his presidential transition team,[2][3] and before that was an employee of The Trump Organization. She is Trump’s longest-serving political aide.

The 29-year-old came into her current position following Anthony Scaramucci‘s brief stint on the job. Previously I thought Hope was simply one of Scaramucci’s hot assistants and Donald Trump gave her the job mainly for superficial reasons, but this chick has been working her communications A-game for a while now with Team Trump—thanks mainly to her Ivanka Trump connection! I find it somewhat unbelievable that the Trump administration actually created a position of White House Director of Strategic Communications specifically for Hope. Then again, the fact that she’s traveling closely alongside Donald as he maneuvers through Asia should force us to give the former model the benefit of the doubt.

We’re not sure how much work Hope has on her plate while working for such an overpowering public figure like Donald Trump, but she’s certainly enjoying making fashion statements. She apparently wore a lady-tux to a dinner in Japan and Donald Trump tweeted out a photo earlier today of Hope rocking an 80s-inspired turtleneck, complete with poofy shoulder! She’s standing next to Donald Trump’s senior advisor for policy Stephen Miller, who, believe it or not, is only 32 himself!

Here’s another photo of Hope working her style at an event in South Korea on Wednesday:
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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Katy Perry Smokes Political Fashion Crack; Shows Her Support For Hilary!

Katy Perry seen at Radio City Music Hall after performing for Hilary Clinton fundraiser in New York

Anyone else a little disillusioned by the election process? It’s a pity that the best people we could get to run for President are people like Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, Cruz Rubio, Bernie Sanders, etc. Aside from maybe Jamie Foxx, the musical line-up Hilary’s team got for her big fundraiser last night at Radio City Music Hall didn’t look all that exciting either.

On the bright side, we have to take solace in the fact that even if Ronald McDonald became U.S. President, he would have a very difficult time moving the political needle and making any sort of constructive change. Viva la pessimism!

“Glee” Star Surprises Hillary Clinton at Book Signing

Hillary Rodham Clinton Signs And Discusses "Hard Choices"
Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

“Hillary Clinton looked positively gleeful when Chris Colfer surprised her at a recent book signing in Los Angeles.”[HuffPo]

Former Secretary of State/Sentaor/First Lady/Overachiever Hillary Clinton was at The Grove in Los Angeles last Thursday signing copies of her newly released book ‘Hard Choices’ when she was greeted by an unexpected visitor – actor Chris Colfer from Fox’s hit Glee.

It appears both of them geeked out over each other . . . with Clinton going seemingly full ‘fan girl’ when she realized who was asking for her autograph.

FLOTUS to Appear on ‘Parks & Rec’ Finale

Photo Credit: NBC

“Obama’s cameo will be in the episode titled “Moving Up,” which was filmed in late February in Miami, where she celebrated investments in healthier out-of-school programs as part of her Let’s Move initiative dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity.”[THR]

First Lady Michelle Obama sure has been flexing those acting/comedy chops lately – maybe she’s prepping for life after FLOTUS glory?

Her latest showbiz gig is appearing on the season finale of NBC’s Parks & Recreation as . . . herself (duh).

FLOTUS marks the latest in a long line of high profile politicians to have graced the lands of Pawnee ruled by Amy Poehler’s fictitious councilwoman. Past guest appearances have included VP Joe Biden and Senators Barbara Boxer, Olympia Snowe and John McCain.

Word is producers are still trying to woo The Big One: Hillary.

Beyonce’s Moment of Silence for Trayvon Martin

Photo Credit: Yosra El-Essawy/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images

“‘I’d like to have a moment of silence for Trayvon,’ the pop star said as the stage grew dark with just a few key lights shining.”[HuffPo]

Beyonce took to the stage in Nashville this weekend and started her show doing something she hasn’t done before: asking for a moment of silence.

The pop diva asked the audience to take a moment of silence in honor of Trayvon Martin. Just 30 minutes prior to her taking the show, a jury had found his alleged killer, George Zimmerman, not guilty of first-degree murder.

She then paid tribute to the dead 17-year-old with her own rendition of the Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton classic, “I Will Always Love You.”

Spielberg Wants Tracy Morgan to Play Joe Biden in His “Obama” Movie

Photo Credit: Brendan Smialowski/ The Obama Diary

“The guy’s already a lame duck, so why wait?”[HuffPo]

Lincoln won a lot of praise from critics and audiences alike, so it makes sense that director Steven Spielberg is planning to make a movie on the current POTUS (well, not really, actually). But he did joke at this weekend’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner that he would like to make a movie about Obama . . . if Daniel Day-Lewis was ready to take on the title role.

