Ariel Winter Continues To Play The (Fake) “I Don’t Want Attention and Don’t Really Care What Everyone Thinks” Card

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Let’s face it, Ariel Winter is a walking paparazzi machine and that’s why we love her—even those of you haters who are currently in denial. The “Modern Family” actress was all smiles as she catwalked thru the parking lot of the Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks game in L.A. over the weekend wearing a meat-lovers-friendly outfit. Ariel must have left happy considering the Seahawks won 16-10.

Ariel Winter at Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks game #arielwinter #nfl #seahawks #losangeles #modernfamily

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Kaia Gerber Gets A Pass From The Nepotism Police

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For those of you who missed it, Cindy Crawford‘s 16-year-old daughter Kaia Gerber opened—yes, OPENED—the Chanel fashion show in Paris, so many congrats to her parents for pulling off the seemingly impossible task of raising an appreciative and highly motivated daughter in Los Angeles. That combination of characteristics isn’t exactly easy when you consider the countless number of deep-pocketed parents in Hollywood! Kaia, along with her mom within admonishing distance, has been catwalking through Paris Fashion Week over the past few days, so here a few sightings found on Instagram and Twitter:

Kaia Gerber leading the models at the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week

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Alicia Vikander Killing It In Paris Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Instagram

If rumors are true, it appears Michael Fassbender is cashing is single sugar daddy chips to settle down with 29-year-old Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. To his credit, there aren’t too many marriage-quality chicks in Hollywood at the moment, but if there was anyone worth the gamble, it’s Alicia Vikander. The young actress is currently showing off her style while catwalking around Paris Fashion Week. Here are a few recent sightings found on Twitter and Instagram:

NEW: #AliciaVikander at the opening of the new Louis Vuitton’s Boutique in Paris on October 02, 2017.

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Trevor Noah & Jimmy Kimmel Made Great Points With Their Vegas Shooting Responses

Out of curiosity, I just Googled AR-15 and founded a website from which you can purchase various kits to build your own rifle for a little less than $500! If that’s too pricey for your wallet, I’m sure you can probably score a better deal at one of those gun shows or somewhere on the black market (i.e. parking lot of a gun show). I think it goes without saying that far bigger shootings will happen in the months and years ahead before any policy change takes place. Having said that, I was almost certain that 20 first graders getting gunned down in Newtown, Connecticut would convert the ultra-conservatives, but sadly, it appears it will take far more. Anyone want to take a guess as to what it will take?

While we wait for change, thankfully prominent voices in popular culture aren’t afraid to tell it like it is, so here are responses to the Vegas shooting by Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel, who seems to be giving more and more tearful monologues.

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Matchup: Gigi Hadid vs Barbara Palvin, Messika Launch Party in Paris

Photo Credit: Instagram

These were taken as part of the Paris Fashion Week, which kicked off earlier in the week and runs through next Tuesday (October 3). Gigi and Barbara were spotted together at a couple events together over the past day, so if you Gigi haters can manage to overcome your bias against her, this poll might just turn out to be more interesting.

#barbarapalvin out in Paris in a very Pink dress 👍🏻or👎🏻?

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This Is Just The Beginning of the Kim-Kylie Pregnancy Matchups

I guess we should follow through the poster’s question by posting a poll for those of you who actually care…

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Selena Works Her Style In NYC; Films Woody Allen Film

Photo Credit: Instagram

The 25-year-old actress is currently working her mojo on the streets of NYC as she films an untitled Woody Allen project. Selena Gomez, who recently made a huge comeback after recovering from a kidney transplant (thanks to her friend Francia Raisa). The film reportedly stars Kelly Rohrbach, Elle Fanning, and Liev Schreiber. You’ll probably find more papz footage of Selena on set sprinkled around other sites. We’re still sticking to our social media sources (mainly due to lack of funding), so slim pickings over here, unfortunately…

Selena x NYC 💛 #selenagomez #selenagomezedits #newyork #newyorkcity

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From the Woody Allen film set:

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Emily Ratajkowski Needs A Role On HBO’s “Westworld” Series

Photo Credit: Instagram

Even though I need to re-watch the series a few more times to fully understand what exactly happened in the first season, I’ve understood enough to say with confidence that fans of the series wouldn’t mind at all if Emily Ratajkowski brought her acting skills to the show! She already somewhat resembles one of those sex-toy manequeins you might find showcased in some shady third-floor showroom in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, so HBO makeup artist would save a lot of time getting Emily ready for showtime.

The 26-year-old model showed off her style earlier today at the Dior fashion show in Paris. We’re including a few pics we found on Twitter and Instagram.

Dior ✨

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@Dior ✨

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Em ✔️

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