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I just came back from the bank and was solicited by a young boy to buy something for his group or something. There are many things wrong with this picture that absolutely infuriated me.

1. Why wasn’t he at school? I think he was about 11 or 12.
2. Isn’t it wrong to ask people for money at a bank? I mean .. true .. you should probably hit people as they are getting money but come on!! I thought there was some unwritten law that was just known about NOT DOING it.
3. I saw him before I went to the ATM. Perhaps this is why I was the only one at the ATM. Everyone else seemed to be going inside.
4. Where were his parents? He was seriously just standing there by himself.

I am sure there are more things that I just can’t think of right now … but I was just so irratated at the fact that I knew he was gonna ask me for money right after I was getting some. I could feel him looking at my back just waiting to pounce on me. Maybe I’m just used to my little bubble where things like this don’t usually happen. I mean … I was in Palo Alto. It just doesn’t happen so much around here. I would care less if it was happening in my neighborhood in San Jose or something. I probably sound pretentious now. Oh well. I was just bothered.

The Bastardly: Kobe Bryant's BIG Head!

It was a tough night for us as a unit. I can go off solo and get 50 or 60 points on these guys, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to win. [ESPN]

That’s what the bastard said following the loss against the Grizzlies a couple days back. Kobes, in order to build a TEAM (not ‘unit’), you must take your head out of your ass. I know that’s gonna be hard to do when you have za-zillion dollars in the bank & you think your penis is larger than the Eiffel Tower, but get your act together, man!

I still think this guy should be traded. We cannot build a team around someone who, first of all, sleeps around when he has a perfectly beautiful woman at home & secondly, has no team spirit. Trade the bastard!

Jessica Alba's Year, Britney's Dog, Political Paris, & Mommy J-Lo

Jessica Alba
Lookin’ hotter than ever!

2005 is pretty much make it or break year for this Ms. Alba. Let’s hope she makes it b/c I wouldn’t mind seeing her beautiful face plastered everywhere. The J-Los & Britneys are getting boring, to say the least.

Starring roles in The Invisible Woman, Sin City, Into The Blue and, of course, the much-anticipated Fantastic Four, are set to make the raven-locked beauty the name on every movie-goer’s lips. [MegaStar]

BRITNEY SPEARS and KEVIN FEDERLINE got into a screaming match at the Ritz in Marina Del Rey. Kevin was tired of waiting for her to get ready with a makeup artist and he just twisted off. Kevin said that Britney treats him like a dog. [102.7 KIIS FM]

That’s what I call gossip! Could this be the beginning of the end?!

In the past, when people have heard the name �Paris Hilton� they�ve thought �spoiled sexpot.� From now on, when they hear �Paris Hilton� they�re going to think �spoiled opponent of gay marriage.� [The Borowitz Report]

Riiiight! Once a porn star, always a porn star! Has anyone seen the second video?!! I want to see the bits where she gets all racial.

I’ve always wanted my own family and I’m really anxious to have children. I think about that more and more. In the past I had been working so hard pursuing my acting and my music that having children just wasn’t an issue for me because I was so busy. But now I want to take more time for myself and for my husband, and starting a family is definitely one of my biggest dreams. I can’t wait. [Ireland Online]

For some reason, I can’t see her as a mother. Plus, what will happen to the 1 billion dollar insurance policy on her ass?!

Bitchy Cameron vs. Paparazzi

Doesn’t she know that the paparazzi have to make a living, as well?! Plus, is she super ugly without all the makeup plastered onto her face or what? Seriously, what’s the deal Cams?

In the latest fiasco, there are two sides to the story. Camera men say that Cammy & JT were violent against them—especially Cameron. Apparently she karate-chopped one of the photographers on the back of the neck. For God’s sake, he’s a cameraman, not a bloody ninja! Here’s how one of them described the sitch:

We were waiting in the street. We started shooting them, and they laughed at first. But then they started screaming.

The other side of the story is by two paid reps of the stars who claim the two were “ambushed.” What the fuck? Why would paparazzi ambush stars in the middle of the night?? Isn’t their main goal to get photographs? Once again, this weak tactic of making the photographers appear violent shows how stupid stars can be.

I say the two members of the paparazzi take this case all the way to the end and wring these two big-headed babies of a little dough.

Here are some photos of angry Cameron:

Angelina's Bodily Fluids Fragrance

Angelina Jolie
I can smell her already!

I got where I am in life by trusting my instincts.[[Jam’n]

That was Angelina’s uncompromising answer to a bigshot fragrance company when they asked her to rethink the name of her new fragrance, Bodily Fluid. It is rumored to hit shelves sometime in March. With Angelina pushing the fragrance, the name naturally has a sexy ring to it. You can’t deny it too long, ok. Angelina is always money, baby!

In support of Angelina’s beauty & personality (and because I’m pretty sad), I will buy a bottle of her sacred fluids and have it as some sort of prize on the site (of course as I am a fairly cheap bastard, this is purely contingent on it’s price).

Oh yeah, set your Tivos b/c our fav bombshell will be on Leno on the 16th! Let’s hope Jay’s a little less lame than usual.

Iris Chang: Gone At 36

Iris Chang
If you guys haven’t checked out Iris Chang’s work (most notably, Rape of Nangking), you must. She writes with brutal honesty—at times it’s horrifying to learn how one man can commit such atrocious crimes upon another, but sadly it’s happening even today.

She was found dead, presumably by a self inflicted bullet wound to the head, on that really curvy road going to Santa Cruz (Hwy 17). She left a suicide note, but no details on that yet. My guess is that she got tired of all the shit going on in the world (especially after the recent elections) and chose the brighter side. Unfortunately she left behind a 2-year old son.

Check out an interview or read The Guardian’s report on her death.

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