No word on who Spielberg wants to play Michelle Obama (Amy Poehler?) but he did say he wanted Tracy Morgan to play Joe Biden.

Now that’s inspired casting.

Snoop Lion on Gun Control: “Congress, Get Off Your Asses.”

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 7.55.56 AM

“Snoop has been vocal about gun control before. The rapper has a new song on the upcoming album “Reincarnated” called “No Guns Allowed,” which he produced with his daughter, Cori B., as well as Drake.”[HuffPo]

We still have trouble calling him “Snoop Lion” but one thing we can get behind is his advocacy. The Highest of All Rappers was on the set of HuffPost Live yesterday where he unloaded on the United States Congress for failing to pass a law that would mandate background checks last week. In addition to his own work to take guns off the street, Snoop Lion called out politicians for their inaction:

“Politicians, you all got to pay attention, man. This world that we live in, it’s so easy to get your hands on a gun. You’ve got to put some restrictions or ramifications on it. I can go outside right now and buy a gun. Easy. Just like that. You all should really think about it before it hits home, before it hits one of your family members or it hits you or affects someone personally that you know. It shouldn’t take that. Those kids that lost their lives in Connecticut, those kids that keep losing their lives, innocent people who keep losing their lives; we have to speak up for them. We have to do something. We have to make a change. If we don’t do nothing, it’s going to hit us. If I can say it and I can mean it — Goddamnit, get off your ass and make it happen.”

I, for one, would pay to see Snoop Lion and any senator engage in a discussion on gun safety. Mitch McConnell, are you listening?

Watch the full interview here:

Conan O’Brien to Headline Washington Correspondents’ Dinner

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien
Photo Credit: NBC Universal

“Last year’s dinner featured Jimmy Kimmel, and Seth Meyers, Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson have been the entertainment in years past.”[HP]

My oh my, how time have changed. Once upon a Bush Administration ago it would have been utter anathema for a Hollywood liberal to be seen consorting with political bigwigs. But after Stephen Colbert’s legend-making performance where he skewered Dubya while standing next to him, there has been no looking back for the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Up for hosting duties this year is late night funny man Conan O’Brien, who actually hosted the event once before waaaaay back in 1995 when it wasn’t such a big deal (and when neither was he, if you recall).

O’Brien marked the news by tweeting: “I’m honored to host the WH Correspondents dinner. Get ready for 2 minutes of jokes, then 40 minutes on public employee pension reform.”

Pension reform has never been this funny.

Eva Longoria Is Officially A Washington D.C. Power Player

Eva Longoria Attends Latino Inaugural Concert

Eva Longoria attends Latino Inaugural 2013: In Performance at Kennedy Center at The Kennedy Center in D.C.

For those of you who missed it, Eva Longoria earned her spot up on stage alongside President Obama during the Inauguration Ceremony with all the other VIPs including Supreme Court justices, former presidents, and of course, Jay-Z & Beyonce. Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal did a really long profile on the actress-turned-Hispanic activist! With Hispanics representing around 10% of the total vote, Obama scored roughly 75% of the vote with the help Eva Longoria. We’ll see exactly how much progress she makes on the political front b/c let’s face it, these aren’t great times for the Hispanic community.

Here’s an excerpt from the WSJ article:

Actress Eva Longoria, the 37-year-old star of the hit television show and twice Maxim magazine’s Hottest Woman of the Year, is taking on a challenging new role as a Hispanic activist and power player in Washington, D.C. One of her primary aims is to make the case that “Latinos aren’t a drain on the economy or criminals crossing the border,” she says. “Most are hardworking people who are America’s emerging market.”

Ms. Longoria is the most prominent among Latino leaders who are gaining political sway from the 2012 election, in which the Hispanic vote was a critical force in delivering victory to Mr. Obama. A co-chair of his campaign, she stumped for him at rallies across the country and was one of the largest “bundlers,” or fundraisers, while hosting star-studded events raising millions of dollars.

Her role reaches beyond fundraising and speechmaking, however, and into policy and strategy. She helped urge Mr. Obama to make a key change in immigration policy last year, and she is teaming with business to explore investments in housing and retail developments in Hispanic communities. [READ MORE]

Here’s a video of an interview w/ Eva Longoria (forward to :55 seconds):

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