The Homeless Look

The new style these days is to wear things that are abnormally large or small. From sunglasses to shoes to sweaters to pants, you name it & the rich, famous & superficial want it! What’s the psychology behind this new trend? That is currently being researched by our staff. For now take a look at these homeless beauties! More to come.

Liv Tyler
Is she having triplets?

MK Olsen
One of the Olsen Monkeys (M.K.) lookin’ homeless as ever. Small pants, super large sweater, the homeless hat. You gotta love it! Her buddy has potential—Girls Gone Wild potential, though.

Update: My co-workers feels all pregnant woman look like Liv, but I have to disagree.

Star Jones Weds Al Reynolds (Peace Be Upon Him)

Star Jones

The train was so long it took about seven people to carry it. [The Jamaican Observer]

They’re lucky they didn’t have to carry Mrs. Reynolds down the isle, ok. (I know I just got slapped with a few negative karma points for that comment.)

I’ve brought up some key questions today.
1. Is Colin Farrell enjoying crazy sex with Angie?
2. Will Britney get plastic surgery?
3. Now for the biggest, most-largest & obese question of the day: Is Al Reynolds gay?

Drugged Up Anna-Nicole @ AMAs

Anna, baby, Anna!
So any guesses on how many Vicodin pills Anna-Nicole snorted before she headed to the podium tonight?! Dude, this chick amazes me. She’s actually lookin’ good & more importantly, KEEPING THE POUNDAGE OFF!! What’s Anna doing? I am 92% sure it’s a combo of dieting, drugs (cocaine), & plastic surgery.

Here are couple more from tonight.

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