Sweep the Leg

I just watched Karate Kid part one last night in an effort to build up some rage for a softball team. See, my roommates are on this softball team and they are team COBRA KAI. Yup they have the shirts and everything. Anyway, just wanted to say that they now call me Sensei Kreese cause I always yell at them. Well anyway, the movie is badass … except for the fact that “Daniel San” is a well pussy. Mr. Miyagi is fuckin badass … man I love that guy. And hey there would be no Karate Kid without Cobra Kai. 80’s cheesy but I love it!!!

My three favorite Cobra Kai scenes …

2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

Alright, so I didn’t really catch all of it so I can’t really say too much about it but I did catch parts where they focused on how fucked up Frankie is. Like, really, this girl is so fucking weird!!! To anyone that watched the whole thing, did I miss much in the first 25 minutes of it? …meaning, did I miss anything about Jamie? *drool* But anyways, I just can’t think of any other words to describe my reaction towards Frankie besides the fact that I think she’s so fuckin weird! She’s whack looking and her hair looked all fucked up with it’s spectrum of colors. She’s so full of shit saying that she’s not punk rock. In the first few episodes she admitted to being a punk rock type of chick and that she wouldn’t have much in common with anyone; reason why she started kicking it with that psycho, Adam. Then she all says that she had an amazing time in Greece, didn’t look that way from the show. Then she acts like, “Oh, I thought I left with 6 best friends..weep weep” Whatevers, crazy ass bitch. I’m sorry but Frankie is whack.

…okay, let’s take a moment to reminisce of how hot Vanessa is too….*drool*

Now let’s take a moment to focus on how fine Cameran is and how hot Jamie is. *drool*…*slurp

…I’m looking forward to seeing next week’s deleted scenes episode. I think we’ll see more of Jamie getting hammered as evident from the commercial.

SO HOT, Want to touch the heiny, aaarrgghhwwwoooooooo!!!!!

Funny …

I think its hilarious that we’ve been at this blog game for a while now … and usually we’ve got the regulars who come and chime in about stuff. We pretty much talk about everything on this site: politics, sports, inspirational, energy and etc. It only takes two posts about Ashlee Simpson and Britney Spears to cause some heated debate. Wow … where were these people when we were talking about important things that actually matter. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Lenny Kravitz

Besides being the finest man with an outtie … hes actually really intelligent and seems pretty well rounded. I recently read and interview in Interview magazine (which by the way is a pretty sweet magazine, famous people interviewing famous people, Andy Warhol’s magazine if you didn’t know) and well I think he’s just cool.

“I’ve been dealing with a lot lately: that idea that our lives are surrounded by such beauty, and that’s what motivates us, and we recognize God and the spirit and all the wonderful things. Yet, at the same time, we have these problems with the flesh and the mind ….”

I’ve dealing with a lot lately too. But its true. Why torture yourself with what problems you have (as huge or petty as they might be, mine tend to be petty but I make them a huge deal) and realize what is going on around you. I drove down the coast this last weekend. Just to clear my head. Its amazing you know, the coast of California. Even just from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz. You see the world for what it is. You see beauty at its most untouched state.

I think Lenny Kravitz Rocks!

Outback Jack or Outback Pimp?

Ok, this guy is a total MILF pimp, if I’ve ever seen one in action (MILF Hunter is the only other one). For those who are not familiar with the show, it’s some cheesy reality show (that also has easy porno-conversion potential) that comes on TBS (btw, I haven’t flipped to this channel since the 90s when they aired Bulls games). What’s the premise, you ask? It’s basically about a few hot women who are probably in the mid-late 20s, but mysteriously have the MILFy appearance (definite butherface candidates—at least on the show, but I just saw their portraits & they are all pretty much hot except for Maria, Natalie, & Mary), who all hike around playing games in the wilderness w/ their hot-hunk of a guide Outback Jack (ok, I have no damn idea what the show is about, but it�s probably close to my last statement). Anyway, the MILFy women suit Outback Jack perfectly as he appears to be in his mid 30s & kinda shady lookin�.


UNAIDS released a new report recently saying that more people got AIDS last year than ever before since the epidemic was discovered! One worrisome stat: “World-wide, nearly half of all new HIV cases are young people aged 15 to 24, according to the report.” Read the WSJ article here.

Bling Bling Britney

Bling Bling, Sistah!
Britney & her new friend, Rocky. Not bad, not bad. But why does Britney look like ASSny? Seriously, she looks like she’s been slaving around for her new man a little too much. Plus, what’s up w/ that pink-pregnant-woman outfit?

White Trash Britney!
This photo was recently in an NY Post article. Seriously, all this time I thought she was super hot, but this photo is beginning to scare the hell out of me.

Ratings – Ashlee "Gypsy" Simpson

24: What does that number signify? Those are the number of search results when searching for ‘Ashlee Simpson’ images on Yahoo. Very sad, indeed. Her sister? 1,530. If I had my own TV show and my sister was a world famous popstar, I think I could at least land 100 results on Yahoo (eventhough they wouldn’t be that good lookin’ pics, but that’s besides the point). It’s just a matter of hitting up the right parties, talking to the right photographers & publicists and boom, you got 50-75 results right there. 24 is pretty sad, but I don’t blame the web designers for their tastes because they’ve done the right thing for once.

Ashlee obviously got slapped around when it was time to divvy out the genes in her mother’s womb. Naturally, she got a few of the Jessica Simpson ‘hand-me-down’ genes: Ashlee’s white (a little too white for my eyes in some of her photos), she has the same hair (at least I think so?), has that mini-ass on her chin, but the homogonous genes pretty much stop there, my friends. Everyone knows that the modern pop star juice is sweetest when made with 3 parts body and 1 part vocal chord—basically, the more body, the more money! With Brittany lip-syncing at concerts, you know I have a valid point!

With that said, I’m not saying Jessica Simpson is anywhere close to an 8 on my scale, but she’s definitely closer to an 8 than Junior Simpson. How could such a disparity exist? This little observation makes me wonder if both of these girls have the same parents…this is a very likely possibility if you consider the society in which we currently reside. A little adultery here and there is harmless, right? Right.

Mini-Me! Lil Ash Simpson... Gypsy Simpson?
Comments on the photos: Only one in particular about the 3rd photo. Why would you dress like that to an MTV award show?!? Did she forget the bloody show was that night or maybe she forgot to do laundry? Seriously. Get your act together, sistah!

Ok, now what is exactly wrong with Mini-Jessica? Apart from what Jackson has said about her sub-par living habits, her photo above should be worth a million words. Don’t worry, I won’t mention too many. Well, a lot of people dig the hair, but to me it looks like something straight out of the 80s–no matter what color. While we’re on the hair, she needs to choose one color & stick with it. One day she’s blonde, another day black/brunette, another day both. Fans get confused easily, Ashlee. I have short listed some issues:

1 5,381 5,382 5,383 5,384 5,385 5,396