The Time of my Life

You know that one time in your life where for that short moment your life just feels perfect? Like there is nothing else worth living for but that moment. The feeling of absolute happiness … the kind that you feel once and can never be repeated. I experienced this “EUPHORIA” so to speak last night.

I know that I’ve written about the Beastie Boys on several occassions. This time its waaaay different. As far as I can remember, the best memories in my life have had something to do with those 3 crazy dudes from NYC. Like the moment I heard ‘So What Cha Want’ for the first time or everytime I hear one of their songs my mind goes blank and all I see and hear is the music (kinda like those music screen saver things). My god last night was seriously THE BEST LIVE SHOW I HAVE EVER BEEN TO! Not only did they rock so hard with Mix Master Mike … umm yeah … they fuck busted out their instraments!!! They have not preformed with instraments for over 7 years man. Jesus Christ I cried when all of a sudden they came out wearing these powder blue tuxs (dumber and dumber style with the ruffles) and just played hella instramentals. I didn’t know it was possible. I’ve always experienced those songs in the privacy of my own home or on someone’s car stereo. But to actually see them play it as I listen. Fuckin INSANE. I admit to them “toying with my emotions” as a one James Chan used to say to me after he would watch a episode of Smallville. They played all these classics … but my favorite song was no where in sight. Well … until the encore. Fuckin A man … when I heard that bass I fuckin knew. You have never heard SABATOGE until you’ve fuckin heard it live. I think I jumped 10 feet off the ground and just started pushing everyone around me. Dude…. it was sick. That my friends was the best night I have ever had.

Pop Princess Feud part duex


In an effort to become more popular again, this “roving” reporter had decided to write about the neverending Pop Princess Feud.

As we all know, over the years, every generation has their Pop Princess feud. The classics are … Madonna and Janet (may not have been, but in my mind I’d like to think so), Britney and Xtina (I think she has changed her name back to Christina, but I like Xtina soooo much better), and now for this generation … (drum roll) Lindsay Lohan vs. Hillary Duff. Ahhhh. The smell of an 18 year old cat fight. You gotta love it! I stole your boyfriend, then you stole mine, I am in more movies than you, I make better music, I have bigger breats. Yes ladies and gentlemen … let the comparing and ripping each one of these teeny bopper magnets apart begin.

Brain Dead Woman

I received a call early this morning from some lady. Our conversation:

Woman: “Hi Moe. My name is Jude, I’m callin’ from blah. I hope you’re doing well. You blah blah blah blah.

Moe: “Uh, yes, blah blah blah blah.

Woman: Now, John can you please blah blah blah blah

Moe: Jude, my name is Moe.

(No acknowledgement)

Woman: Oh, so when are you going to send that over.

Moe: You’ll have it soon. Just ran into some issues. blah blah blah blah

Woman: Ok, thank you so much John! I appreciate blah blah.

Moe: Juuuuu—
[hang up]

WHAT THE FUCK?! How can you call someone, say their right name first and then proceed to call them a completely different name?! Bastardly Robots!

Hatin' On The Muslims

In the latest popbitch weekly, it reads:

Bummer for Bombers –

Last week we revealed that many Islamic
suicide bombers take Ecstasy before
blowing themselves up.

This week we can add that male suicide
bombers also wrap their penises in white
cotton before going on their missions.

Apparently, they believe that this will
protect their fundamentalist wangers from
the blast, and preserve them, clean and
intact, ready for the 70 virgins in heaven.

Sadly, as we also revealed last week, the
bit in the Koran about the virgins seems
to be a mistranslation, and Allah will
only give the bombers 70 glasses of wine.

Why you gotta hate, my sistah?! These poor souls are used and abused by old bastards who literally brainwash them. The old bastards are like the generals in traditional armies. They give the orders & the innocent young merely run into harms way.

Note to future suicide bombers: Ecstacy may be hazardous to your health.

Paris Hilton Consulting, Inc.

Paris plays many roles in life. The perennial hoochie momma is a porn star, model, jeweler, & now a Star Consultant.

Listen up all you girls who lack self-esteem & style. Ms. Hilton speaketh:

If you wanna do it like an heiress you have to enter in royal and regally, but not like a snob. Act like you’re wearing an invisible crown. It’s all about confidence. You wanna pose, slenderise your hips, and you could do a certain pose – it depends on what you’re wearing. You just have to walk down knowing you’re hot. You have to smile sweet and look nice – and never close your eyes!

[Consulting fees paid by Ellen DeGeneres] Stolen from New Woman

Although, I must admit, this girl is a marketing genius.

Beyonce is Queen Booty

Queen Booty
The ghettolicious Smooth Magazine (it’s like a colored people only version of Maxim—definitely not something you’d find in Steve’s toilet) has released their top 100 list of Smooth Beauties.

In Bastardly style, here they are, my brothas…(just incase you forgot what they look like, just click away)
3. STACEY DASH (I’m shocked, too)
4. ALICIA KEYS (#1 in my heart, baby)
5. CLAUDETTE ORTIZ (Ow! Foxy ladaay!)
6. SANAA LATHAN (Whatevs…)
(all I have to say is: 1 beeeeelyon dollars!)
8. TYRA BANKS (Dear Lord O’ Mighty!)
9. TRINA (Ghettolicious all the way)
10. JANET JACKSON (She should retire already…)

Thoughts & Prayers

An office card floating around for a very kind woman in the office whose mommy is in the hospital due to a severe heart attack. Let’s hope she recovers quickly & lives a long & healthy life!

Aneeeeeyway, of course (like any other office around the country) there’s a card floating around and here are the first three notes in the card:

1. My thoughts & prayers are with you.
2. You are in my thoughts & prayers.
3. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you & your family.

[more to come as people enter their ‘thoughts & prayers’]

Yes, I’m going to hell.

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